AWS Quiz – Determine Where You Stand

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Here, we provide a challenge “AWS Quiz” for you to test your Amazon Web Services Knowledge.

So, let’s start AWS Quiz. But before you start with this online quiz, bookmark other AWS quizzes and attempt them as well:

Best Of Luck For “AWS QUIZ”

Hope you Scored well in this AWS QUIZ. Do share your score and queries if any in the comment section.

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10 Responses

  1. venkat says:

    question no 21: RTMP stands for Real time messaging protocal.

  2. mello says:

    question 22 wrong

  3. sri says:

    Q:12, 19 check them

  4. Rachita Gupta says:

    Q.21 For on-demand media files, you can stream content using RTMP delivery. RTMP stands for what?
    A: Real Time Messaging Protocol

    This should be the answer for this Q.21

  5. Parvez says:

    Q-11 – s3 pricing component- Answer should be 4

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