How to check the Domain Authority of a Website?

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How can you check the domain authority of a website? Why is it important to check the domain authority of your website?

Once you start to develop the SEO program for search engine optimization, you will come across SEO-relevant terms. Domain Authority (DA) is one of the words you’ll hear very often. What then is the Domain Authority, and how can you check your website’s domain authority?

Domain Authority is a search engine optimization strategy rating numbered from 1 to 100 offering context into the possibility of a keyword rating on a website. Your domain authority could well demonstrate the SEO strength of your website and will be able to accurately predict how well your website will rank in search results. Your Domain Authority figure is obtained from a variety of parameters such as linking root domains and the total number of links and more.

In general, a higher score is equal to a better chance at ranking. To see how google rank, you can compare your score to the competitor websites. Your domain authority is not an authorized component in the rankings. Google doesn’t use this metric to assess your ranking, so this metric will help you forecast how relative to rivals you’ll perform in the search results.

What can a Domain Authority Checker do?

A domain authority checker tool can be used for assessing the website’s score metric. The domain authority checker tool defines the authority which is granted to your website. In fact, domain authority is a metric score ranging from 1 to 100. The Mozscape has given these scores metric which tells you how well bots of search engines ranked your website after they crawled. Actually, Domain Authority is determined by the many calculations based on a few metrics below.

  • Strength of your website.
  • How well your site had been ranked by search engines
  • Linking to root domain
  • Number of links attached

How to check Domain Authority of a Website

When you’ve learned about Domain Authority, you’ll want to test your score for your Domain Authority. You could use any set of tools mentioned below to test your Domain Ranking. Let’s look at three preferred resources to search the DA of your webpage.

1. I Net Ventures

This domain authority checker tool enables you to report a domain authority and page authority of 10 domains or less per check. This software allows users to bulk check the domain authority.

Domain authority results are regularly changed so help ensure you frequently check the overall score of your website. And, what sort of grade is your website getting? Typically, the higher authority points to a greater chance of ranking for desired terms in search engines. So, this tool can help you.

2. Click Intelligence

This software can help you to estimate how well your own website is doing. Using this bulk DA checker, you can then take it one step further, and will easily reveal the ranking of other websites you are trying to collaborate with. Although this is not perfect, improving your backlink profile is a great way to do so. Use this tool together with the Moz backlink checker, then you’ll be able to considerably improve your backlink profile as well.

3. Seotools by Seotoolzz

Seotoolzz has provided the world with a free domain authority tool to enable users to acquire a single score for their site by using this tool to know the score and popularity of their website. Getting a score of 80-90 out of 100 is more than a challenging task than getting a score of 20 to 30 out of 100. This domain authority checker operates in a straightforward manner, it basically gets all of your website’s pages and then measures the ratio of popularity to them. At the end, mozscape will decide the domain authority of the site as a whole.

4. Prepostseo

Prepostseo DA checker is a unique and more reliable tool because it permits you to check 500 URLs at one time. After that, you can sort out the outcomes easily. This free tool can check hundreds of websites daily. Additionally, it also provides you with the option of downloading a report after you have done checking domain authority score of your website.

5. Counting Characters

This is another DA Checker that is a free tool for monitoring a web page’s domain authority. Only enter the page URL to search the DA and PA and press the enter key. This domain authority checker’s best feature is that it is really fast and get exact Moz data. This tool also displays domain authority on-page.

6. W3Era

The tool is exceptionally helpful and easy, the site URL you want to evaluate is the main thing you need, and the tool will do the rest for you. The tool will return with domain authority score after checking the Domain. The Bulk DA checker tool mainly is used to check the authority of a website to determine its performance status on Google. This tool provides the score which will be useful in measuring your website’s competitiveness. Not only is it advantageous to find out about the domain authority, but DA score can also help you focus on bad links.

7. Softo

This website also provides a free da checker service. This software can best estimate the domain authority score to make you understand how well your website is performing in search engine outcomes. You just have to copy-paste the URL or simply press the submit button below. It works in seconds. It provides you with advanced algorithms that are capable of checking roundabout 40 different factors to check da score.

Ways to improve the Domain Authority of your Website

Improving the da score of a website is key to take a good place in search engine results. By following the given tactics, you can improve the da score of your website.

1. Increase links

You may increase the authority of your Website domain. It’s pretty simple, you just need to increase links to popular or modified sites. Because once you’ve linked to those popular and verified domains, you’ll easily get your website’s domain authority. It is a far easier way to maintain domain score authority between 20 and 30 instead of higher than that such as 70 to 80 out of a hundred. So, now in short to improve the authority of your domain, you need to improve your links to your sites.

2. Avoid bad links

It is important to find out the absolutely meaningless and bad links, check inbound links each month. If there are any bad links on your website, compile them, and immediately take some serious action against it such as submit them to the Google Disavow tool.

3. Improve internal links

Internal linking plays an essential part in strengthening both domain authority and page authority. Link all the pages via contextual links and don’t leave any page as an orphan.

4. Optimize on-page features

If you have structured on-page website features such as meta tags, heading tags, and image alt tags, then both bots of search engines and bots of SEO tools will give you a positive signal. If Moz bots crawl your website and consider your website tags ready for SEO, your domain authority will certainly increase.

5. Produce quality content

You should create high-quality content so that it is often linked to another site. This will make your contact linkable. The more you provide links to other sites, the more chances of improving your domain authority score.

6. Speed of website

No one has time to wait for a website to load. Your website shouldn’t have horrible speed to annoy its users.


All of the tools discussed work well for the domain check. But as Moz created the metric of the domain authority to test the score of various websites so it is nowadays highly popular. Whatever tool you use, the Website content plays an important role in the domain authority score. Therefore, we have already listed ways to boost the da and pa. Moreover, persistence, hard work, and taking care of the content is important for a better rank in the results of search engines.

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