What is Black Hat SEO – 8 Most Used Black Hat SEO Techniques

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Are you breaking the SEO Rules?

Every work going on around you has a system and every system runs on a set of rules and regulations. Even in SEO, there are some set of rules that search engines design. Nowadays, some people are using a technique called Black Hat SEO which does not follow any SEO guidelines and break the rules designed by the search engine.

So, let’s get a deeper knowledge of what Black Hat SEO is and what are its techniques.

Black hat seo

1. What is Black Hat SEO?

‘Black Hat’ SEO deals with a bunch of unethical exercises that are performed to elevate website’s ranking on any search engine by revoking the search engine guidelines. Mostly we use ‘black hat’ for professional hackers, spam creators.

If anyone is searching for something on any search engine, then they are looking for some relevant information and surely not for any spam website by using this ‘Black Hat’ SEO, one can attract online traffic for some time, but it is not useful for longterm and if Google or any other search engine detects any Black hat SEO technique on any website then they have the right to act against it by banning it. 

Familiarize yourself with the concept of “SEO”

2. Is Black Hat SEO Ethical?

These are some techniques against SEO guidelines (rules and regulations) given by different search engines. ‘Black hat’ SEO is done to improve the website’s ranking on any search engine through illegal means and if found doing so, as a  penalty, website or the domain name can be banned forever. This means these techniques are unethical to use. Black hat techniques are inappropriate tactics which can’t really maintain or increase website’s ranking in search engine result pages(SERP). A formal list of black hat SEO strategies clearly condemns by search engines like Google webmaster and bing webmaster. These tactics can improve a website’s ranking for a while, but can’t really help in putting values to your content and therefore it is avoidable to use such techniques. 

3. How can you report Black Hat SEO?

Bad things may look easy to adopt but they can be very painful in the long run. For the below-discussed reasons you should definitely take a stand against ‘black hat’.

  • First is when your website is found some inappropriate hacks or viruses.
  • The second one lies around keywords that are used to reach your website are now showing some other spam websites or advertisements.

You can take help from Google webmaster’s or Bing webmaster’s help in both the cases. You can also choose to opt for web spam report using search console.

4. 8 Most Used Black Hat SEO Techniques

If there are some ethical and correct ways to improve the website’s ranking then there are unethical techniques as well. Good (White Hat) techniques are definitely hard to apply but they are good for the website in the long run whereas bad (Black Hat) techniques may look easy to apply and they can improve website’s ranking for a while but they are not useful from long-run point of view.

Black hat seo



Some Black Hat SEO techniques are as follows:-

i. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword repetition is a very common technique used in ‘black hat SEO’ where the same word is used multiple times to increase its SEO. It will end up in corrupting that website and creating a very bad experience for the user.

For example– 

Like the word “construction” in the image below –

Black hat SEO

ii. Cloaking

It means to provide one content to the user and different contents to search engine for the same search.

For example, writing making a website for selling of suspense novels and putting inside some irrelevant data of suspense movies as Meta description.

iii. Irrelevant URL’s as backlinks

Using irrelevant URL’s as backlinks is another popular technique. In this technique, some URL’s are used in order to redirect the user to some other irrelevant websites. These techniques are mostly used in websites with high domain authority. 

For example– Quota, car vale etc

iv. Spam Comment

Commenting on a blog with some links to get a follow backlink is also a type of ‘black hat ‘technique to improve domain authority. It creates spam for the new user.

v. Duplicate Content

Copying content is one of the most common ‘black hat’ techniques. In short, copying content from one source and pasting it in your content is highly unethical. Every content should be unique to create a delightful user experience. If Google shows the same content for different keywords that means it’s been copied from some other source.

vi. Article Spinning

Article spinning is a writing technique which creates what appears to be new content from what already exists. It works by replacing specific words, phrases, sentences, or even entire paragraphs with any number of alternate versions to provide a slightly different variation so that it doesn’t look like its copied. It is one of the techniques of Black Hat SEO. It’s not so different from copying contents. It requires some special software that re-phrases the content to look different. 

vii. Doorway Pages

It’s a ‘black hat’ tactic to redirect a user from a landing page to some other website. These pages are specially designed by hackers to create spam.

viii. Hidden Texts or Links

Hidden text is a computer text that is displayed in such a way so that it is either invisible or unreadable. It is most commonly achieved by setting the font color to the same color as the background, rendering the text invisible until the user actually highlights it.

6. Summary

It’s now clear that using Black Hat SEO techniques is a wrong and unethical way of improving a website’s ranking and it should not be practiced. If any search engine say webmaster from Google detects any ‘black hat technique’, it can penalize that website by decreasing its ranking and even can revoke its domain authority. Simple ways to avoid ‘black hat’ is to write and publish original content without copying from anywhere else, never go for paid links, and always follow SEO guidelines issued by the search engine.

Still, have a doubt? Ask freely through comments.

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  1. Techifox says:

    Thanks for sharing this blog about Black hat SEO. its very understanding and helpful blog.And you said correct that Black Hat SEO techniques is a wrong and unethical way of improving a website’s ranking and it should not be practiced.

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