Best Hadoop Administration Books You Must Read

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In this Hadoop admin tutorial, we are going to see some of the best Big data Hadoop administration books. These books will help you in learning Hadoop admin curriculum from basics to the advanced level, making you expert as Hadoop administrator and get Hadoop admin job in top Big data organizations. Moreover, these are the most referred Hadoop admin books to become an expert Hadoop administrator.

Best Hadoop Administration Books You Must Read

Best Hadoop Administration Books

Let us see various Hadoop Administration books being suggested by experts for learning Hadoop admin tasks to land in your dream company and perform all Hadoop admin roles and responsibilities.

1. Expert Hadoop 2 Administration: Managing Spark, YARN, and MapReduce

Expert Hadoop 2 Administrationby Sam R. Alapati

This book provides complete knowledge for creating, configuring, securing, managing, and optimizing production Hadoop clusters in any environment. Here you will also learn how to work in complex Hadoop environments, by understanding exactly what happens behind the scenes when you administer your Hadoop cluster. You will learn how to build Hadoop clusters from scratch and configure high availability, performance, security, encryption, and other key attributes.

You will also learn how to run MapReduce and Apache Spark applications in a Hadoop cluster, manage and protect Hadoop data and high availability, work with HDFS commands, file permissions, and storage management, manage job workflows with Oozie and Hue and Benchmarking and troubleshooting in Hadoop.

2. Hadoop Operations- A Guide for Developers and Administrators

Hadoop Operationsby Eric Sammer

If you want to learn how to maintain large and complex Hadoop clusters, this book is a must. Here the author shows you the particulars of running Hadoop in production. From planning, installing, and configuring the system to providing ongoing maintenance.

Here you will also learn Hadoop deployment, from hardware and OS selection to network requirements, ways to manage resources by sharing a Hadoop cluster across multiple groups, ways to monitor Hadoop clusters and Hadoop troubleshooting with the help of real-world Hadoop use cases.

3. Cloudera Administration Handbook

Cloudera Administration Handbookby Rohit Menon

This book fully prepares you to be a Big data Hadoop administrator, with special emphasis on Cloudera Administration to clear Cloudera certification as well. It provides step-by-step instructions on setting up and managing a robust Hadoop cluster running CDH5.

It will also help you in understanding tools such as Cloudera Manager, to manage Hadoop clusters with hundreds of nodes. You will also learn how to set up Hadoop security using Kerberos and ways for troubleshooting cluster issues.

4. Hadoop Operations and Cluster Management Cookbook

Hadoop Operations and Cluster Management Cookbookby Shumin Guo

Hadoop Operations and Cluster Management Cookbook is a practical guide for designing and managing a Hadoop cluster. It will help you understand how Hadoop works and guide you through Big data Hadoop cluster management tasks.

You will also start learning Hadoop admin concepts by installing and configuring a Hadoop cluster, ways for securing a Hadoop cluster with Kerberos, configuring cluster high availability and monitoring a cluster and how to build a Hadoop cluster on the Amazon EC2 cloud.

This comes to the end of the top Hadoop Administration Books article.


We have discussed the best Hadoop Administration books like Expert Hadoop Administration, Hadoop Operations, Cloudera Administration Handbook and Hadoop Operations and Cluster Management Cookbook. These books are good for both freshers and experienced professionals.

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Furthermore, if you have any queries or feedbacks related to the article, you can simply enter in the comment section.

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