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After learning so many AngularJS tutorials, have you thought: How to build a career in AngularJS? what are AngularJS career opportunities? What about the future in angular? Are angular jobs available in India? Is it worth spending time on learning angular? What about its pay scale?? These are the certain key factors which one looks while choosing a job stream.

So, let’s ready to explore the career in AngularJS.

Present Career in AngularJS

AngularJS is becoming the developers most used and popular javascript framework, nowadays. It is considered as the best technology for Rich Internet Application (RIA). An easy, flexible and convenient way for flow of data from model part to view part and view part to model part is provided by MVC architecture in angular.

In the era of technology, developer prefers to opt for that technology, where they can make more money in less effort and saves time. The various features provided by angular such as a controller, services, directives, filters, dependency injection, productivity etc all works in favor of the developer. As it provides, a developer with enormous flexibility to develop a user-friendly application. The whole process of developing an application and deploying an application is completed within less time and less budget.

Reasons to Choose Career in AngularJS

In 2009, after its launching angular.js has gained popularity so quickly and is not at all about to leave its peak. On GitHub, it holds a good position in forks and stars for a long time.

  • It provides a client-side solution.
  • Simplicity in testing is provided by angular.
  • SPA and angularJS belong together. It serves SPA-oriented features.
  • It is easy to develop an angular application as we have to write less.
  • The object used in angular is POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Object). It means there is no need for getter and setter method.
  • It uses a declarative paradigm.

AngularJS Future Scope

To make career in AngularJS, you should know, what’s its future scope. In the case of a front end, developers are dealing with a lot a framework. Choosing a number of javascript frameworks is totally depends on our needs. For example, if lightweight execution is required at client side, one should go for backbone js. Similarly, for single page application, a developer can opt for meteor js. But these frameworks like backbone js, meteor js supports only some specific needs that is why angular is a bit special as compare to all another JavaScript framework.

The replacement for AngularJS, Angular (sometimes referred to as Angular 2+), was launched in 2016 with a complete redesign and considerable architectural modifications. Google actively maintains and develops Angular, a more advanced and potent framework. As a result, AngularJS has steadily declined in support and acceptance, making Angular the suggested option for new web development projects.

The potential for Angular (Angular 2+) in the future is quite positive because of below reasons:

Continuous Improvement: Angular is actively maintained by Google and has a sizable developer community, assuring continuous advancements and upgrades.

Improved Features and Performance: In order to deliver improved performance, developer productivity, and user experiences, Angular is constantly developing with new features, tools, and optimisations.

Help from the Community: A vibrant and active community offers Angular with a wealth of resources, documentation, and help, making it simpler for developers to understand and solve problems.

Upgrades and Compatibility: Angular has a well-defined release cycle, which makes it easier for developers to update their projects by delivering predictable and backward-compatible upgrades.

Wide Use: Angular has been widely used by organisations for their online applications, making it a useful talent for developers looking for employment.

Integration with different Technologies: Angular is adaptable for creating sophisticated and complicated applications since it connects effectively with a variety of different tools, libraries, and platforms.

Overall, Angular (Angular 2+) is a better option than AngularJS if you’re looking for a JavaScript framework for web development that is future-proof. It is suited for creating reliable, scalable, and maintainable online applications because it delivers improved performance, contemporary functionality, and long-term support.

Companies using AngularJS

Angular being a leading mean stack technology is used by a number of companies.

Some of the popular companies are:

  • IBM
  • Wipro
  • Capgemini
  • Tech Mahindra
  • iGate Global Solutions
  • Elance

This list of companies will guide you to make your career in AngularJS.

AngularJS Job Opportunities

Developers with knowledge of angular technology are huge in demand. You can find a number of jobs on the following sites who wants angular as the technical skill:

  • Monster India
AngularJS Jobs

AngularJS Job Opportunities

AngularJS Job Roles

These are options for Career in AngualrJS:

  • Web developer/ Web app developer
  • UI developer
  • Front end web developer/ Front end developer
  • JavaScript developer

a. Web developer/ Web app developer

The job of web developer is to meet the clients requirement. A web developer works on both front end part and back end part. It focuses on how a website will look and behave and all this is done according to clients demand.

b. UI developer

UI developer stands for user interface developer. It performs the work of both web developer and web designer. Web designer designs the web pages and a web developer can add the functionality in the web pages. It mainly performs the work of designing, functionality and security capabilities.

c. Front end web developer/ Front end developer

Front end web developer emphasize only on a look of the website. It mainly works specifically on the front end. It includes designing web pages, linking of web pages etc.

d. JavaScript developer

JavaScript developer enhances

All the above-mentioned titles can use angular as their technology to work or we can say this is the various other names through which an angular developer can be known.

Pay Scale For AngularJS

The average pay for a Front End Developer / Engineer is Rs 449,706 approx annually. The average pay for a Front End Developer / Engineer with Angular.js skills is Rs 491,309 approx annually.

AngularJS Pay-Scale

Salary in AngularJS

Also, the pay scale varies from place to place as well as it depends on experience too.

Salary in AngularJS Jobs

Salary in AngularJS Jobs

So, this was all about Career in AngularJS. Hope you found this helpful.


Best jobs can be bagged using angular. Web development career can be made successful using angular. Also, it is being used by top multinational companies so there is a great scope of career in angularJS. It will give an edge to your resume.

Hence, it is the best time to start learning angular so you can say HELLO to new opportunities also knowledge never goes to waste. Learning new technology like angularJS to expand your knowledge.

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