Amazon Snowball – Working, Benefits & Uses of Snowball

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In our last session, we discussed AWS CloudFront. Here, we will talk about Amazon Snowball. In this AWS Snowball, we will learn the benefits & uses of AWS Snowball. At last, we will study how AWS Snowball Works?

So, let’s start Amazon Snowball Tutorial.

What is Amazon Snowball?

AWS Snowball transport solution and import exports a large amount of data into and out of the AWS cloud and provides the security.

There are ample amount of data which can transfer and some of them are analytics data, genomics data, video libraries, image repositories, backups, and to archive part of data centre shutdowns, tape replacement or application migration projects.

Do you the Components of AWS Architecture?
Amazon Snowball works in a way such that a device is provided to the users after creating a job in the AWS Management Console.

This diminishes the work to write the code, and purchasing ay external hardware resource. The device is then connected to the local network and runs the application snowball client. This Snowball client will help to transfer the data to and from the Amazon Cloud.

The files get transferred very fast and in a reliable manner. The Amazon Client has to return to the providers by the E Ink shipping label that will automatically update and you can track the job status via Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), text messages, or directly through the Console.

Amazon Snowball

Amazon Snowball – Introduction

Benefits of Amazon Snowball

Following are the AWS Snowfall Benefits, let’s discuss them:

Amazon Snowball - Working, Benefits & Uses of Snowball

Amazon Snowball – Working, Benefits & Uses of Snowball

a. Scalable

The data of the industry is transferred to the Amazon S3 or any other Cloud Storage. With the help of Amazon Snowball, terabytes of the data can transfer quickly with the help of multiple devices.

This process also works in the opposite manner such that the terabytes of the data can download from the S3 bucket within a few times.
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b. Secure and Durable

Amazon Snowball is secure as it uses tamper-resistant enclosures, 256-bit encryption, and an industry-standard Trusted Platform Module. This encryption is done with the help of AWS Key Management Service.

c. High-speed

The internet connections are slow as they can take months to transfer the data which can do within a week with the help of Amazon Snowball. Using more number of devices divides the time required to perform the task.

d. Flexible data recovery

Industries think that transferring of data from their personal premises is a tedious job as it requires both the time and the funds. However, Amazon snowball performs import and export at very reliable cost as one-fifth the cost of transferring data via the high-speed Internet.

e. Simple and Compatible

The total working of the Amazon Snowball is lucid and the management consoles provide a better experience to surf within the AWS. It is also simple to connect to your existing networks and applications.

After the transfer of data the E lnk shipping label automatically updates so that your carrier can return it to the correct AWS facility.

f. Economical

Even though the latest internet technology and speed it will take months to transfer terabytes of data. It can achieve with the help of Amazon Snowball within a week. By using two snowball devices 100 terabytes of data can transfer for as little as one-fifth the cost of using the Internet.

Working of Amazon Snowball

Follow this steps to know how AWS Snowball works:
Step 1- The user has to create a new data transfer job with the help of Amazon console. The Amazon Services will provide the user with a device uses to transfer the data which is returned further.

Amazon Snowball

Step.1 AWS Snowball

Step 2- In this step, the user gets connected to the Amazon Snowball by setting the IP address. This step also includes the download of the snowball client and job manifest. The client allows to run and the data has to analyze which has to transfer.
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Amazon Snowball

Step.2 AWS Snowball

Step-3- The data transfer to the Amazon Cloud with the help of the device. The rate of transfer is high and the device Is returned to the AWS.

Amazon Snowball

Step.3 AWS Snowball

Step 4- The further status can track through the Amazon SNS, text or directly through the console.

Amazon Snowball

Step.4 AWS Snowball

Uses of Amazon Snowball

Amazon Snowball - Working, Benefits & Uses of Snowball

AWS Snowball Tutorial – Uses

a. Disaster Management

AWS provides the snapshot of the data which can help to recover the lost data. There are places where data is stored and the user can also store the data for the advance safety.
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b. Secure Transfer

Decommissioning a data centre require to verify the transfer of data which is not lost. Snowball is often much faster and more cost-effective than transferring that data over the Internet.

c. Content Distribution

Large amounts of the data can easily transfer within clients. Snowball devices can sent directly from AWS to client or customer locations.

Amazon Snowball

Uses of AWS Snowball

So, this was all about AWS Snowball Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, we studied Amazon Snowball is good as it provides the best service among the other storage providers. With AWS Snowball, the user can transfer data very quickly along with the security features.

The Snowball in AWS also helps to reduce weeks to days for the disaster recovery effort. This simply states that the Amazon Snowball along with the other services performs best.

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