Different Types of License Keys in SAP HANA that You must be Aware of!

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Now, let’s learn about the different types of license keys used in SAP HANA. Previously, in the SAP HANA License Management tutorial, we learned about managing licenses in SAP HANA Studio. This tutorial mainly focuses on the types of license keys in SAP HANA.

Types of License Keys in SAP HANA

The license keys used in the SAP HANA system are broadly classified into two types; Temporary license and Permanent license.

1. Temporary License Key

A temporary license or license key is installed by default when the SAP HANA database is installed initially. This license key stays valid only for 90 days.

The temporary license expires locking your HANA system. We recommend you to request for a permanent license key from the SAP marketplace before the temporary license key expires.

One major benefit of using a temporary license is that a user will get the full functionality of the SAP HANA system database. Although, the services will only last for 90 days.

Along with this, using SAP HANA on a temporary license allows first-time users to test the software’s capabilities and suitability as per their requirements. This also avoids complex installation procedures and permissions as they are necessary in case of a permanent license.

2. Permanent License Key

A permanent license is granted to a user upon requesting for it explicitly from SAP Market place. The permanent license is valid for the predefined period and comes with a predefined expiration date.

Once a permanent license is expired, a temporary license key is installed again for 28 days. You must request a new permanent license in the meanwhile.

We recommend you to request your permanent license before the grace period (28 days) expires otherwise your system will get lock down. You will have to purchase a new permanent license key if the system locks down.

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You can check your type of permanent license by executing the below SQL query:


A permanent license is of two types; Unenforced license key and enforced license key. These two types of permanent license keys differ on the basis of their reaction to an exceeding usage of database or memory than what is permitted.

2.1. Unenforced License Key

In the case of having an unenforced license key, if you exceed the memory usage limit of the SAP HANA system, there will be no effect on the HANA system. The system will not lock down, instead, the user will receive a memory over usage message warning.

Suppose, if you have a license for using 1 TB memory, but you have used more than that, then you will only get a warning message for the exceeding usage of HANA memory.

2.2. Enforced license key

As opposed to the unenforced license key, the enforced license key locks a HANA system if the user exceeds the licensed memory usage. In this case, the user needs to restart the system and request for a new permanent license for installation with the same or extended memory usage limit.


This concludes our tutorial on types of license keys in SAP HANA. We hope the explanation on types and sub-types of license keys was helpful.

If you have any queries regarding the tutorial, do share your views in the comment section below. We will be happy to help.

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