Link Building for SEO – Why is it Important for your Website?

Today, we will see link building in SEO. Links are a very important part of SEO that is used by search engines to rank different websites. You must be thinking that how links can enhance your website’s ranking. The answer is very simple, if a top-ranked and highly optimized website is linked with any other website having similar keywords then Google crawler detects that and gives priority to the website that is linked with already optimized and trusted websites.

Link Building for SEO

Link Building – Importance and Process

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1. What is Link Building for SEO?

Definition of Link Building – It is a process of getting hyperlinked (getting linked with other websites) which is done to promote your website using someone else’s website. Website’s owners who want to attract web traffic in organic search needs constantly to acquire good links.

Link Building is a process where new websites get linked with an already existing website that is highly optimized in order to achieve a higher rank. This is one of the important SEO tactics for new website owners to elevate their website’s ranking. Building links for your websites bring referral traffic to your website. It also increases domain authority of your website.

It can also be seen as a technique of acquiring links from other websites to your own website. It’s also another way to navigate from one page to another.

Search engines crawl on different pages or on the entire website using these links. There are various factors that can enhance your website’s ranking and link building is a very crucial one. Successful Link building can obviously keep you ahead of your competitors.

2. Why is Link Building Important in SEO?

Link Building is a major Google Ranking Factor. Google spider crawls all over the Internet to discover new web pages and in order to rank them, crawler looks for quality of links attached to these new web pages.  These links play a vital role in deciding the ranks given to them. When crawler goes through the page’s content then it not only evaluate the page’s content but also looks for links and then perform the indexing.

Links sticking with a particular website tells about their own website’s quality and what Google thinks of them. It means more of high- quality links you add to your website, the more your chances of getting a higher rank. This gives rise to different techniques that help to increase the number and quality of links. Therefore it makes very clear that website‘s owner should concentrate on building more links.

There are mainly two reasons why link building is very crucial for both users and search engines.

  • To discover a new web page
  • To determine how well a website should rank for the related search query.

Links affect your SEO

But it doesn’t mean that you start buying links instead you should focus more on earning them. Knowing this Google has a right to penalize those websites who follow wrong methods and techniques to get links. Google constantly changes its algorithm, so it’s next to impossible to know what Google wants to promote your website’s ranking. But these links still can influence and upgrade your website’s ranking.

3. How to Build Links for SEO

Here are some steps for link building –

link building

Steps for building a link

i. Beginning of Link tag

It is a starting tag that informs Google that some link is about to get attached within it. It is also an anchor tag that tells the search engine that some other link is about to follow.

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ii. Linking of Referral Location

This part indicates a URL to which a link is attached. This can be anything but another URL and includes the image, graphics, texts etc. These local links will take you some other location of a page. This is a hyperlink in which some keywords are used and will take you to some other page not necessarily a web page but it can be an image, an address or a file to download.

iii. Anchor Text 

This text that appears to a user and it tells the user a brief about the links which will get open after clicking on that text. This is also the keywords that can enhance your website’s ranking.

It is a clickable link that has some texts that can be seen by a user. It opens another link. These texts are either in blue color or underlined with blue color to indicate that it’s anchor text.

iv. Closing of the Tag

This shows that a link is already been attached in the coding part.

4. Link Building Strategies for SEO

Below are some strategies for link building –

Link Building

Link Building Strategies

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i. Quality Content

Try to create relevant, readable, unique and high-quality content for your user so that you can get links from genuine sources.

ii. Promotion

Promoting your website through word of mouth as it can influence many people to take a look on your content.

iii. Addition of review opinion

Don’t forget to add a review column on your website because it can increase your website’s authority and reliability. Most bloggers and reviewers put their valuable comments to share their views and it can also get you a do –follow backlink.

iv. Take help from your friends and relatives

Try to take help from your friend and tell them to leave a comment on your website. Also, ask for some recommendations so that you both can take advantages from each other.  It’s a time consuming and long process that can irritate you but once it is done properly it can influence your website’s ranking in many ways.

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5. Link Building Tips

  • Use of similar keywords(anchoring texts). Using anchor texts with similar keywords can actually make Google think that your website is actually authentic with genuine content.
  • Think of pages that are getting linked with your website. Make sure those pages are trustworthy and provide high-quality content. It can surely boost your ranking.
  • Make sure to add links not only to your home page but with every other page that are added to your website. This matters a lot when it comes to individual page’s ranking.
  • Make use of keyword related tools to test your anchor text’s efficiency.

6. Summary

Hence, in this SEO link building tutorial, we discussed several tips and strategies for building links. Moreover, we saw how to build links. Also, we discussed the importance of link building and its effect on SEO. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Still, if you have any doubt related to link building for SEO, you can ask freely.

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