AWS SNS Tutorial – Compatibility & SNS Mobile Notification

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In our last tutorial, we discussed AWS Machine Learning. Now, in this AWS SNS Tutorial, we are going to explore what is Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service).

Moreover, we will learn AWS SNS Mobile Notification & Compatibility. At last, we will cover the benefits of Amazon Simple Notification.

So, let’s start the AWS SNS Tutorial.

What is Amazon SNS?

AWS SNS (Amazon Simple Notification Service) is a notification service which is generally for the mobile phone users. It provides mass delivery of the message and within the cost limit.

It is flexible and managed to publish/subscribe messaging for delivery of the message for subscribing endpoints and clients. Using Amazon SNS the user can send messages to distributed systems and services, and mobile devices. SNS works at any scale and it is easy to send messages to the endpoints.

SNS can be started in a minute with the help of the AWs tools such as the AWS Management Console, AWs Command Line Interface, and AWS SDK. AWS reduces the complexity associated with messaging software and infrastructure.

Publish/Subscribe is an asynchronous service-to-service communication type. AWS SNS is used in serverless and microservice type architecture. In this model, the message published is delivered immediately by all the subscriber of the topic.

It enables event-driven architecture; decouple applications in order to increase performance. In addition, Amazon SNS increases the performance, scalability, and reliability.

There are some of the AWS services which can publish messages to the SNS topics to initiate event-driven computing and workflows, such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and Amazon CloudWatch.

Amazon SNS along with SQS provides a strong messaging solution for building cloud applications. The applications built are fault-tolerant and easy to scale.

AWS SNS Mobile Notification

The mobile notification service makes it easy to send the push notification service to devices based on IOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows, and Baidu.

With the single message, the sender can send messages, updates, promos, or news to individual users, a subset of users, or all of your users. In addition, messages can be transmitted to MacOS desktops and Voice over IP (VoIP) apps on iOS devices, emails, and SMS messages.

AWS SNS Tutorial - Compatibility & SNS Mobile Notification

AWS SNS Tutorial – Compatibility & SNS Mobile Notification

Compatibility of Amazon SAS

AWS SNS works nowadays with different AWS services like Amazon SQS and EC2. For instance, applications running in EC2 will publish event/information updates to Amazon SNS and have them straight off delivered to different applications or end-users.

In addition, subscribers will choose Amazon SQS as a delivery protocol, and have notifications delivered to multiple SQS queues in parallel – providing persistence of messages and secure delivery. Moreover, messages will currently be delivered to AWS Lambda function for the further processing.

Benefits of AWS SNS

There are 6 major types of benefits of Amazon Simple Notification Services, let’s discuss them:

AWS SNS - Amazon Simple Notification Service

Benefits of AWS SNS – Amazon Simple Notification Service

a. Reliable

AWS SNS runs inside Amazon’s tested network infrastructure and data centres. The topics available at AWS are going to be accessible whenever applications want them. To stop messages from being lost, all messages revealed to Amazon SNS hold on redundantly across multiple servers and data centres.

b. Scalable

Amazon SNS is meant to fulfil the requirements of the greatest and most exacting applications, permitting applications to publish an infinite range of messages at any time.

c. Lucid

In most cases, developers will start with AWS SNS by using simply 3 APIs:

  • CreateTopic
  • Subscribe
  • Publish.

Extra APIs are out there, which offer a lot of advanced functionality.

d. Flexible

AWS SNS permits applications and end-users on totally different devices. If a user wants to receive the notifications via Mobile Push notification (Apple, Google, and Kindle Fire Devices), HTTP/HTTPS, Email/Email-JSON, SMS or Amazon easy Queue Service (SQS) queues, or AWS Lambda functions.

e. Secure

Amazon SNS provides access management mechanisms to confirm that topics and messages secure against unauthorized access. Topic owners will set policies for a subject that limit who will publish or purchase a subject.

To boot, topic owners will make sure that notifications encrypte by specifying that the delivery mechanism should be HTTPS.

f. Economical

Customers of Amazon SNS like pay-as-you-go valuation with no up-front fees or commitments. The per-request, notification delivery, and data transfer fees are less.


AWS SNS Benefits – Economical

So, this was all about AWS SNS Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, with Amazon SNS the user will be able to send messages more frequently and with great efficiency. IT has a pay as you go pricing which makes it more economical.

The free tier service provides the user with 1 million mobile push notifications. If this helps you then please let us know through comments.

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