Latest SAP HANA Use Cases – A Way to Enhance Your Industry

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In our last session, we talked about the best books for SAP HANA. Today, we will discuss some major SAP HANA use cases for industries. Along with this, we will study what is the scope of SAP HANA in the market.

The application of SAP HANA is spread across various sectors of numerous industries. SAP HANA is known to provide efficient tools for data analysis, integration and processing and so many companies from varied sectors use it readily.

So, let’s start SAP HANA use cases.

Latest SAP HANA Use Cases

Latest SAP HANA Use Cases – A Way to Enhance Your Industry


SAP HANA is industry or sector neutral, it can be very easily used by any type of company regardless of its size. As we have seen in the lessons on features, SAP HANA provides unique functionalities specific to the type and size of the user base. This HANA tutorial design for industrial based SAP HANA use cases. So, let’s explore:

SAP HANA Use Cases

SAP HANA use cases or business cases are broadly categorized into different categories like based on company size, industry type, solution type or country. Although, in this lesson, we will generally discuss the SAP HANA use cases without complicating it.

SAP HANA is using across various company sizes like large, medium and small. A company’s size is decided by the number of employees working in it. Also, SAP HANA is currently using in many countries and regions such as Africa and the Middle East, Argentina, Asia Pacific and Japan, Australia, Austria, Europe, Canada, South Africa, China, India, Korea, Latin America and Cuba, UAE etc.

SAP HANA solutions are software packages which provide specific functionalities corresponding to the user and industry requirements. Some generally used solutions used in SAP HANA are given below,

  • Application and IT infrastructure security
  • Asset operation and maintenance
  • Business planning and consolidation
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Database and data warehouse management
  • Enterprise information and performance management
  • Human resource management
  • Logistics and order fulfilment
  • Profitability and cost management
  • Strategic sourcing and supplier management
  • Supply chain insights
  • User experience optimization
  • Risk analysis and governance
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Marketing planning and analysis
  • Omnichannel customer service
  • Sourcing and procurement management

Industry-Based Use Cases of SAP HANA

Following are the SAP HANA industry based use cases:

a. Aerospace and defence

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SAP HANA is used in aerospace and defence by U.S. Navy as they rely on Newport News which uses SAP HANA to gather information about nuclear-aircraft carriers and create 3D models using it. Also, Airbus uses S/4 HANA for instant information processing, analysis and reporting.

b. Agribusiness

The agribusiness company Stara uses SAP HANA supporting the Internet of things used in the agricultural equipment. For instance, data provided by the SAP HANA software tells the farmer when a plant needs fertilizers and in what quantity through real-time analysis.

This optimizes the use of fertilizers (or other resources), increases productivity and makes agriculture cost-effective.

c. Automotive

Automobile companies like McLaren, Nissan, Bosch, Daimler, Faurecia, Honda Australia use SAP HANA (some use S/4 HANA version) to analyze the customer information, requirements and market trends to improve in business. SAP HANA is also used in maintaining and monitoring a business model which is a must to stay in the competition.

d. Banking and finance

Companies and banks like PayPal, Eurobank, Banco Atlantida, Blueprint technologies use SAP S/4 HANA, or a tool called SAP Bank Analyzer (powered by SAP HANA) to manage the IT operations and data transactions properly.

e. Manufacturing

Manufacturing industries like Katerra, Alacer Gold, CEITEC, WEIG, Everest Textiles have taken up SAP HANA to manage and analyze data from the entire manufacturing process like product design, production, supply etc and in different related aspects like IT, finance, marketing etc.

f. Consumer products

Companies manufacturing consumer products such as Nestle, Hershey, Colgate-Palmolive, Rivella, Future Consumer Limited, Lenovo, T&G Global Limited uses SAP HANA and SAP Business Objects BI tools to analyze and predict customer preferences and demands. This helps companies to stock the stores with the customer preferred products.

g. Engineering, Construction and Operations

Companies like Saipem, Mangalam Cement, Alacer Gold, Katerra uses SAP HANA to analyze data generated from different processes and equipment. Thus, the insights generated from SAP tools help them to make calculated decisions and evolve their business models with emerging trends.

Also, SAP S/4 HANA was used in the city of Buenos Aries to manage adverse weather conditions. Devices sent weather-related data on SAP HANA in real-time which helped support groups to take immediate action.

h. Food and drug production

The food and drug industries like Shanghai Ziyan Food, Walgreens Boots Alliance, COOP, Granules etc. use SAP HANA and other SAP HANA solutions like SAP HANA Retail etc. For merchandise management and other aspects of production.

i. Healthcare

Healthcare frontiers such as Genomma, Mercy, Farmoquímica, Farma-Tek, Reach Surgical, etc. are using SAP HANA to standardize clinical processes and ongoing researches on ailments like heart diseases, pneumonia, cancer etc.

j. Higher education and research

Universities like the University of California, University of Cincinnati, University of Kentucky, National Center for Tumor Diseases use SAP HANA to store, process and analyze student’s information.

k. Oil, gas and mining

Oil and gas company like Surgutneftegas uses SAP HANA along with SAP Landscape Transformation tool to optimize operations, minimize business downtime and reduce maintenance cost.

Similarly, in the mining industry, companies like Alacer Gold, Ashapura Minechem, GMK Holdings etc. uses SAP S/4 HANA to improve decision-making, risk controlling, enterprise management etc.

So, this was all about SAP HANA Use Cases. Hope you liked our explanation.


Thus, this tutorial shines a light on the broad application base that SAP HANA has. SAP HANA became popular over the years and is still gaining popularity. Moreover, if you have any query? Feel free to ask in the comment box.

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