AWS Management Tools – 4 Major Types & Services of Tools

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In our previous AWS Tutorial, we talked about Amazon Database. Here, we will explore the category of AWS Management Tools. Moreover, we will cover the Amazon Management Tools Services.

So, let’s start the AWS Management Tools Tutorial.

What is AWS Management Tools?

AWS Management Tools helps the user to manage the components of the cloud and their account. It programmatically allows the user to provision, monitor, and automate all the components.

There are 4 types of Management Tools which are integrated with the AWS platform, this integration is from Amazon EC2 to Dynamo DB. This AWS Management tools help the user to control every part of the cloud infrastructure.

Types of Amazon Management Tools

These are the category of Management tools in Amazon Web Services:

AWS Management Tools

Types of AWS Management Tools

a. Provisioning

AWS CloudFormation is a service that has a typical language for you to explain and provision all the infrastructure resources in your cloud atmosphere. CloudFormation helps the user in using documents and also provides surveillance automatically and securely.

Once everything is modelled, this document is the one supply of truth of your cloud atmosphere. In AWS Service the user can produce a group of allowed CloudFormation files. Catalog to permit your organization to solely deploy approved and compliant resources.

b. Monitoring and Working

Amazon CloudWatch could be a watching service for AWS cloud resources and also the applications you run on AWS. The user can gather and monitor data. They can also use it to monitor log files.

AWS CloudWatch conjointly provides a stream of events describing changes to your AWS resources that you just will use to react to changes in your applications.

c. Operations Management

AWS provides a group of services for systems and operations management that permits you to manage your infrastructure resources with correct governance and compliance.

The user will be able to use AWS Systems Manager to read and monitor all of your resources and automatize common operational tasks, like mend or state management. Systems Manager helps the user to manage the cloud operations activities at a place.

The user can use AWS CloudTrail for work and activities among the organization and AWS Config for listing all configurations across the resources.

d. Managed Services

OpsWorks eliminates the necessity to operate the user’s configuration management systems. It conjointly works seamlessly along with your existing chef and Puppet tools.

OpsWorks can automatically patch, update, and backup your cook and Puppet servers additionally as maintain the supply of them. OpsWorks is the nice selection if you’re AN existing user of cook or Puppet.

AWS Management Tools Services

These are some services offered by AWS Management Tools:

a. AWS CloudFormation

Model and Provision all of your Cloud Infrastructure  Resources
Amazon CloudFormation helps the user to manage and provision the entire infrastructure with the help of programming languages.

AWS CloudFormation permits you to use a straightforward computer file to model and provision, in an automatic and secure manner, all the resources required for your applications across all regions and accounts. This file is the one supply of truth for your cloud atmosphere.

b. AWS Service Catalog

Create and use Standardized Product
AWS Service Catalog helps the organization to manage catalogs of IT services. These services tend to be used on AWS. These IT services will embrace everything from virtual machine pictures, servers, software, and databases to finish multi-tier application architectures.

AWS Service Catalog provides a facility through which a user can centrally manage usually deployed IT services, meet the compliance needs, and helps to accomplish consistent governance.

c. Amazon CloudWatch

Monitor Resources and Applications
Amazon CloudWatch is a watching service which is for AWS cloud resources and also the applications the user performs on AWS. Like Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon DynamoDB tables, and Amazon RDS DB instances Amazon CloudWatch can also monitor AWS resources.

With the help of Amazon CloudWatch, the user can observe system-wide visibility into resource utilization, application performance, and operational health.

d. AWS Systems Manager

Gain Operational Insights and Take Action on AWS Resources
AWS Systems Manager offers you visibility and management of your infrastructure on AWS. Systems Manager provides a program through which the user can read operational data from multiple AWS services. It also permits the user to automate operational tasks across the AWS resources.

With Systems Manager provides a benefit through which the user will be able to group resources, like Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon S3 buckets, or Amazon RDS instances this can be done by the application, read operational data for watching and troubleshooting, and take action on your teams of resources.

e. AWS CloudTrail

Track User Activity and API Usage
There are many facilities which a user gets from AWS CloudTrail such as governance, compliance, operational auditing, and risk auditing of the AWS account. This event history simplifies troubleshooting, security analysis, and resource modification chase.

f. AWS Config

Track Resource Inventory and Changes
AWS Config could be a service that allows you to assess, audit, and judge the configurations of your AWS resources.

With the help of Configuration, one can easily monitor and records the AWS resource configurations and permits the user to automate the analysis of recorded configurations against desired configurations.

Config also provides a benefit in a way that the user will be able to review changes in configurations and relationships between AWS resources, dive into elaborate resource configuration histories, and verify the overall compliance against the configurations per the internal pointers.

This allows the user to change compliance auditing, security analysis, modification management, and operational troubleshooting.

f. AWS OpsWorks

Automate Operations with Chef and Puppet
AWS OpsWorks could be a configuration management service that has managed instances of cook and Puppet. CHEF and Puppet are automation platforms that permit you to use code to automatize the configurations of your servers.

OpsWorks helps you to use cook and Puppet to automatize however servers square measure organized, deployed, and managed across your Amazon EC2 instances or on-premises cipher environments.

OpsWorks has 3 offerings, AWS Opsworks for cook automatize, AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise, and AWS OpsWorks Stacks.

So, this was all about AWS Management Tools. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, we studied AWS Management tools help the user to guide in a way to scale back value, increase performance, and improve security. This is done by optimizing the AWS atmosphere.

It also provides real-time steering to assist the user by providing surveillance to the resources following AWS best practices. Still, Have a doubt in AWS Management Tools feel free to ask in the comment box.

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