Amazon SWF – 5 Benefits of Amazon Simple Workflow Services

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In our last tutorial, we studied AWS SES. Today, we will discuss Amazon SWF Tutorial, in which we will learn what is AWS SWF. Moreover, we will read the benefits & uses of Amazon Simple Workflow. Along with this, we will cover the product catalogues with a human staff.

So, let’s begin Amazon SWF Tutorial.

Amazon SWF - 5 Benefits of Amazon Simple Workflow Services

Amazon SWF – 5 Benefits of Amazon Simple Workflow Services

What is Amazon Simple Workflow?

AWS SWF(Amazon Simple Workflow) Service is made for developers which help to run, built, and scale background jobs. The jobs should have parallel or sequential steps.

The state of processing can be tracked with the help of SWF as it is a fully managed state tracker and task coordinator. Amazon SWF can also help the user when the task fails or the data is to be recovered.
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Amazon SWF - 5 Benefits of Amazon Simple Workflow Services

Amazon Simple Workflow Services

Benefits of Amazon SWF

This are the features of AWS SWF, let’s discuss them:

Amazon SWF - 5 Benefits of Amazon Simple Workflow Services

Amazon Simple Workflow Services – Benefits

a. Scalable

Amazon SWF seamlessly scales along with your application’s usage. No manual administration of the workflow service is needed as you add a lot of cloud workflows to your application or increase the quality of your workflows.
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b. Reliable

Amazon SWF runs at intervals Amazon’s high-availability data centres, therefore the state tracking and task process engine are accessible whenever applications would like them.

AWS SWF securely stores the tasks, and dispatches them to application elements, keeps an eye on their progress, and keeps them up to date.

Amazon SWF - 5 Benefits of Amazon Simple Workflow Services

AWS SWF – Reliable

c. Simple

Amazon SWF replaces the quality of old workflow solutions and method automation software system with a completely managed new cloud workflow internet service.

Amazon Simple Workflow eliminates the requirement for developers to manage the infrastructure plumbing of method automation in order that they will focus their energy on the distinctive practicality of their application.

d. Logical Separation

AWS SWF separates the control flow of your background job’s stepwise logic along with the actual units of labour which contain the distinctive business logic. This permits you to one by one manage, maintain, and scale “state machinery” of your application from the core business logic that differentiates it.

As your business necessities modification, you’ll simply modification application logic while not having to stress regarding the underlying state machinery, task dispatch, and flow control.

e. Flexible

Amazon Simple Workflow allows the user to modify the application elements. In addition, it modifies coordination logic in any programming language and runs them within the cloud or on-premises.

Amazon SWF - 5 Benefits of Amazon Simple Workflow Services

AWS SWF – Flexible

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Uses of Amazon SWF

Following are the applications of Amazon simple workflow, let’s discuss them:

Uses of Amazon SWF

Uses of Amazon SWF

a. Video Encoding

Video encoding using Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2. During this use case, massive videos are uploaded to Amazon S3 in chunks. The transfer of chunks must be monitored. Once a bit is uploaded, it’s encoded by downloading it to an Amazon EC2 instance.

The encoded chunk is kept to a different Amazon S3 location. Finally, of the chunks are encoded in this manner, they’re combined into a whole encoded file that is kept back in its entireness to Amazon S3.

Failures might occur throughout this method thanks to one or a lot of chunks encountering cryptography errors. Such failures got to be detected and handled through Amazon SWF’s cloud workflow management.

b. Data Center Migration

The migrating parts from the datacenter to the cloud. Business important operations area unit hosted during a personal datacenter. However, got to affect entirely to the cloud while not inflicting disruptions.

Amazon SWF-based applications will mix employees that wrap components running within the data centre with staff that runs within the cloud. To transition a datacenter employee seamlessly, the new staff of constant sort area unit 1st deployed within the cloud.

The workers within the datacenter still run as was common, alongside the new cloud-based staff. The cloud-based worker’s area unit tested and valid by routing some of the load through them.

Amazon SWF - 5 Benefits of Amazon Simple Workflow Services

Amazon SWF Tutorial – Data Center Migration

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Throughout this testing, the applying isn’t discontinuous as a result of the staff within the datacenter still run. This cloud advancement method may continue for all alternative staff within the datacenter so the applying moves entirely to the cloud.

If for a few business reasons, bound process steps should still perform within the personal data centre; those staff will still run in the personal data centre and still participate in the application.

Product Catalogs With a Human Staff

Processing giant product catalogues using Amazon Mechanical Turk. Whereas corroborative data in giant catalogues, the product within the catalogue process in batches. Totally different batches may process at the same time.

For every batch, the product data extract from servers within the datacenter and customized into CSV (Comma Separated Values) files needed by Amazon Mechanical Turk’s Requester user interface (RUI).

The CSV upload to populate and run the HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). Once HITs complete, the ensuing CSV file reverse reworks to induce the information back to the initial format. The results area unit then assessed and Amazon Mechanical Turk staff area unit purchased acceptable results.

Failures area unit weeded out and reprocessed, whereas the appropriate HIT results area unit won’t update the catalogue.

So, this was all about AWS SWF Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, we studied Amazon SWF chose as it is reliable and provides fast processing which helps the customers to integrate faster. In AWS SWF as batches area unit processed, the system has to track the standard of the Amazon Mechanical Turk staff and change the payments consequently.

Failing HITs re-batch and sent through the pipeline once more. Furthermore, if you have any doubt, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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