26 Latest Applications of Artificial Intelligence with Examples

1. AI Applications – Objective

In this AI Tutorial, we will learn Applications of Artificial Intelligence with their examples in different areas in today’s world. Also, will study where AI is applied.

So, let’s start exploring Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

26 Latest Applications of Artificial Intelligence with Examples

26 Latest Applications of Artificial Intelligence with Examples

2. Applications of Artificial Intelligence

In this blog, we will learn Artificial Intelligence Applications and examples in real time.

a. Virtual Personal Assistants

Basically, this is one of the applications of Artificial Intelligence, in which we have to collect a huge amount of data. That is collected from a variety of sources to learn about users. Also, one needs to be more effective in helping them organize and track their information.
For Example:
  • There are various platforms like iOS, Android, and Window mobile. We use intelligent digital personal assistants are like Siri, Google Now, and Cortana.
AI plays an important role in this apps. If you demand they use to collect the information. And this information is used to recognize your request and serves your result.

b. Smart Cars

There are two examples:
That are featured Google’s self-driving car project and Tesla’s “autopilot”. Also. the artificial intelligence is been used since the invention of the first video game.

c. Prediction

We call it the use of predictive analytics. Its main purpose is potential privacy. Also, we can use in many ways. As its also sending you coupons, offering you discounts. That is close to your home with products that you will like to buy. Further, we can call it the controversial use of artificial intelligence.

d. Fraud Detection

We use AI to detects fraud. As many frauds always happen in banks. AI is often the technology deployed to monitor for this type of fraud. Also, computers have a large sample of fraudulent and non-fraudulent purchases. As they asked to look for signs that a transaction falls into one category or another.

e. Pandora

We know its most popular and highly demanded tech solutions. Also, called the DNA of music.

f. Boxever

Basically, it is a type of company. Also, it relies on machine learning. That’s to enhance the customer experience in the travel industry.
preventing heart attacks
Nowadays we use artificial intelligence to save lives. As we use it to scan medical data. Also, help in predicting if a patient is susceptible to heart attacks and strokes.

g. Online Customer Support

As artificial intelligence plays an important role in online customer support. As many websites have an option of live chat for their customers. In many cases, you’re talking to a rudimentary AI.
Perhaps, these chat bots need to understand natural language. I.e language human understands and the language computer understands is very different. But with rapid advances in natural processing , these bots are getting better all the time.

h. News Generation

A news generation is a common topic all the times. As we use artificial intelligence in news generation for the different purposes.
As A.I is used to write simple stories like financial summaries, sports. Also, artificial intelligence doesn’t use to write in-depth investigative articles. Although, it is not having a problem with simple articles that don’t require a lot of syntheses.
Also, e-commerce, financial services, other “data-driven” industries are already benefiting from the app.

i. Security Surveillance

Monitoring a number of video cameras by a single person is not a secure system. Although, people easily get bored. Moreover, keeping all those at the same time is not an easy task.
Thus, supervised training exercises, security algorithm can take input from the security cameras. As it happens to determine whether there may be a threat.
There is a limitation in identifying actions. That are might imply a thief in a store is likely beyond the current technology. Although, if there is sort of technologies, then don’t be surprised.

j. Music and Movie Recommendation Services

It’s simple when compared to other AI systems. While they’re rather simple when compared to other AI systems. We use a learning algorithm to make our choice on a monitor. It’s proof that you are interested in it.


Basically, machine Learning technology is used by Siri users. Also, they use it to get understand natural language questions and requests.


Tesla is something you are missing if you are a car geek. Also, this is one of the best automobiles available until now.

m. Cogito

Dr. Sandy and Joshua have found the Cogito. Also, the behavioral version to improve the intelligence of customer support representatives.
Smart Home Devices
For lighting, we use artificial intelligence. Also, lighting is another place where you might see basic artificial intelligence. Although by setting defaults and preferences, the lights around your house might adjust. That is based on where you are and what you’re doing.
For example:
The uses of AI in smart homes are limited only by our imagination.

n. AI: Serving Millions Daily

As we use smartphone, car, bank, and house. That on a daily basis we use AI for all these purposes. AI is everywhere, and it’s making a huge difference in our lives every day.

o. Manufacturing

Basically, AI is used in manufacturing company from the very beginning. Also, we use automobiles and electronic to manufactured goods. As we use AI to make more modifications.
Home Appliances
Further, we use too many smart devices and gadgets used in our daily lives. That feature IoT technology also makes use of Artificial Intelligence.

p. Engineering Design & Chemical Analysis

Basically, used to design expert drawings and Chemical synthesis.

q. Heuristic Classification

The term Heuristic means to Find & Discover., find the problem and discover the solution. Hence, we use AI for this purpose.

r. Customer Service

As there are so many websites are present which are providing us live chat option. Also, its one of the ubiquitous applications of artificial intelligence.
Moreover, to teach a machine is not so easy. Rapid advances in natural processing mean they are getting better all the time.

s. Cybersecurity

It’s a quite big challenge to find gaps in the cyber defence. Although, it’s a normal process. As attackers spend months and years to develop hacks.
Moreover, the great thing about this is that it discovered a new attack in form of binary code. As it works what it was doing. Then it returns the breached and the favour the attacker’s defences.

t. Search and Rescue

Sifting through footage and photo it’s very time-consume. Although, mean someone dies before help can arrive.
We use applications of artificial intelligence to disaster events for finding stranded survivors. Moreover, drones are in use to fund the footage. It can even find piles of debris in flooded areas that may have trapped victims in them.
AI can also analyze social media like Twitter to learn about who is missing during disasters.

u. Identifying criminals

We use machine-vision algorithms to achieve the goal. Also, AI uses photos of suspects and real criminals all without facial hair.
Some of the traits found by the AI included:
  • inner corner distances of their eyes
  • specific lip curvatures and;

v. Preventing heart attacks

Nowadays we use artificial intelligence to save lives. As we use it to scan medical data. Also, help in predicting if a patient is susceptible to heart attacks and strokes.

w. Treatment Design and journalism

Treatment– Basically, we use AI systems in treatment design to create and analyze data.
Journalism –Articles and reports that do not require too much analysis are prepared by AI in journalism. As they need less time do this.
For Examples-
Companies- AP and Yahoo! we use AI in both companies to prepare a report related to sports. Also, AI helps in an election that takes too much time to do manually.

x. Online Retail Stores

Basically, we use AI in online retail stores in certain ways.
Although, depending on the choice of customer what to purchase items. That need to put in a search box.
Also, providing chat box for solving problems. Well, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for the online retail stores.
So, this was all about Applications of Artificial Intelligence. Hope you like our explanation.

3. Conclusion

As a result, we have learned Applications of Artificial Intelligence with their Examples. Also, its necessary to learn AI  Applications as they will help you to understand how it needs to be applied to different areas. Furthermore, if you feel any query in learning Applications of Artificial Intelligence, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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