AWS Architecture – 3 Major Components of AWS Architecture

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In our last tutorial, we studied Features of AWS. Today, we will study, AWS Architecture. In this Amazon Web Service Architecture, we are going to study the components of AWS.

So, let’s study the AWS Architecture.

What is Amazon Web Service?

Now a day’s cloud computing surrounds us from everywhere whether we are using AWS or any other software.

In AWS either you can register your domain or you can transfer from your previous website to cloud by registering your name with a 3rd party domain registrar and after migration of your website to Amazon S3 you will be switched to Amazon Route 53 as your DNS provider.

The AWS architecture contains 3 major processes by which we can explain the whole architecture.

AWS Architecture with Diagram

AWS Architecture - 3 Major Components of AWS Architecture

AWS Architecture – Amazon API Gateway

  • The user requests to the server by the method such as E-mail either to register or to transfer the domain.
  • Your request which includes all information will be sent to Amazon API Gateway restful service.
  • API Gateway will transfer the collected user information to an AWS lambda function.
  • AWS Lambda function will generate an e-mail and forward it to the 3rd party mail server using Amazon SES.

Between the processes, various coding takes place such as a code which all-together makes a program will ask you for the details and further forward it to API Gateway.

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Components of AWS Architecture

Following are components of Amazon Web Service Architecture.

a. Amazon API Gateway

API Gateway is a front-door to access data, business logic and functionality. API Gateway will provide a restful API endpoint for our AWS Lambda function. From your back-end services such as work running on Amazon EC2 or code running on any web application.

API works at small as well as large-scale and helps developers to manage, spectator, create and provide security to the API’s. This is possible within just one click.

Amazon API Gateway has an inability which can control several tasks such as authorization and access control, managing traffic which comes from various areas and processing myriads of concurrent API calls.

The major advantage of this is you pay only for what you receive and the amount of data transferred out. There are several advantages of Amazon API Gateway such as:-

  • It easily monitors your API activity.
  • Easy Security Controls.
  • No worry about servers.
  • Pay for what you use.
  • Performance at any scale.

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b. AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a compute service that runs your back-end code and responds to events such as object uploads to Amazon S3 bucket, Dynamo DB or in-app activity. The Lambda function will get all the information from a user through API Gateway.

The moment you upload the code to Lambda the lambda service handles all the capacity scaling, patching and administrating infrastructure to run your code and provides visibility by publishing real-time matrix and logs into Amazon Cloud watch.

The only thing you have to do is write the code. The cost is very low and does not require any investment. You pay only for the time your code run measured in increments of 100 milliseconds. It is easy to use and there are no new languages to learn.

c. Amazon Simple Email Service

Amazon Simple Email Service helps us to send E-mail with minimal setup and maximum deliverability. It is integrated with AWS management console so that you can monitor your sending activity. Amazon Simple Email Service helps us by monitoring insecurity.

Amazon’s SDK can be used to integrate Amazon SDK directly into the existing application. The working of Amazon Simple Email Service is simple as the client makes a request to send an E-Mail to Amazon SES.

If the request is valid the Amazon SES composes a request parameter to Receiver ISP. The ISP then delivers the request to the recipient’s inbox.

If the recipient’s E-Mail address is not valid then ISP sends back a notification to Amazon SES and it is then forwarded to back to the sender.

If the sender doesn’t want to receive the request can register the complaint against ISP. The ISP will send the request through SES to the Sender.

AWS Architecture - 3 Major Components of AWS Architecture

AWS Architecture – Amazon Simple Email Service

Amazon SES provides us with various benefits as it is reliable, configurable, has high deliverability and is cost-effective.
Few users of Amazon SES are:-

  • Vodafone
  • D-link

So, this was all about AWS Architecture. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, we studied the architecture of AWS is simple and lucid which helps business to host their website on AWS and help them make it more dynamic without harming any server.

Moreover, we can submit your application in an easy way after the completion of an application, it will get submitted and you will receive notification through E-Mail that your form has been submitted. Furthermore, if you have any query regarding AWS Architecture, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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  1. PAvithra says:

    This question is regarding AWS Lambda,
    1. Only Productionised Application code gets deployed into Amazon Eco-system or right from Developers desktop platform i.e througout SDLC this eco-system is available ?
    2. Once the application is deployed into Amazon eco-system, how would the storage capacity be calculated for that software package, would this be a deafult back-end code run across all clients(irrespective of the type of code) to calculate the scalability or storage capacity in the cloud ?
    3. For ex, if we think that watsapp App is sitting in the Amazon cloud, each time we receive the message does the following actions takes place ? :
    a. watsapp chat initiator puts a message that gets into Amazon API gateway and then gets validated and load balancing happens at the Amazon Lambda and the message passes thru SES and to the end watsapp user ?

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