AWS Direct Connect – Compatibility & Network Requirements

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In our last AWS Tutorial, we discussed Amazon S3. Today, we will talk about AWS Direct Connect. In this AWS DC Tutorial, we are going to explore AWS Direct Connect Compatibility, Benefits with VPC, Economical, Network Requirements of Direct Connect, and its Simple Usage.

So, let’s start AWS Direct Connect Tutorial.

AWS Direct Connect - Compatibility & Network Requirements

AWS Direct Connect – Compatibility & Network Requirements

What is Amazon Direct Connect?

AWS Direct Connect helps you to connect directly to the premises of AWS through your premises. This helps you to save the economy as well. Industry standard VLANs can be used to the connection can be divided into multiple virtual interfaces. Using this you can access the public as well as private resources.

Public resources which can be accessed through this are the objects stored in Amazon S3. Private resources such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud can be accessed. However, there is a separation between the public and the private network.

Virtual interfaces can be reconfigured again and again to meet the needs of the user. AWS Direct connect helps you to reduce your network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a better network experience than Internet-based connections.

AWS Direct Connect - Compatibility & Network Requirements

What is Amazon Direct Connect?

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Simple Usage of AWS DC

Using AWS Direct Connect is easy with the use of the AWS Management Console. After the configuration of one or more interfaces, one can download customized router templates for the networking equipment.

The console helps us as it provides a single view to efficiently manage the virtual interfaces.

AWS Direct Connect - Compatibility & Network Requirements

Simple Usage

Amazon Direct Connect Compatibility

Direct Connect is compatible with most of the AWs services which are accessible over the internet. Some of the services are Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

AWS Direct Connect - Compatibility & Network Requirements


AWS DC Benefits with VPC

A private virtual interface can set up from the premises of the user to establish a direct connection to the Amazon VPC. One can also establish private connectivity with the help of multiple interfaces while maintaining network isolation. It also provides high network isolation within the network. 

AWS Direct Connect - Compatibility & Network Requirements

AWS DC Benefits with VPC

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Is AWS Direct Connect Economical?

AWS Direct Connect can reduce the cost in two ways-

  • Transferring data to and from one can reduce the bandwidth commitment to the internet service provider.
  • Data transferred over the network is charged as per the reduced AWS direct connection data transfer rate.

Network Requirements of Direct Connect

Among the three one should meet one of the following requirement-

  • The network should co-locate with an existing AWS Direct Connect location.
  • The User should work with AWS Direct Connect partner who is a member of the AWS Partner Network.
  • The User should work with an independent service provider to connect to AWS Direct Connect.

In addition, the user should meet all the basic requirements such as-

  • The device used should support the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and BGP MD5 authentication.
  • Port speed and full-duplex mode should configure manually. Moreover, auto-negotiation for the port must disable.
  • During the entire connection including the immediate device 802.1Q VLAN encapsulation must support.

AWS Direct Connect supports both the IPv4 and IPv6 communication protocols. AWS Direct Connect public virtual interfaces help to access IPv6 addresses provided by public AWS services.

Every Amazon Direct Connect Networks can configure with one or more virtual interfaces. Virtual interfaces made to access AWS services such as Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 using public IP space. It also uses resources in a VPC using private IP space.

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The AWS Direct Connect provides you port and you can choose it as per your requirement. Below we mention the price of the port-

Port-speed Port hour-rate


So, this was all about Amazon Direct Connect Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation.


One can remove the congestion of their network by transferring the critical data of the business from the co-location environment into AWS bypassing. The time required by the data to get transfers can reduce by increasing the bandwidth to the service provider.

Direct Connect also provides pay as you go facility which makes it more economical as you only pay for the network ports you used and the data transferred over the connection. Still, you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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