What is White Hat SEO? 9 Brilliant White Hat SEO Techniques

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How to get ranked without breaking the SEO guidelines?

In Search Engine Optimization there are two types of techniques for SEO – White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Earlier, we introduced you with the term Black Hat SEO. Today, we will learn about the term White Hat SEO. Also, we will see its techniques and tools. 

white hat seo

So, let’s start the White Hat SEO tutorial.

What is White Hat SEO?

The word ‘white hat SEO’ refers to SEO strategies that follow the guidelines that are given by any search engine like Google in order to improve the ranking of a web page. It refers to any technique that helps to improve SEO ranking without revoking any terms and conditions that are in line with the search engine. They are opposite to black hat techniques that aim to increase the webpage’s ranking through illegal means

Why White Hat SEO Techniques are Necessary

They are necessary because if anyone tries to revoke the guidelines that are provided by the search engine, the search engine has an authority to punish by banning the website or by decreasing its SEO ranking. Every user is or can be a potential client and may provide business to the website and if Google or any search engine puts a ban on the website, then it creates a negative impact which may affect the business.

9 Unique White Hat SEO Techniques

Below are some White Hat SEO techniques that will help you to increase your website’s traffic.

white hat seo techniques

1. Quality Content

The first and foremost reason of getting a high rank from a particular search engine is relevant and quality content. Offering that to the user can bring more traffic to your website because if the user finds the content according to his or her needs, then it will definitely create a positive feedback which can enhance its SEO ranking thereby gaining more traffic. 

2. Links and Meta Description

Using appropriate meta description and providing links with the title that are relevant to the content will surely juice up your SEO.

3. Alt Tags

Providing Alt tags to the images is another good White hat SEO technique to make the search engine understand what the images are about. Relevant images attracts the user and are a good source of generating traffic and increasing ranking. 

4. Mobile is Everything

You should always focus on building a mobile-friendly website. Now-a-days, users mostly browse through mobile phone and therefore it is important that your web page should have mobile-friendly versions and built accordingly.

5. User Experience

Always focus on trying to give your user a delightful experience. Nothing is more disappointing than a user coming to the website and leaving immediately without even browsing. If any user reaches your website, try to make them stay by providing appropriate content, links, images etc. You should also make sure that they are easily able to find their information without any trouble. This helps in reducing the bounce rate.

6. Keyword Research

Researching of what actually people search for and what words do they use is the key. Increase your keywords strength. Don’t just rely on few keywords instead try to make as many keywords as possible for your website. Using relevant keywords similar to the content bucket will increase your SEO scores and therefore you should focus on thinking from reader’s point of view and then provide keywords for your page. 

Example– If your website is about ‘tour and travels’ then you should use keywords such as ‘best tours and travels’, ‘holiday packages’, ‘honeymoon packages’ etc.

7. Use Images and Graphics

Use pictures and graphics to grasp the user’s attention. When content gets together with pictures and graphics, it makes more sense to the user and attracts them.

8. Use HTTPS

Your domain server should be HTTPS not HTTP. This makes a lot of difference because HTTPS servers contain higher level firewall protection as compared to HTTP. If anyone is buying something from your website and if they make payment through the online gateway, then its highly recommendable to use HTTPS servers.

9. Keep Updating Your Contents

Search engines like new content. New content has a chance to crawl fast and it helps you to increase your ranking. Constant reviewing and updating helps a lot in getting a higher rank. 

Content Updating Process

What are the Best White Hat SEO Tools?

In today’s fast-moving pace, one needs to choose internet tools very effectively in order to stay ahead of competitors. Below are some SEO tools discussed to enhance your SEO using ethical means:

White Hat SEO tools

Best White Hat SEO Tools

1. Keyword Research Tools

Google, which is a widely used search engine has tools for keyword research known as keyword planner, we also call it Google Keyword Tool. By using this tool, you can easily find most searched keywords with respect to your content. It also shows the number of searches done using that particular keyword. Keyword planner is also used while making paid to add- campaigns but that’s a different story.

2. Website Rank Checker Tools

Every website listed on Google has a ranking and there are different websites, which provides a ranking to them given by Google. Some of them are Alexa.com. Ahrefs.com etc. Knowing your website’s ranking is very important. It’s very well said that, “if you can measure anything then you can improve that thing.” Well, Google knows this very well and provides a ranking to every website.

3. Tools for Link Building

Building links is a very important aspect of White Hat SEO. It creates trust among users and it is a most efficient method to indicate a website’s authenticity. There are further techniques to build links, some of them are as follows:

  • Ask people to comment on your blog, article, website so as to generate Do follow backlink. It increases the website’s credibility.
  • Dictionary submission. As you create a WhatsApp group of different people belongs to school, colleges, office similarly there are different web dictionaries in which you can submit your website to increase its availability for the users.
  • Writing testimonials is one of the easiest methods. Give feedbacks to different articles, blogs, news, debate forums and you can get a valuable backlink from there.
  • Don’t forget to social bookmark your website. If you bookmark your website then it will be viewed as quality content.  


Using ‘white hat SEO’ method, one can easily rank up the website by implementing these ethical ways. These are very helpful for the long run and helps in maintaining and improving SEO ranking. If anyone is not using ‘White hat SEO’ techniques, that means they are using ‘Black hat SEO’ techniques and website can be banned any moment if detected by the search engine web crawler.

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