How to Connect Design Studio to SAP HANA – Easy Step-by-Step Instructions

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After creating dashboards in SAP HANA, we will move to connect SAP Design Studio to the SAP HANA database. We have provided a step-by-step account of making a connection from Design Studio to SAP HANA. The steps are very easy to implement and you will not face any issue in the process.

Let’s start by a short explanation on SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is a dashboard designing tool that enables business users to create interactive reporting applications and dashboards.

It is an advanced level designing tool that connects to the SAP HANA database using a BICS connection communicating through SQLDBC language.

The tool requires complete compatibility and support with SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA platforms. It also provides the capability to do server-side programming.

How to Connect Design Studio to SAP HANA?

Here, we will learn the steps to connect Design Studio to SAP HANA:

Step 1: Open the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

Step 2: Click on Tools then select Preferences.

Step 3: A dialog box with the name Preferences will open. On the left of this dialog box, you will see two options; Application Design and Scripting. Expand the Application Design node, select Backend Connections.

The information related to backend connections will appear on the right half of the dialog box. The bottom two sections are named “SAP HANA Connections (maintained in ODBC Data Source Administrator)” and “SAP HANA Connections (HTTP)”.

These two sections show the details of ODBC and HTTP connections made to SAP HANA.

Step 4: We will go by creating an ODBC connection (for instance). To create an OBDC connection to connect to SAP HANA, click on the icon present on the right of SAP HANA Connections (maintained in ODBC Data Source Administrator) section. It will launch the ODBC Data Source Administrator.

Step 5: A dialog box “ODBC Data Source Administrator” will open. Select the HANAODBC from the list of system data sources and click on Add.

Click on OK to go to the next step.

Step 6:  From the dialog Create New Data Source select the connection driver of your choice (i.e. the driver that connects to the data source). Click on Finish.

Step 7: Enter connection details such as Data source name, Description, and Sever: Port information. Click on Connect.

Next, enter the HANA system Username and Password then click on OK. The connection will be successfully made.

Step 8: The name and other details like description, host and port number of the newly created ODBC connection will appear in the SAP HANA Connections (maintained in ODBC Data Source Administrator) section.

Now, to use this connection to create analytical applications, click on the connection name from the panel and click OK.  The connection to SAP HANA will be made instantly.

Step 9: You can create a new analytic application from here using the data from the connected SAP HANA database. Click on “Create Analysis Application” on the main page of SAP Design Studio under the Create New section.


This was all you need to know about the process to connect SAP Design Studio to the SAP HANA database. After making the connection, you can start with creating analytic applications on Design Studio using data fetched from the HANA system.

Now, have you understood the process to connect the design studio to SAP HANA? If any queries, simply enter in the comments section.

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