Kafka Tool Tutorial – 2 Important Tools in Apache Kafka

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In our last Kafka Tutorial, we discussed Kafka Workflow. Today, we will discuss Kafka Tool. Firstly, we will see the meaning of Kafka. Moreover, we will learn about two Kafka Tools. Apache Kafka Tool is categorized into two types- system tools and replication tools.  

So, let’s begin the Kafka Tool Tutorial.

What is Kafka?

It is a publish-subscribe messaging system. Basically, a messaging system lets you send messages between processes, applications, and servers. Moreover, Kafka is a software where topics can be defined and further processed.

Further, applications may connect to this system and transfer a message to the topic. However, a message can include any kind of information, from any event on our personal blog or can be a very simple text message that would trigger any other event.

Kafka Tool Types

Basically, tools in Kafka are packaged under “org.apache.kafka.tools.*. Moreover, these Kafka Tools are categorized into two types:

Apache Kafka tool

Kafka Tool and Its Types

  • System tools
  • Replication tools

a. Kafka System Tools

By using the run class script, system tools in Kafka can be run from the command line. Its syntax is:

bin/kafka-run-class.sh package.class - - options

However, Kafka system tools  are of several types:

i. Kafka Migration Tool

In order to migrate a Kafka broker from one version to another, we use Kafka Migration Tool.

ii. Mirror Maker

Moreover, offering to mirror of one Kafka cluster to another, we use the Mirror Maker tool.

iii. Consumer Offset Checker

Kafka Topic, Off-set, logSize, Consumer Group, Partitions, Owner for the specified set of Topics and Consumer Group are displayed by Consumer Off-set Checker Tool.

b. Kafka Replication Tool

It is a high-level design tool. Basically, for the purpose of stronger durability and higher availability, replication tool is added here. However, Kafka Replication tools are −

i. Create Topic Tool

For creating a topic by replication factor and default number of partitions, we use this Create Topic Tool. Also, uses Kafka’s default scheme to do replica assignment.

ii. List Topic Tool

It lists the information for a given list of topics. However, if no topics are available on the command line, then the tool queries Zookeeper to get all the topics and lists the information for them. Moreover, the tool displays various fields, such as topic name, partition, leader, replicas, isr.

iii. Add Partition Tool

Basically, the number of partitions for the topic has to be specified, at the time of creation of a topic. But, it is possible that when the volume of the topic will increase, we may need more partitions for the topic.

Hence, for adding more partition in a specific Topic we use this Add Partition Tool. Also, allows manual replica assignment of the added partitions.

So, this was all about Kafka Tool and its different types. Hope you like our explanation.

Conclusion – Tools in Kafka

Hence, in this Kafka tool tutorial, we have seen Kafka tool and its different types. Moreover, we discuss a brief introduction of Kafka.

In addition, we saw Kafka system tools and its types as well as Kafka replication tools and its types with syntax. Furthermore, if any doubt occurs regarding Tool in Kafka, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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