Facebook Ad Campaign – How to Create An Effective Ad Campaign

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Creating an ad campaign is done to promote your brand on a different platform so that it can push your sales figures. Doing it on social media platforms like Facebook would be altogether a different experience. Maximum youth from every country like to spend their time on Facebook. People are on Facebook to connect with friends, families and other social groups. So Facebook ads is a very relevant way to interact with the audience and at the same time to showcase your products or services through a Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook Ad Campaign Contents

We will discuss some ways that will help you to create an appealing Facebook ad campaign:

1. Ask Questions Before Investing On Advertising

Before you start putting your time, effort and money, you need to ask a few questions to yourself that why and for whom you need to create that ad campaign. You should know your aim of creating an ad campaign. It should not happen that after investing your time and money, you are getting messed up about your campaign. These questions will clear your thoughts regarding the same.

What kind of audience you are looking for? I mean if you are creating an ad campaign then you should be sure of the type of audience whom you wanted to show those  Facebook ads.

How many people should see your ad on Facebook?

On which locations you want to show your ad? You should confirm your campaign visibility radius to avoid wastage of your hard earned money.

Does your Facebook ad contain that info, which your audience are looking for?

2. How to Create a Facebook Ad Campaign

Ad campaign through Facebook advertising is a very innovative way to convey your message to the target audience. Content Writing is an important aspect that revolves around the Facebook ad campaign. You should give a readable, unique and relevant content to your readers. Try to provide valuable content that can help them enhance their knowledge.

Put images, creative graphics or videos that should look interesting. Factually, facebook advertising happens to be user engaging as compared to any other ads. You can fully rely on these ads as every penny counts over there. You can calculate your return on investment on each campaign you create on Facebook.

3. Which Facebook Ad Objective to Choose?

The Facebook ad campaign consists of three ad objectives namely targeting your customer, an ad setting and last, building and formatting an ad. The very first level is the campaign level which is the groundwork of your ad.
In this level, you select an aim for your users. There are again 3 options available for them i.e. awareness, consideration, and conversion. Out of the three, you want your user to choose one, based on the action you want them to go for.

Facebook Ad Objectives

We create awareness ads for bigger and already renowned brands. These ads are created with the least amount of investment. It does not need to be well packaged as the user would already be familiar with the brand.
If you want the user to come to your website then you should choose either consideration or conversion.

Options available on consideration:-

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App Installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation

Options available on conversion:–

  • Conversions
  • Product catalogue sales
  • Store visits

4. Targeting Right Audience

Customising Audience Screen

Customising Audience Screen

This is the most important part of the Facebook ad campaign where you get to choose your target audience. Select your target audience on the basis of Demographics and Interests. This is mostly used to acquire new customers who have no idea of your brand. Demographic segmentation further bifurcated with options such as age, gender, location, and language.

This is like a funnel which narrows down as per your requirement. Out of 1000s of people, you can choose your target audience by looking for different patterns like interests, behavior, demographics and many more.
Facebook campaigning also gives you relaxation to customize your ads. You can also target someone who has somehow interacted with you and had shown interest. Through ‘Custom audience’ you can target that audience who has shown interest in your business on Facebook, on the website or in the email marketing.

‘Custom audience’ further subcategorizes into four parts: Customer file, Website traffic, App activity and engagement on Facebook. You can also opt for lookalike audience which allows Facebook to look for the audience with similar interest and buying behavior. It’s one of the best options to get better results.

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5. Finalizing Your Ad Campaign

Formatting the Facebook Ad

You are just one step close from submitting your Facebook ad. This is where ad formatting is done as per your requirement. It includes attachment of URLs, newsfeed, call to action button (CTA), images, videos etc.
The whole packaging of your ad depends on your objective and ad formatting. There are different options available to edit images and videos. We suggest you not to stop with a single ad instead built multiple ads with different images and videos to create a variety among users.

When the relevance score of your ad decreases, introduce new ads to continue generating new results from your  Facebook ad campaign. When your ad’s relevance score decreases you can go for the following options:-

  • Firstly, split the test image to create a single image ad with some other images.
  • Then, split the test copy to duplicate the ad with slight in the copy.
  • Finally, introduce some new ads with any other formatting pattern now that’s called Split test the ad format.

6. Summary

When your ad stops showing results then don’t just stop advertising instead create more ad focusing on the same topic. But first, you need to set your priorities towards ad campaigning. Never lose your focus from your objective and decide your campaigning budget accordingly. Just don’t stop trying, keep making right efforts towards Facebook advertising and you will see the improvement in response from the Facebook ad campaign. We hope you liked our article. If you have any feedbacks or queries,  you can enter in the comment box, below.

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