Amazon SES Tutorial – Features & Use Cases of AWS SES

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In our previous session, we talked about AWS SQS. Today, we open a new chapter called Amazon SES Tutorial. Here, we will explore what is AWS SES (Simple Email Service) and its benefits. Moreover, we will learn AWS SES Features and use cases.

So, let’s start Amazon Simple Email Service tutorial.

What is Amazon SES?

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is a service which sends an email regarding marketing, transaction, and notifications. It is suitable for small as well as large industries as the cost is less and it is reliable.

Amazon SES can be directly integrated to the existing application with the help of SMTP Interface and Amazon SDK. Email sending capabilities can also be introduced in Amazon SES such as ticketing system and email clients.

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Building a large-scale email answer is a complex and expensive challenge for a business: you’ve got to make your infrastructure, assemble your network, warm up your IP addresses and shield your sender name. Several third-party email solutions need contract negotiations and important up-front prices.

Amazon SES

AWS Simple Email Service

Amazon Simple Email Service eliminates these challenges, permitting you to start out causation email in minutes. You have the benefit of the years of expertise and therefore the refined email infrastructure engineered to serve its own large-scale client base.

With Amazon SES, there are not any direct prices and no minimum commitments. You pay as you go, and you pay just for what you utilize.

If you send email using an application hosted in an Amazon EC2 instance, the primary 62,000 emails you send area unit free, with an awfully low rate for every email sent thereafter.

Benefits of AWS Simple Email Service

These are the following benefits of Amazon SES, let’s read them one by one:

Amazon SES

AWS Simple Email Service – Benefits

a. High Deliverability

Content filtering technologies, dedicated IP addresses, and a name dashboard facilitate defend and enhance your sender name. Maintaining a decent reputation ensures that your messages reach your customers’ inboxes.
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Amazon SES

High Deliverability

b. Cost-Effective

Pay as you go, and pay just for what you utilize. There aren’t any upfront fees, any long pricing negotiations, any mounting expenses, and no minimum charges. And, if you send from an associate application hosted in Amazon EC2, the primary 62,000 emails you send each month are free.

Amazon SES


c. Configurable

Use configuration sets to make rules that are applied to the emails you send using Amazon SES. Send email metrics to Amazon CloudWatch for more analysis, or receive notifications through Amazon SNS.

Amazon SES


d. Reliable

Amazon SES runs on the extremely reliable Amazon Internet Services Infrastructure. Multiple data centres and redundant systems make sure the highest levels of availableness.

Amazon SES


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Use Cases of Amazon SES

These are the applications of AWS SES, let’s discuss them:

Amazon SES

AWS SES Tutorial – Use Cases

a. Sending Transaction Messages

Amazon SES acknowledges their customers through automated emails which include purchase confirmation, shipping notification, and policy change notices.

Amazon SES

Transaction Messages

b. Sending Marketing Communications

AWS SES is a great way to advertise, send newsletters, special offers, and any other type of high-quality content.
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Amazon SES

Marketing Communications

c. Sending Notifications

AWS Simple Email Service sends notification on time and that includes system health reports, application alerts, and workflow status updates.

Amazon SES

Sending Notifications

d. Receiving E-mails

Emails can be received with the help of Amazon SES by closing the loop on the email program. AWS Lambda can be used to initiate custom code when the messages arrive. The emails in the queue will be delivered to Amazon S3 bucket.

Amazon SES

Receiving E-mails

Key Features of Amazon SES

Following are the AWS Simple Email Service, let’s explore them:

  • Content Personalization.
  • Higher Deliverability.
  • Dedicated IP address.
  • Authentication.
  • Flexible email Receiving.
  • Monitoring.
  • Sender Reputation Management.
  • Multiple email sending interface.
  • Mailbox Simulator.
  • AWS Integration.
  • Pay for what you use.

So, this was all about AWS SES Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, we studied when you use Amazon SES to receive incoming emails, you have got complete management over that emails you settle for, and what to try and do with them when you receive them.

You’ll settle for or reject mail supported the e-mail address, IP address, or domain of the sender. Amazon Simple Email Service provides many ways of watching your email causing activity, serving to you fine-tune your email causing strategy.

Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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