What is Digital Marketing? Everything you need to know about it

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Digital Marketing – The name itself has the meaning: Marketing the products and services on digital platforms. Because of the ever-expanding digital age, this field has become immensely popular in the ways you can’t imagine. Today, we will see:

  • A brief introduction to Digital Marketing
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Why and Who can do digital or online marketing?
  • What are its prerequisites?
  • What are the benefits of digital marketing?
  • Components of digital marketing.
  • Tools of digital marketing
  • Traditional marketing vs digital marketing.

1. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a combination of two words i.e. digital and marketing. In simple words, Digital means anything that you can see or hear from an electronics device such as TV, mobile phone, radio. Marketing means to understand the needs of the consumer and provide the products or services accordingly.

Digital Marketing is done in order to reach a targeted audience to analyze their demands, to promote product and services and to create brand awareness using different digital platforms present online. It is mainly done on the Internet.

Example – Sending an E-mail for the marketing various food offers like the ones which Zomato, Swiggy normally do.

Types of Digital Marketing SEO

2. Why Digital Marketing?

Marketing can also be done using conventional methods such as TV advertisements, billboards, visiting cards, hoardings. But these methods need huge investment, are not so cost-effective, and it’s very difficult to analyze the return on investment(ROI) on them.

Therefore, marketers have found new ways to connect with the audience using the Internet. Nowadays marketers use digital platforms (Search Engines & Social Media Websites) such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, Yahoo, Bing to gain access to promote brands at a very low cost.

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3. Who can do Digital Marketing?

Anyone in any field can use Digital Marketing. Most of the people implement it to create awareness. Students who are determined can also use it to earn money out of their college or school life. Business professionals can use it to run any campaign for their products. Entrepreneurs to share their business ideas and to ask for funding, marketing professionals to do a survey or to increase the website’s ranking.

  • It is complicated.
  • It’s a vast subject, it is not only about product and services but more than that.
  • Unlike marketing it does not generates direct sales.
  • You should have a proper understanding of the basic concepts used in digital marketing.
  • In-depth knowledge of the subject requires hard work and patience.

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Process of digital marketing SEO

4. Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Since traditional marketing is not a new concept similarly, digital marketing was also there since the beginning of the internet but they differ from each other.

  • Online/digital marketing is done using electronic gadgets such as mobile, desktops in different platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc, whereas traditional marketing revolves around TVs, newspaper, radio, etc.
  • You can select your target audience in digital marketing at a very economical price, which is not possible with traditional marketing.
  • Digital Marketing provides a better user experience as compared to traditional marketing.

5. Important Digital Marketing Terms

  • PPC–  Pay per click, we use this term for paid advertisements.
  • CTR-  Click through rate, this term issues to know the percentage of clicks at a link.
  • SEO–  Search engine optimization, we use this term to improve the website’s ranking.
  • SMM– Social media marketing, we use this term for marketing on platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • SEM–  Search engine marketing, this term revolves around search engines like Google, Bing, etc
  • SERPSearch engine result page, pages that display on any search engine’s list with a specific keyword

6. Components of Digital Marketing

6.1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process to change and modify the website’s content/data to improve the website’s ranking in Search Engine.

6.2. Pay Per Click (PPC) 

It’s a practice to attract online traffic towards their website by paying some amount of money to advertisement publisher (search engine).

6.3. E-mail Marketing

It’s a simple and direct technique of digital marketing to reach end customers by sending them an email containing some valuable information.

6.4. Affiliate Marketing

In this type of digital marketing, the promoter pays commission to affiliate marketers to promote their brands on different platforms.

6.5. Content Marketing

Contents like text, videos, graphics, images, etc are used to connect with the targeted audiences to communicate with them.

7. Advantages of Digital Marketing

  • It is easy to measure and provides better feedback.
  • It gives a smooth construction experience.
  • Also, it is very cost effective and economical as compared to traditional marketing.
  • It provides flexibility.
  • It helps in connecting with a larger group of audience.

8. What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is an easy, familiar and friendly way of digital marketing. Now every social media website has its own specific ideology for promotion and audience interaction. For example, in Instagram and Pinterest, one can put images of a food recipe and promote their restaurant or cookery show.

Facebook also has its own specific product called ‘facebook businesses’. So, the Facebook business allows you to run a business campaign, sell products online, extract personal information, create brand awareness, brand recall at a very economical price. Many business organizations use this platform.

Twitter allows you to share a text message of 280 characters with images and videos. Similarly, business professionals use LinkedIn to share their business ideas, work experience, job openings, etc.

9. What are the Best Digital Marketing Tools?

Digital Marketing tools SEO


9.1 Wyng

It’s an online marketing platform which provides options like hashtag campaigns, quizzes, contests, etc. It’s also an analytical tool which calculates performance through different campaigns.

9.2 Woobox

It’s a tool which performs similar to Wyng and is based on social engagement programs using contents. Instagram contests are of them.

9.3 Facebook Business

It is a part of Facebook which emphases on creating different campaigns namely sales campaign, awareness campaign, lead generation campaign etc.

9.4 MailChimp

It’s a very common platform which we use for e-mail marketing. It helps in sending bulk e-mails.

9.5 Canva

It’s a website which acts as a photo editor. It has a huge collection of photographs that can be made in collage in so many ways.

9.6 Google analytics

It’s a commonly used search engine analytical tool which helps the user to measure current performances going on in a website.

9.7 Word press

It’s a free website building tool. It’s user-friendly and easy to use.  

10. Summary

In today’s world, technology lies in everybody’s fingertip so it has become trouble-free and hassle less to get access to digital platforms.

Digital marketing has provided several options to increase business and job opportunities. It is also cost effective and economical as compared to old and traditional ways of marketing. It not only allows the user to connect with different people around the world but also provide a path to cater to one’s business. The world is becoming digital and so is everyone therefore; it is important to master yourself in this field to keep up the pace with the digital world.

Still, if you have any query regarding Digital marketing, ask in the comment’s tab below.

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