Top 5 Apache Kafka Books | Complete Guide To Learn Kafka

In our last Apache Kafka Tutorial, we discussed Kafka Features. Today, in this Kafka Tutorial, we will see 5 famous Apache Kafka Books. Here, we come up with the best 5 Apache Kafka books, especially for big data professionals. Hence, we have organized the absolute best books to learn Apache Kafka to take you from a complete novice to an expert user. Even if you are looking for a career as a Kafka developer or Kafka professional, we are sure that, these Apache Kafka books will help you a lot.

As we all know, Kafka has emerged as a next-generation event streaming system to connect our distributed systems through fault-tolerant and scalable event-driven architectures. Also, Kafka is being used by numerous large enterprises for a variety of use cases. So, it is the peak time to learn Kafka well.
Thus, let’s start a tour to explore Apache Kafka Books.

Apache Kafka Books

Top 5 Apache Kafka Books | Complete Guide To Learn Kafka

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1. Top 5 Apache Kafka Books

Here, is the list of Top 5 Apache Kafka Books given by Kafka experts that guides you completely and increase your understanding for Kafka:

a. Kafka: The Definitive Guide


The book “Kafka: The Definitive Guide” is written by engineers from Confluent and LinkedIn who are responsible for developing Kafka.

They explain how to deploy production Kafka clusters, write reliable event-driven microservices, and build scalable stream-processing applications with this platform. It contains detailed examples as well. Through this including the replication protocol, you’ll learn Kafka’s design principles, reliability guarantees, key APIs, and architecture details, the controller, and the storage layer. However, even if you are new to Apache Kafka as the application architect, developer, or production engineer, this practical guide shows you how to use this open source streaming platform to handle real-time data feeds.

b. Learning Apache Kafka

Learning Apache Kafka

If you want to know more about Apache Kafka at a hands-on level, this Kafka book will be the right choice.

Those who have software development experience but no prior exposure to Apache Kafka or similar technologies, they could be the key audience for this. Also, Learning Apache Kafka is useful for enterprise application developers and big data enthusiasts who have worked with other publisher-subscriber-based systems but still want to explore Kafka as a futuristic solution. Also, you will get to know how Kafka is planned internally and what specifications make it more effective. Lastly, you will learn how Kafka works with other technologies such as Hadoop, Storm, and so on.

c. Apache Kafka Cookbook

Apache kafka Cookbook

This is one of the best Apache Kafka Books. For any language and technologies “Cookbooks” have been the leading choice for learners. The same applies here as well. For beginners to master Kafka, “Apache Kafka Cookbook” is one of the leading Apache Kafka books. This book teaches how to quickly configure and manage your Kafka cluster along with the lesson to use the Apache Kafka cluster and connect it with tools for big data processing. Moreover, we can say it is a practical guide to monitor your Apache Kafka installation.

In addition, it will turn into a good book for you if you are a programmer or big data engineer, those who are using or planning to use Apache Kafka. Apache Kafka Cookbook contains various recipes that will teach you how to effectively use Apache Kafka. Make sure, we might require some basic knowledge of Java. Although keep in mind, this would be your stepping stone for learning how to consume the data in this kind of system, if you don’t know big data tools.

d. Building Data Streaming Applications with Apache Kafka

Building Data Streaming ApplicationsWhile it comes to learn how to use Apache Kafka and the different tools in the Kafka ecosystem in the easiest possible manner, this book for Apache Kafka is the right choice for you. However, to get the most out of this book, some programming experience with Java is required.

It contains knowledge to build efficient real-time streaming applications in Apache Kafka to process data streams along with knowledge to master the core Kafka APIs to set up Apache Kafka clusters and start writing message producers and consumers. In addition, “Building Data Streaming Applications with Apache Kafka” is a comprehensive guide to help you get a solid grasp of the Apache Kafka concepts along with practical examples.

e. Streaming Architecture

Streaming Architecture

This book for Kafka contains best practices for designing a reliable architecture that supports this emerging big-data paradigm. With a focus on the upstream queuing or message-passing layer, the authors of this book help you explore some of the best technologies to handle stream processing and analytics. This book also includes specific use cases to illustrate the effectiveness of these technologies.

“Streaming Architecture”, an Apache Kafka book includes:

  • Key elements in good design for streaming analytics, focusing on the essential characteristics of the messaging layer.
  • How stream-based architectures are helpful to support microservices.
  • Specific use cases such as fraud detection and geo-distributed data streams.

So, this was all about the article “Top 5 Apache Kafka Books”. Hope you like our explanation of Kafka Books

2. Summary

Hence, in this article, we have covered the best Apache Kafka Books for beginners as well as advanced learners. Basically, all these books on Kafka start from fundamentals to advanced levels of Kafka. Any book from this list can help you get up & be moving with Kafka. Thus, you can start with any of these Kafka books. Also, we ensure that there should be at least one book here for everyone regardless of their experience level. Still, if you know any other Kafka Books, feel free to share through the comment section.

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