4 Major AWS Certification – Get Certified By Amazon

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After having studied all AWS Tutorial, we reached on this AWS Certification.

In this Amazon Web Service Certification tutorial, we will discuss different types of certificate are provided by Amazon that is: AWS Foundational Certification, AWS Associate-level Certifications, AWS Professional-level Certifications, AWs Specialty Certifications.

Moreover, we will study the AWS Certification prices and their prerequisites.

So, let’s start Amazon Certification Tutorial.

4 Major AWS Certification - Get Certified By Amazon

4 Major AWS Certification – Get Certified By Amazon

Amazon Web Service Certifications

Nowadays companies increasingly shift workloads to the public cloud rather than the private cloud. Cloud computing has moved from a basic to a core competency in the enterprise. This shift requires a skill to design, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud.

Certifications Offered by AWS –  AWS offers nine certifications which are:

  • 1 Foundational Certification.
  • 3 Associate-level Certifications.
  • 2 Professional-level Certifications.
  • 3 Specialty Certifications.

a. Foundation Certificates

Foundation certificate is the basic learning AWS certification.

i. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is one of the latest cloud certifications which is leading too. This AWS certification is basically for the new user which is designed to evaluate a candidate’s understanding of the AWS cloud.

Pre-requisites of this Certification:

  • At least 6 months of general AWS cloud experience in any technical field is recommended.
  • Format: Multiple-choice questions
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Cost: $100

Areas Covered:

  • Understanding AWS architectural principles in a step-by-step manner.
  • The value proposition of the AWS cloud.
  • Key AWS services and their common use cases.
  • Basic security and compliance, the shared responsibility model for security.
  • Core deployment and operating principles.

b. Associate – Level Certifications

Here, we will discuss three types of associate level Amazon Web Service certification.

4 Major AWS Certification - Get Certified By Amazon

AWS Certification – Assosiate – Level Certifications

i. AWS Certified Solutions Architect

This AWS is designed for the users with some experience in designing distributed applications. Candidates should be able to present their ability to design, manage, and implement applications using management tools and services on the AWS platform.

This test was to include more AWS services and best practices. The original test will be available through August 12, 2018.

  • Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer.
  • Time: 130 minutes (based on the new exam).
  • Cost: $150

Areas Covered:

  • Network technologies and how they work in AWS.
  • How AWS-based applications work and how customers interfaces get connected to the AWS platform.
  • How to build secure and reliable applications on the AWS platform.
  • Deploying hybrid systems – those with a current availability at the data centre as well as AWS components.
  • The test domains include the design of highly available and scalable systems, attachment and deployment in AWS. AWS-related data security ensures disaster recovery methods and problem-solving methods.

ii. AWS Certified Developer

This exam includes developing and maintaining AWS-based applications. The user should be familiar with the coding language and should know how to use it. The code uses the AWS software to access AWS applications from within the custom business applications.

  • Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer
  • Time: 80 minutes
  • Cost: $150

Areas Covered:

  • Analyzing the low-level AWS architecture and the high-level AWS services.
  • Experience of designing, developing, deploying, and managing the applications.
  • Practical knowledge of applications that uses key AWS services. This service includes AWS databases, notifications, workflow services, and many other services.

iii. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

This Amazon Web Service Certification is the only certification that is fully geared toward system administrators. To succeed in this exam the user will require both technical expertise and conceptual knowledge of the operational aspects of the AWS platform.

  • Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer
  • Time: 80 minutes
  • Cost: $150

Areas Covered:

  • Deploying applications to the AWS platform.
  • Sending and receiving data between data centres and AWS.
  • Selecting the appropriate AWS services to meet an needs of an organization.
  • Provisioning, managing, and securing applications on the premises of AWS.

c. Professional-level Certifications

There are two types of Professional level AWS Certification:

4 Major AWS Certification - Get Certified By Amazon

AWS Certification – Professional-Level Certifications

i. AWS Certified Solutions Architect

A knowledgeable AWS creator will find an organization’s needs and create architectural suggestions for applying and deploying applications on AWS. The Certified Solutions creator skilled certification needs a high degree of technical ability and skill planning AWS-based applications.


  • Standing as AWS Certified Solutions creator – Associate.
  • Two years of active expertise planning and deploying cloud design on AWS and best observe information of multi-application architectural style is usually recommended.
  • Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer.
  • Time: A hundred and seventy minutes.
  • Cost: $300

Areas Covered:

  • Best practices for building and planning applications on AWS.
  • Selecting the proper AWS service for the wants of AN application.
  • Migration of complicated application systems to AWS.
  • Knowledge of value improvement methods.

ii. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

This AWS Certifiacte is all regarding provisioning, operating, and managing applications on the AWS platform. This test focuses heavily on continuous delivery (CD) and automation of processes, 2 basic ideas of the DevOps movement.

Prerequisites: As an AWS Certified Developer, Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator. The person should expertise in provisioning and managing AWS-based applications. As a firm understanding of contemporary application development, the agile development methodology is usually recommended.

  • Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer
  • Time: A hundred and seventy minutes
  • Cost: $300

Areas Covered:

  • The basics of contemporary Continuous Delivery methodologies.
  • How to implement CD systems.
  • Set up, monitoring, and work systems on AWS.
  • How to implement extremely offered and ascendable systems on AWS.
  • How to style and management tools that modify automation of production operations.
  • Specialty Certification.
  • AWS Specialty certifications are designed to validate a candidate’s skills in massive data and networking.


  • Current associate – Level certification and a minimum of 5 years of relevant expertise
  • Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer
  • Time: Three hours
  • Cost: $300

d. Specialty Certifications

Specialty Certification has three types of categories:

4 Major AWS Certification - Get Certified By Amazon

AWS Certification – Specialty Certifications

i. AWS Certified Big Data

This AWS Certification is for those with a background in information analytics and knowledge using AWS services for planning and architecting huge data solutions. It’s designed to validate a candidate’s expertise in extracting a price from information using AWS services.

Areas Covered:

  •  Architecting best practices for implementing core AWS big data services
  •  Designing and maintaining big data
  •  AWS tools for automating data analysis
  •  Security best practices for large data solutions
  •  AWS services lined include: reaction, Athena, Quicksight, and Rekognition

ii. AWS Certified Advanced Networking

This Amazon Web Service certification is intended to validate a candidate’s skills and knowledge in reference to performing complicated networking tasks on AWS and hybrid IT networking design at scale.

Candidates ought to have a background in architecting and implementing network solutions and advanced information of networking on AWS.
Areas Covered:

  •  Designing, developing, and deploying cloud solutions with AWS
  •  Implementing core services per architectural best practices
  •  Automation for AWS tasks for network deployments
  •  Security and compliance style and implementation
  •  Network optimisation and troubleshooting

iii. AWS Certified Security

Specialty certification covers topics that security professionals and groups ought to master security fundamentals, follow best practices, and build deep knowledge in key services distinctive to the AWS platform.

It’s designed to handle the AWS information across security topics which consist of infrastructure security, incident response, information protection, and coding, identity and access management, watching and work.

Areas Covered:

  • Use a range of AWS services to pick the suitable level of security supported your deployments and therefore the sensitivity of your information.
  • Select the foremost acceptable information protection techniques together with coding mechanisms.
  • Implement work and watching solutions to sight and analyze security vulnerabilities and weaknesses at intervals your infrastructure.
  • AWS services include AWS Identity and Access Management, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, Amazon Inspector, AWS trusty authority, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Key Management Service.

Recertification and staying up so far

The number of latest AWS options and services will increase once a year. AWS proclaimed nearly thirty new product and services at its annual conference reinvent in Nov 2017. In this autumn alone, AWS added 497 new options and services for a complete of one, 430 launches in 2017.

To demonstrate continuing experience and information of best practices for the foremost up so far AWS services, certification holders area unit needed to recertify every 2 years. Recertification exams run for eighty minutes and value $75.

Remember that a certification is broadly representative of your information at a selected purpose in time.
So, this was all about AWS Certification. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, we studied that AWS offers various certifications which help to integrate into the field. The AWS certification is valuable and effective. Amazon Web Service certification stands out for their rigour and thoroughness in analyzing a candidate’s skills.

This helps to improve the skills of the candidate. If you wanna ask queries, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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