11 Game Changing Online SEO Tools to Rank Higher in 2023

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Finding difficulty in choosing the best tool when doing SEO?  Don’t worry. Here is the solution. There are thousands of Online SEO Tools available and to get a review about all of them and then using is altogether a hefty task, therefore I have shortlisted 11 best Online SEO Tools that will help you in the best possible manner and will take you one step ahead from your competitors.

What are Online SEO Tools?

Every search engine provides various online tools to enhance your website’s visibility online. These SEO tools also help you gain more web traffic. Some of these SEO tools are free and some are chargeable depending upon the features they carry. These tools do an amazing job of providing every little detail that helps in ranking website higher.

List of Online SEO Tools

Following is the list of eleven helpful SEO tools:

1. Google Analytics

As the name suggests, Google analytics gives a full statistical view of your website. It shows all web traffic related analysis. Its duty starts when a user lands on your website and tells what a user does and ends till the user leaves the website. You can also get a complete analytical view of user acquisition. It informs who is coming to your website from which country through which device.

Google Analytics

Some basic features of Google analytics are:-

  • It keeps a check on your website traffic.
  • You can monitor all your user activities which include their actions, duration and all website pages browsed by them.
  • It gives you an option to view audience reports where you can watch visitor’s demographics and geographic details and also their browsing behavior.
  • You can see how visitors explored your website.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a free Online SEO Tool offered by Google. If you search for a keyword then it will show you everything related to that keyword- Right from its monthly search, the number of time that keyword has been searched and expected bidding prize.

SEO tools- Google Keyword Planner


Few features of keyword planner are:-

  • You can search for any specific keyword on the basis of a selected time period.
  • Find keywords with respect to devices, targeted audiences and monthly searches.
  • You can also analyze fluctuations in keyword search patterns because of seasons or any market situations.
  • You can also optimize your website for mobile-friendly platforms.

3. Google Trends

Google trends show popular search items in a period of time. It tells you all those items that have been searched a lot and are in the current trend. It also provides a platform to compare different keywords that are searched in various locations.

Google Trends Screen

Some features of Google trends are:-

  • Get more information about trending topics.
  • You can also keep an eye on your brand’s strength.
  • You can also analyze local shopping trends and fashion trends

4. SEO Web Page Analyzer

As we all know that there are two basic techniques of SEO- on-page SEO and off-page SEO. All SEO work that is done inside a web page is called on-page SEO and to do the same, web page analyzer gives some valuable information like page weight of your website, Google’s page ranking, Alexa ranking, etc. These things are very important to improve the user experience of your website.

Features of SEO Web Page Analyzer

The analyzer may examine the page’s performance and loading speed to find any problems that could detract from the user experience and search engine rankings.

Mobile-Friendliness: It may evaluate the responsiveness and mobile-friendliness of the website to make sure it functions properly across a range of gadgets and screen sizes.

Broken links and anchor text issues may be found by using the tool to examine the page’s internal and external links.

5. Google Search Console

This is a free Online SEO Tool from Google that allows the website owner to keep an eye on their website and optimize it. This tool evaluates your website based on different criteria like traffic report, uploading issues, the insight of keywords, etc.

Screen of Google Search Console

Features of the Google search console are:-

  • Submit a sitemap of your website.
  • Learn a lot about user-friendly keywords.
  • Also, find which page is more explored on your website.
  • Extract information about a visitor’s browsing devices.
  • See other sites that are linked to your website.

6. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

It gives all SEO related matrices and insight into Google searches. You can view all the live traffic coming to your website, backlinks of your website, search volume, and all Cost Per Click (CPC) related issues with the help of this tool.

7. Google Page Speed Insights

This tool checks your website’s uploading speed and its usability. You just need to enter your URL and it will show you all the speed related issues and provides ways to improve user experience on different devices.

8. Keywordtool.io

Speaking metaphorically, this keyword tool is a Google of keywords. It gives you a number of ideas on how to select keywords and how to use them depending on your requirements. Basically, here you enter a keyword and it will tell you the number of opportunities to use that keyword.

9. SERP Simulator

It’s a tool that lets you see a preview of “how your website would appear on SERP. You can see how your website’s name, meta description, and all links appear on SERP. It’s a simulator that works for both desktop and mobile devices.

10. Schema Creator

It is a customized code generating tool that lets you choose the kind of Schematic design you want to have for yourself and for your user.

11. Similar Web

With this tool, you can see the amount of traffic diverted towards your website from different mediums and sources like social media. It also gives you a breakthrough of all those sources.


Just knowing the names of these Online SEO Tools isn’t enough, you should have a thorough knowledge to use them effectively and therefore this blog provided you with a detailed explanation that must have surely helped you in choosing the tool to start with.

Still, if you are finding any issues related to this part, ask in the comment section. You will surely get your query solved.

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