AWS Management Console – 3 Amazing Features & AWS Free Tier

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In our previous AWS Tutorial, we studied the Pros and Cons of AWS. Today, we will discuss, what is AWS Management Console. Moreover, we will discuss Features, Advantages & disadvantages of Amazon Web Service Management Console. Along with this, we will cover the AWS Free Tier.

So, let’s start the AWS Management Console Tutorial.

AWS Management Console - 3 Amazing Features & AWS Free Tier

AWS Management Console – 3 Amazing Features & AWS Free Tier

What is AWS Management Console?

AWS helps us through many tools to surf within AWS and they are easy to use. The Management console is also a type of tool through which one can manage cloud computer, cloud storage, and other services they are using in AWS’s infrastructure.

This management console is based on browser GUI and particularly for AWS.

AWS can be managed in two ways-

  • Through the mobile app

AWS Management – Mobile App

  • Through a simple and intuitive web-based user interface.
AWS Management Console

AWS Management – User Interface

Features of Management Console in AWS

Features of AWS Management Console

Features of Management Console in AWS

a. Monitor your account

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You can easily monitor your account with the help of Management Console such as cloud management, monitoring the amount you are paying, managing security, or even setting new user.

b. Security for regular access

There can be the services you visit on the regular basis. There is a pin icon in the AWS console which is located in a global navigation bar which allows you to drag the service links and hence, creating new shortcuts.

c. Remote access

AWS management console offers you remote access so that you can easily view your existing resources and perform multiple tasks from your mobile. The apps used for operating are available in the Amazon App Store, Google Play, and Apple App Store.

AWS Management Console

Features of AWS Management Console – Remote Access

Requirements of AWS Management Console

  • You should have an existing account on AWS.
  • If you are already an AWS user of AWS and if you want to sign-in you will require the account alias that was used in e-mail address from your account.

a. Browsers Support

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari Browser
  • Internet Explorer

b. Additional Information

A new interface was introduced for AWS user which was improved and modified. However, it has some issues such as search and synchronization issue which rattle the customers.

AWS Management Console Benefits

These are the advantages of the Management Console of Amazon Web Service:

  • There is a feature through which you can search within the cloud with the help of AWS EC2. However, you can pin it with the help of drag and drop feature for regular use.
  • A facility of Cloudwatch Dashboard is provided so you can easily see the information of your system. There are some drawbacks as it doesn’t include the filtered list of EC2 instances, information about running ECs and contents of S3.
  • As new updates arrive they are better than the older one which makes it better than any other applications. The user sticks to the service for this excellent benefit.
AWS Management Console

AWS Management Console – Advantages

Limitations of Management Console in AWS

Following are the disadvantages of the AWS Management Console, let’s discuss them one by one:

  • Everything can do by console as there are several limitations such as AWS user can update a certificate in Identity and Access Management through CLI. This process cannot be done with the help of the Console.
  • You cannot get the detail from the billing system in Amazon Dashboard about how much traffic sent out of Amazon.
  • In case of failure, it is important to get the detailed information but Amazon fails to do so as it only provides info about the Direct Connect link whether it is up or down.
  • Editing A-Type records and changing time-to-live in one shot isn’t possible. Moreover, it is there in multiple places on the console.

AWS Free Tier

Amazon Free Tier offers many resources to begin your work and understand how to support ephemeral workloads while maintaining a continues infrastructure state.

AWS Free Tier provides you control for AWS resources such as EC2, Lambda, S3, and AWS Identity Access Management.

AWS Management Console

AWS Management Console – AWS Free Tier

So, this was all about the AWS Management Console. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, we studied the AWS Management console is a whole new technology through which you can monitor your work in AWS. They also provide the facility of the app as well as through a web-based interface. They are fast, reliable, and secure which increases the demand.

However, there are several flaws which are either for some security reasons or they are improving it. Furthermore, if you have any query regarding the AWS Management Console, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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