AWS Compliance – Types of AWS Certifications/Attestations

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In our last session, we talked about AWS Pricing Benefits. Here, in this AWS Compliance Guide, we will discuss a different kind of AWS Certifications or Attestations.

So, let’s begin Amazon Compliance Tutorial.

AWS Compliance

With the help of Amazon Artifact portals, on-demand access to AWS’ security and compliance documents can achieve, it is an artifact that also known as Audit Artifacts.

With the help of it, the user can get on-demand access to AWs compliance and security reports and selects the agreements.

AWS Certifications / Attestations

AWS Compliance - Types of AWS Certifications/Attestations

AWS Compliance – Types of AWS Certifications/Attestations

a. AWS Compliance Programs

AWS Compliance certifications and attestations are assessed by a third-party, freelance auditor and end in a certification, audit report, or attestation of compliance.

b. AWS Laws / Rules / Privacy

AWS customers stay chargeable for yielding with applicable compliance laws and rules. Moreover, AWS provides some security features and legal arguments because of the arguments processed by it.

No formal certification is obtainable to (or distributable by) a cloud service supplier at intervals these law and restrictive domains.

c. AWS Alignments / Frameworks

AWS Compliance alignments and frameworks embody printed security or compliance necessities for a selected purpose, like a selected business or perform.

For a particular form of program, AWS provides security features and enablers which includes AWS compliance playbooks, mapping documents, and white papers. Some alignments and frameworks are coated by different Amazon compliance programs.

d. Amazon Data Requests

AWS is aware of customers care deeply concerning privacy and data security and that we optimize our work to induce these problems right for customers.

Amazon doesn’t disclose client data unless we’re needed to try and do this to go with a lawfully valid and binding order. Amazon notifies customers before revealing content data if there is an if there is an indication of illegal activity regarding the usage of Amazon Services.

Where we want to act publically to safeguard customers, we do. Amazon ne’er participated within the NSA’s PRISM program.

We’ve repeatedly challenged government subpoenas for client data that we have a tendency to believed were overbroad, winning selections that have helped to line the legal standards for shielding client speech and privacy interests.

We have a tendency to conjointly advocate in Congress to modernize out-of-date privacy laws to want enforcement to get an enquiry warrant from a court to induce the content of client communications. That is the acceptable customary, and it’s the quality we have a tendency to follow.

While the user can acknowledge the desires of enforcement to research criminal and terrorist activity, and get together with them once they observe legal safety for conducting such investigations.

It has a power to oppose legislation making mandatory or prohibiting security or cryptography technologies which can lead to the weakening of safety of products, systems, or services our customers use.

Whether or not they be individual customers or business customers. We provide AWS purchasers sturdy cryptography together of the many customary safety features, and that we offer them the choice to manage their own cryptography keys.

We have a tendency to publish security best practices documents on our website. It encourages our purchasers to use these measures to safeguard sensitive content.

We are members of various associations centred on protecting privacy and security. AWS has achieved a variety of internationally recognized certifications and accreditations demonstrating compliance with third-party assurance frameworks.

AWS purchasers have management over their content and wherever it resides.

e. AWS Data Privacy

We know customers care deeply concerning privacy and information security. That’s why AWS provides clients with possession and management over their customer content purposely through straightforward.

However powerful tools that enable clients to see wherever their customer content keeps, secure their client content in transit or at rest. It can manage access to AWS services and resources.

f. AWS Security

Cloud security at AWS is that the highest priority. As an AWS client, you’ll have the benefit of an information centre and spec engineered to fulfill the necessities of the foremost security-sensitive organizations.

So, this was all about Amazon Compliance Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, we saw an advantage of the AWS cloud is that it permits customers to scale and introduce. Whereas maintaining a secure atmosphere. Customers pay just for the services they use, that means that you just will have the safety you wish.

However, while not the direct expenses, and at a lower value than in an on-premises atmosphere. Still, have a confusion regarding AWS Compliance, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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