SAP HANA Studio Overview – Installation, Features, Environment

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In this SAP HANA Studio Overview, we are going to learn about a software called SAP HANA Studio. In our effort to learn SAP HANA technology in its fullness, learning the fundamentals and how to work on SAP HANA Studio is an important thing. Here, we will discuss features, supported platforms, environment and Installation process.

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What is SAP HANA Studio?

SAP HANA Studio is a tool which acts as an interface for SAP HANA users from where they can administer data, develop applications and design data models. Here, you can manage databases, create as well as administer SAP HANA user authorizations, or you can create/modify data models.

SAP HANA Studio is an Eclipse plug-in and so, is known as an Eclipse-based tool. It serves two primary purposes, i.e. it is a central development environment known as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and is also an administration tool for both remote and local HANA systems.

Also, it is a client tool which users on the client’s end user to manipulate and manage data and applications deployed both locally or in a remote set up.

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Supported Platforms for SAP HANA Studio

The SAP HANA Studio is supported by various kinds of platforms as given below.

  • Microsoft Windows x32 and x64 versions of –  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SLES 11 (x86 64-bit version).
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.5
  • Mac OS 10.9 or higher

Also, it can run on Eclipse platform 3.6.

Features of SAP HANA Studio

While you install or update SAP HANA Studio, you get to select a set of features specific to the purpose of your use of SAP HANA Studio. Here, the repository is divided into two parts i.e. a core features part and additional features of SAP HANA Studio.

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The features are listed below and the additional features can be downloaded from the SAP Download Center, where all the Studio updates are available.

There are three core features available to select from,

i. SAP HANA Studio Administration

This feature has tools for several administrative tasks. It also provides troubleshooting tools like the catalogue browser, tracing, and SQL Console etc.

ii. SAP HANA Studio Database Development

It includes tools for database and content development. The tools are DataMarts, ABAP etc.

iii. SAP HANA Studio Application Development

This includes SAP HANA native application development tools like XS and UI5 tools.

SAP HANA Studio Environments

Once you select the required features or toolset, there is an environment created in software for you to work in. Based on the features and perspective that you select, there can be several environments created as named below.

  • Administration
  • Information modeling
  • Data provisioning
  • SAP HANA Database Administration

SAP HANA Studio Installation Process

You can download and install SAP HANA Studio from the SAP Download Center inside the SAP HANA add-ons. It contains different perspectives which you can choose to work on. Some commonly used perspectives are,

  • SAP HANA Administration Console
  • SAP HANA Modeler
  • Application Development
  • Lifecycle Management
  • SAP HANA Development
  • ABAP
  • BW Modeling

I. Download & Installation Process

If we select SAP HANA Administration Console, it appears as shown below.

SAP HANA Studio 

Step. 1 To Install Studio

You can change to another perspective from the “Open Perspective” icon given at the top right.

SAP HANA Studio 

Step. 2 To Install Studio

We have changed the perspective from SAP HANA Administrative Console to SAP HANA Modeler.

SAP HANA Studio 

Step. 3 To Install Studio

Also, a list of perspectives opens from the icon which you can choose the perspective of your choice. Each perspective is used for a specific purpose i.e. to perform a certain operation on the data and the database.

SAP HANA Studio 

Step. 4 To Install Studio

Another way to access the list of existing perspectives is, open the tab Window, then select Perspective, then click on Open Perspective, and then go to Other… to access the entire list of available perspectives.

SAP HANA Studio 

Step. 5 To Install Studio

On the top right corner of a perspective window, you get icons for quick access of some perspectives such as SAP HANA Administration Console, SAP HANA Modeler, ABAP, and BW Modeler (from left to right).

SAP HANA Studio 

Step. 6 To Install Studio

If you wish to reset the currently selected perspective to default, then do as shown in the image.

SAP HANA Studio 

Step. 7 To Install Studio

To add a database system in SAP HANA Studio right-click on anywhere on the section is given at the left. Select Add System.

SAP HANA Studio 

Step. 8 To Install Studio

Then enter the system details like hostname, instance number, and description.

SAP HANA Studio 

Step. 9 To Install Studio

Next, add the connection credentials like username and password.

SAP HANA Studio 

Step. 10 To Install Studio

The system gets added and all the details and sub-folders are added in the section. You can log in and off the system by right-clicking on the system’s name.

Also, you can expand all the options for security, provisioning, content, catalogue etc., and drill down the folders to access and manage data.

SAP HANA Studio 

Step. 11 To Install Studio

SAP HANA Studio 

Step. 12 To Install Studio


This was all about to know about SAP HANA Studio to start working on it. Install it with the required features and create an environment of your choice. Add multiple systems and start its manipulation and administration. So, stay with us as we explore this wonderful tool.

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