Amazon Glacier – 3 Latest Benefits of Glacier

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In our last tutorial, we studied AWS CloudFront. Here, we will learn about Amazon Glacier. In this AWS Glacier Tutorial, we discuss Uses & Benefits of Amazon Glacier.

So, let’s start the AWS Glacier Tutorial.

What is Amazon Glacier?

Amazon Glacier is extremely low cost, secure, and durable storage service for data archiving and backup. It is designed to keep the cost low and optimized for the cold data where the retrieval time is 3 to 4 hours.

Within Glacier, the user can reliably store the small and large amount of data. In AWS Glacier, there is no limit for the data user stores. Moreover, the data is secure and can access easily.

Amazon Glacier helps to protect the data by redundantly storing it on multiple devices using multiple facilities. AWS Glacier has a Data Integrity Check which regularly monitors the data in the Glacier.

It also provides security and fine-grained access to the data of the user with AWS Access Management policies.
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Amazon Glacier - 3 Latest Benefits of Glacier

What is AWS Glacier?

It automatically encrypts the data at rest with 256-bit advanced encryption standard. The user also gets the benefit of the storage location as one can choose the location most suitable for the regulatory and business criteria.

The tools which are available to store data and manage AWS also help a lot such as SDK. Amazon SDK helps to upload the data directly to the Glacier. While using Amazon S3 the user can use Amazon S3 lifecycle policies to automatically load data to Amazon Glacier.

It also helps such that if an industry has a storage facility they can use Amazon import-export to transfer data to AWS Glacier.

Third party tools and gateways are also available through which the user can transfer the data to the AWS Glacier. It does not consist of any up-front cost and one can modify their used up and down.
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Benefits of Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier

Benefits of Amazon Glacier

a. Great Durability and Scalability

Amazon Glacier runs on the world’s largest international cloud infrastructure and was designed for 99% of sturdiness.

Knowledge automatically distributes across a minimum of 3 physical accessibility zones that are geographically separated inside an AWS Region, and AWS Glacier may automatically replicate knowledge to the other AWS Region.

Amazon Glacier - 3 Latest Benefits of Glacier

Benefits of Amazon Glacier

b. Comprehensive and Compliance Capabilities

Amazon Glacier offers subtle integration with AWS CloudTrail to log, monitor and retain storage API call activities for auditing, and supports 3 totally different sorts of encryption.

AWS Glacier additionally supports security standards and compliance certifications together with SEC Rule 17a-4, PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, EU GDPR, and FISMA, and Amazon Glacier Vault Lock permits WORM storage capabilities, serving to satisfy compliance needs for nearly every administrative body around the globe.
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c. Quick Retrievals

Amazon Glacier provides 3 retrieval choices to suit your use case. Facilitated retrievals generally return information in 1-5 minutes, and are better for Active Archive use cases.

Normal retrievals generally complete between 3-5 hours work, and work well for fewer time-sensitive desires like backup data, media re-writing, or semi-permanent analytics.

d. Economical

AWS Glacier intends to very cheap price AWS object storage category, permitting you to archive massive amounts of knowledge at an awfully low price.

This makes it possible to retain all the knowledge and the information the user would like to use in cases like data lakes, analytics, IOT, machine learning, compliance, and media plus archiving. You pay just for what you would like, with no minimum commitments or up-front fees.

Uses of AWS Glacier

  • Digital Storage.
  • Scientific Data Storage.
  • Healthcare information Archiving.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Archiving.
  • Magnetic Tape Replacement.

Amazon Glacier - 3 Latest Benefits of Glacier

So, this was all about Amazon Glacier Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, we studied Amazon Glacier provides query-in-place practicality, permitting you to run powerful analytics directly on your archive information at rest.

To stay prices low nevertheless appropriate for variable retrieval wants, AWS Glacier provides 3 choices for access to archives, from a couple of minutes to many hours. Still, you have a query, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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