Top JavaScript Quiz Questions – Learn, Explore, Play, Repeat!

JavaScript is a long way. Right? You came this far with the DataFlair’s tutorial series of JavaScript. Till now you have gained every essential information related to JavaScript. So, why not you test yourself with the help of our online quiz on JavaScript. Let’s play a JavaScript Quiz and find out how much you have achieved and what all you still need to revise. It will provide you with some multiple-choice questions of JavaScript along with their respective answers.

JavaScript Quiz Questions and Answers

This JavaScript Quiz will surely help you to brush up your JavaScript concepts. It’s Quiz Time!

Q.1 If you type the following code in the console window, what result will you get?

Number code - JavaScript quiz
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Q.2 JavaScript is a ___ -side programming language.

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Q.3 Which of the following will write the message “Hello DataFlair!” in an alert box?

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Q.4 How do you find the minimum of x and y using JavaScript?

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Q.5 Which of the following statements will throw an error?

Please select 2 correct answers

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Q.6 If the value of x is 40, then what is the output of the following program?

console log code - JavaScript quiz
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Q.7 Which JavaScript label catches all the values, except for the ones specified?

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Q.8 Which are the correct "if" statements to execute certain code if “x” is equal to 2?

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Q.9 What will the code return?

Boolean Code - JavaScript Quiz
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Q.10 What is the output of the following code in the console?

var x code - JavaScript quiz questions
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Q.11 Which is the correct JavaScript syntax to change the HTML content given below?

test Hello World
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This comes to the end of JavaScript Quiz Part – 1. How was your performance? How many JavaScript quiz questions did you answer correctly? Don’t worry, if your score was low, practice the topics thoroughly in which your answers were wrong.

Prepare yourself for more advanced questions on JavaScript coming up with our next tutorial on JavaScript Quiz 2.

We will be glad to hear from you. Do share your views regarding this JavaScript MCQ quiz in the comment section.

Happy Learning!

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