AngularJs Advantages and Disadvantages – Why AngularJS is Popular

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After studying uses of AngularJS, its time to explore AngularJS advantages and Disadvantages. These pros and cons of AngularJs state us why, when, where, how to use AngularJS. Every coin has two unique faces, its time to explore these faces of AngularJs.

AngularJs Advantages and Disadvantages

AngularJs Advantages and Disadvantages

1. AngularJS Advantages and Disadvantages

Everything has some positive aspects as well as negative aspects. But, before started anything we should be aware of what is the pros and cons of anything. AngularJS also has its pros and cons, which states strength and limitations. So, let’s discuss them:

2. AngularJs Advantages

There are certain features in angular which makes it favourable for use. Following are the benefits of AngularJS, let’s discuss them one by one:

  1. Open source
  2. Easy to extend
  3. Easy to test
  4. Great MVC
  5. Google supported
  6. No Pre-requisite knowledge
  7.  Easy to customize
  8. Single page application (SPA)

i. Open Source

Angularjs is an open source JavaScript MVC framework, therefore, at affordable costs custom application can be available to anyone. Since it is an open source, therefore, It provides the advantage of easily changing the source code to provide clarification. We can make any changes to satisfy the customer requirements. It can add employment or delete employment.

Various features an open source application can posses are as follows:

  • Customization character
  • Interpreted collaboration
  • Powerful supportability
  • Open source technologies are group oriented
  • Vulnerability
  • Interoperability

ii. Single Page Application (SPA)

Single page application means only a single HTML web page is loaded and further updation is done on that single page only. Since it is mostly used to create single page application and single page application works fast as well as it is user-friendly.

Applications that are built using angular technology are as follows:

  • Malhar-Angular-Dashboard, Viktor
  • NV-1 (open source musical instrument)
  • Taiga (Project Manager application for agile developers and designers)
  • ProtonMail (Encrypted Webmail Interface)
  • DuckieTv (web app for tracking tv shows)
  • Aislel (e-commerce market place)
  • SoundNode (Sound Cloud for desktop )

iii. No prerequisite knowledge

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are to work on AngularJS. So, there is no need to learn any other scripting language. So if you want to learn angular, it is a plus point for you as HTML, CSS and javascript are simple easy to learn (in case you have no prerequisite knowledge of it)and if you are familiar with this languages then its quite easy task for you to learn angular.

iv. Easy to extend and customize

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Due to certain built-in attributes, it is easy to extend. These attributes make it possible to extend the functionality of HTML by attaching a specific behavior with it. One can create its own directives too in it therefore it is customized.

Customized means adding or removing features or functionality, which is done to satisfy the specific needs. Also, customized software consist of user-friendly features rather than unnecessary elements as it is purely according to individual needs.

v. Google supported

AngularJs framework is supported by a large community, Google.

The various advantages of Google supported sites are:

  • Regular updates are done.
  • For distributed or remote users, the anywhere/anytime access capability to the corporate intranet by google supported sites.
  • It provides a capacity to work across the operating system.

vi. Great MVC

As we know there are three components of MVC architecture (Model, View, Controller) so in many frameworks, a programmer has to split the code into multiple MVC components. Also, after that programmer has to code again to combine the code of these three parts. While in angular it is being done automatically. Angular strings the code together and hence saves the time of programmer too.

vii. Easy to test

Angular is JavaScript framework and JavaScript is dynamically typed language. Angular posses great power of expression. But there is no help of compiler in angular. Therefore, it is necessary to write strong test code for it. As there is an in built dependency injection comes in it, which makes it easier to test individual components of the code. Both unit testing and integration testing is supported by angular.

Also, there are some other tools are too available that will make testing more easier such as:

  • Jasmine – It is a behavior driven development framework for JavaScrip. It helps in keeping tests structural and documented is vital.
  • Karma – It is a command line for Javascript. It load a source code of an application and run our tests.

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3. AngularJS Disadvantages

Even angular is not like a silver bullet. It also have some limitations. Here, we will talk about the limitations of AngularJS. Due to JavaScript, some of AngualrJs limitation occurs.

  1. Less secure
  2. No specific way
  3. JavaScript-Based
  4. Not supported everywhere
  5. Memory leakage

i. Less secure

There is no server authorization and authentication in angular. Authorization means granting permission for data access and identifying a user by validating credentials. AngularJs can’t provide both the features, that’s we call it less secure.

ii. Only emphasize on JavaScript

AngularJs, totally depend upon JavaScript. If these scripts will hide, the resultant pages seem like a basic page.

iii. Memory leakage

Also, it is a framework of JavaScript and there is an issue of memory leak in JavaScriptWe can define memory leak as the memory requires by application anymore and due to some factors, it will not return to the pool of the free memory. Memory leak leads to various other issues too such as slowdowns, crashes, high latency.

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iv. No specific way

It is very vast and complex. In angular, there are many ways to perform the same task so it is difficult to predict which is the most optimized way to perform a certain task.

v. Not supported everywhere

Internet Explorer 8.0 doesn’t support AngularJs.

So, this was all about AngularJs Pros and Cons. Hope, you liked our explanation.

4. Conclusion

From this tutorial of “AngularJS pros and cons”, we can conclude that there are some disadvantages but a way more advantages that are making angular so popular. And also there is a great scope of your career in angular, so you should give it a try and start learning it as it is easy to learn too.

Furthermore, if you have any query regarding AngularJS advantages and disadvantages, feel free to approach us!

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