Amazon Web Service Careers – Latest AWS Jobs Roles & Requirements

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In our last AWS Session, we studied Amazon MFA. Here, we will explore the opportunities of Amazon Web Service Careers.

In this AWS Careers Tutorial, we are going to discuss the latest AWS job trends and AWS jobs title and their basic and qualifications requirements. At last, we will cover some basic salary structure of AWS jobs aspirants.

So, let’s start the Amazon Web Service Careers Tutorial.

Amazon Web Service Careers - Latest AWS Jobs Roles & Requirements

Amazon Web Service Careers – Latest AWS Jobs Roles & Requirements

Amazon Web Service Careers

AWS hires people who like to invent, create something new, and has good troubleshooting skills. AWS hires people across the globe for various technical and business jobs.

AWS Jobs Titles with Requirements

In this Amazon Web Service Careers tutorial, we are going to explore different AWs Job roles and their requirements. Which will help beginners and professionals to know the Amazon Web services job trends around the world?

a. AWS Software Developer

Every day, hundreds of thousands of customers use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable innovative applications, websites, and businesses. The billing systems of the AWS process so many events each month to continuously refresh billing console data and provide monthly bills for users.

AWS hires the software engineers to build the powerful billing platform, in terms of accuracy, security, scale, and features.

i. A Task as AWS Software Developer

  • Good proficiency in Java Programming and alternative object-oriented languages.
  • Build extremely offered, secure, distributed systems in a very microservices design.
  • Collaborate with a number of the simplest engineers within the business to figure on a number of the foremost advanced challenges in large-scale computing.
  • Ascertain what it takes to engineer systems for “Amazon Scale”.
  • Own and operate the systems that you just build supported period client data and difficult service-level agreements.
  • Contribute to coming up with, design, implementation, testing, operations, and method improvement as a member of a start team.

ii. Qualifications for AWS Software Developer

  • 5+ years of code development expertise.
  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in computer science or a connected discipline.
  • Robust debugging, troubleshooting, and downside determination skills.
    Proficiency with object-oriented style, information structures, and algorithms.
  • Ability to require a project from necessities analysis through to launch and operation of the system in production.
  • Proficiency with trendy object-oriented programming languages like Java, Ruby, C#, C++, ideally on an OS or Linux platform.

b. AWS Data Center Chief Engineer

The Data Center Chief Engineer (CE) is liable for guaranteeing that every one electrical, mechanical, and fire/life safety instrumentation at intervals the information centre is working at peak potency.

This involves the planned and the preventative maintenance of kit, daily corrective work, and emergency response to emerging problems.

They’re expected to be a singular focal point for all facility operations at intervals a given information centre and to support Amazon at intervals it’s owned and operated information centres.

Information centre instrumentation that supports mission-critical servers should maintain higher than 99.999% period.

i. Physical Requirements

  • Walk job sites on an uneven track.
  • Work on heights and from ladders.
  • Often carry and/or move up to forty-nine pounds, and participate in cluster lifts for fifty pounds or a lot of coordinate body movements once using tools or instrumentation.
  • Reach and stretch to position instrumentation and fixtures whereas maintaining balance.
  • Bend or twist the body into uncommon positions whereas operating.
  • Perform physical tasks all day while not turning into a fault tired.
  • Use hands to govern tiny wires and objects.
  • Push or pull significant objects into position.
  • Add loud surroundings.
  • Work on depths, like beneath raised floors.

ii. Basic Qualifications

  • 4+ years of relevant work expertise in a very information centre or alternative crucial surroundings or 8+ years of Technical (Military/Trade School) coaching and/or expertise with relevant data centre facilities instrumentation.
  • High school credentials or equivalent.

c. AWS Data Centre Technician

The job of Data Centre Technician is to resolve the problems for the support team and is mean at troubleshooting problems in operating systems. The user will be able to troubleshoot and solve virtually the foremost advanced infrastructure problems.

Problems are escalated to the acceptable resolver teams once necessary. You produce and maintain documentation on technologies you support and are able to convey SOPs to junior employees. You perceive all aspects of the instrumentation you support.

You recognize a way to pioneer and build choices on his/her own, however conjointly skills to require direction once it’s given, taking note to any or all details concerned.

i. Basic Qualifications

  • Aware of network cabling (types, distance limitations, testing, connectors, handling).
  • Familiar with electrical & optical transceivers (SFP+, QSFP+, DAC, CFP2, DWDM).
  • Aware of server hardware and parts.
  • Aware of electrical standards, instrumentality varieties, power budget calculations, AC vs. DC, single part vs. 3 part, etc.
  • Aware of datacenter10-100 style in relevancy chilling and air flow.
  • Meticulous and obsessional concerning organized cabling.
  • Detail oriented and organized.

d. AWS Solution Architect

Amazon Web Services (AWS) hires a person who possesses technical knowledge as well as tough social skills. The user will collaborate with customers and perform tasks with them. Together with sales, you’ll drive revenue growth across a broad set of consumers.

As a sure client advocate, the solutions creator can create organizations to obtain best practices around advanced cloud-based solutions. The user will have the chance to assist form and execute a technique to make mindshare and broad use of AWS at intervals customers.

i. Basic Qualifications

  • 7 or more than 7 years in design/implementation/consulting expertise with distributed applications.
  • 5+ years of expertise in infrastructure design, info design and networking.
  • Technical degree required; engineering or mathematics background desired

e. AWS System Developer

AWS is hiring a Systems Developer to possess automating operational and business practices. This can include distinguishing and partitioning problems, automating and up repetitive processes, and dealing closely with the event team.

You may become intimate with the design of our systems and be liable for diving deep into code and developing solutions for our customers and services. You’ll drive prioritization of operational problems, and drive automation style & scale needs in support of the broader organization.

As a Systems Development Engineer, you may work with a large type of technologies and comes that vary from third-party enterprise solutions to open supply and proprietary inventions to unravel for the business wants.

The flexibility to create productive relationships with colleagues at remote sites around the world can cause you to succeed in this role as can patience and a way of humour. You’ll be able to expect to perpetually learn new things and expand your data to satisfy variable business demands.

Responsibilities conjointly embrace operating aboard development, updating/enhancing our current software system, automation of support processes and documentation of our systems.

i. Basic Qualifications

  • 3 years’ expertise in a very large-scale software system development atmosphere.
  • The flexibility to program to unravel issues and modify repetitive tasks in a very common scripting or artificial languages like Python programming, PowerShell, Java programming, or Ruby.
  • Tested ability to troubleshoot and establish the basic reason behind problems.
  • A history of dealing well with ambiguity, prioritizing wants, and delivering measurable ends up in a dynamic atmosphere.
  • Ought to be genuinely excited concerning technology, have a powerful interest in learning concerning and fidgeting with the newest technologies.
  • Should be a self-starter and actuated.
  • Ability to figure in a very numerous team atmosphere.

So, this was all about Amazon Web Service Careers. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, we studied different Amazon Web Service Careers opportunities, which shows the future scope of AWS. Also, we discussed AWS jobs roles and requirements. Still, If you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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  1. Anubhav Purohit says:

    I a fresher is certified in AWS solution architect will he be getting a job as a fresher

    • DataFlair Team says:

      Hello Anubhav,
      Thanks for connecting DataFlair. As we mentioned the basic qualification for AWS solution architect is –
      – 7 or more than 7 years in design/implementation/consulting expertise with distributed applications.
      – 5+ years of expertise in infrastructure design, info design, and networking.
      – Technical degree required; engineering or mathematics background desired
      Today, every industry is hiring an experienced person for the AWS Solution architect. So, it is not recommended for freshers. You can try for another AWS Certificate.
      Hope, it helps!

  2. dattatray badhe says:

    I a fresher is certified in AWS partitioner will he be getting a job as a fresher in Aws .

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