Top 10 SAP HANA Quiz Questions – Evaluate Your SAP HANA Knowledge

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Attempt this interesting SAP HANA quiz and evaluate your knowledge of the technology.

These multiple-type questions will also help you to brush up your SAP HANA fundamentals. So, get ready to take this quiz.

Do not miss to attempt the other parts of SAP HANA Quiz as well once you are done with this part:

Here we come to the end of the quiz. Hope you enjoyed it!!!

Do share your feedback and score in the comments section.

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1 Response

  1. Norman Hoffman says:

    I believe your answer for Q10 (only “classic analytic privilege”) is wrong. From the SAP HANA Developer Guide for SAP HANA Studio: “10.2 Creating Analytic Privileges You can create analytic privileges based on either an XML document (the “classic” variation) or an SQL definition.” Enjoying the quiz, though!

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