AWS Kinesis – 4 Essential Capabilities with Benefits & Uses

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In our last session, we discussed Amazon Redshift. Now, we are going to learn what is AWS Kinesis. In this Amazon Kinesis Tutorial, we will study the Uses and Capabilities of AWS Kinesis. Along with this, we will cover the benefits of Amazon Kinesis.

So, let’s start the AWS Kinesis Tutorial.

What is AWS Kinesis?

Amazon Kinesis helps to collect a large amount of data and process it. It helps to stream the data in an economical way. In addition, it provides flexibility to choose the tools which suit the requirement of the application.

AWS Kinesis provides facilities to store numerous data such as video, audio, application logs, website clickstreams, and IoT telemetry data for machine learning, analytics, and other applications.

It helps to monitor the data then and now as it arrives and responds instantly. This reduces the waiting time and performs the task quickly.

Collecting, storing and analyzing the important data helps to stay up to date on customers, organizations, and business. Amazon web services Kinesis reduces the workload and expenses as the user has to use the complex software and tons of infrastructure.

AWS Kinesis sets up high capacity pipes which collect and analyze the data very quickly. All the user has to do is send the data to the Amazon Kinesis and it will analyze the data. The user can monitor all the data.

Minute-by-minute data can be analyzed quickly. It can be also integrated with storage services such as Dynamo DB, Redshift, and S3. The user can get started with Stream endpoint with AWs console and SDK.

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AWS Kinesis - 4 Essential Capabilities with Benefits & Uses

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Amazon Web Service Kinesis – Capabilities, Benefits, and Uses

Benefits of Amazon Kinesis

a. Fast

AWS Kinesis helps to ingest, buffer, and process streaming data when needed. This derives insight in seconds or minutes instead of long waiting periods.

AWS Kinesis

Benefits of AWS Kinesis – Fast

b. Great Management

While operating Kinesis the user doesn’t need to manage any infrastructure as it is fully managed to run applications.

AWS Kinesis

Great Management

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c. Scalable

Even the sources are of low latency Amazon Kinesis can handle a large amount of data and process it from many sources.

AWS Kinesis Capabilities

Following are the capabilities of Amazon Kinesis, let’s discuss them:

a. Kinesis Video Stream

A video stream is used to secure stream videos to AWS for analytics, machine learning (ML), and other processing from connected devices.

AWS Kinesis

Kinesis Video Stream

b. Kinesis Data Stream

With the help of AWS Kinesis, the user can build real-time applications that process data streams using popular stream processing frameworks.

AWS Kinesis

AWS Kinesis – Data Stream

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c. Kinesis Data Firehouse

It is used to load data streams into AWS Datastores. This is done with the help of Amazon business tools. It is also used to capture and transform data.

AWS Kinesis

Data Firehouse

d. Kinesis Data Analytics

AWS Kinesis Data Analytics is the easiest way to process data. With SQL without having to learn new programming languages or processing frameworks, the task can perform.

AWS Kinesis

Data Analytics

Uses of AWS Kinesis

These are the applications of Amazon Kinesis:

a. Video Analysis Applications

Video streaming can do with the help of AWS Kinesis devices in homes, offices, factories, and public places to AWS. It can use for playback, security monitoring, face detection, machine learning, and other analytics.

AWS Kinesis

Video Analysis

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b. Real-Time Applications

With AWS Kinesis, you’ll be able to perform time period analytics on data that has been historically analyzed using batch processing in data warehouses or using Hadoop frameworks. The foremost common use cases embody data lakes, data science, and machine learning.

You’ll be able to use response Firehose to unceasingly load streaming data into your S3 data lakes. You’ll be able to conjointly update machine learning models additional often as new data becomes offered, guaranteeing accuracy and dependableness of the outputs.

c. Building Application

The user can use Amazon Kinesis for the period of time applications like application observation, fraud detection, and live leader-boards.

You’ll be able to ingest streaming data using Kinesis Streams, the method it using reaction Analytics, and emit the results to any data store or application using reaction Streams with the unit of time end-to-end latency.

This will assist you to study what your customers, applications, and product do at once and react promptly.

AWS Kinesis

AWS Kinesis Uses – Building Application

d. Synchronizing Data form IoT

You can use Amazon Kinesis to method streaming data from IoT devices like client appliances, embedded sensors, and television set-top boxes.

You’ll be able to then use the data to send time period alerts or take alternative actions programmatically once a sensing element exceeds bound in operation thresholds. Use our sample IoT analytics code to create your application. No need to begin from scratch.

AWS Kinesis

AWS Kinesis – Synchronizing Data

So, this was all about AWS Kinesis Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, in this Amazon Kinesis tutorial, we studied introduction to AWS Kinesis with its uses. In addition, we covered the capabilities and benefits of Kinesis in Amazon.

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