Apache Kafka Tutorials

Apache Storm Kafka Integration With Configurations and Code   Recently updated !

1. Storm Kafka Integration – Objective In this Kafka Tutorial, we will learn the concept of Storm Kafka Integration. So, in order to make easier for Kafka developers to ingest and publish data streams from Storm topologies, we perform Storm Kafka Integration. However, in the previous chapters we have already learned about Apache Kafka, so here we will start with the brief introduction to Kafka Storm to understand it well. Also, we will discuss Storm architecture, Storm Cluster in this […]

Storm Kafka Integration

Apache Kafka Security

Apache Kafka Security | Need and Components of Kafka   Recently updated !

1. Objective In this Kafka article “Apache Kafka Security”, we will learn the whole concept of Apache Kafka Security. It includes why we need security, introduction to encryption as well as ZooKeeper authentication in detail. We will also see the list of problems which Security can solve easily. Moreover, we will see Kafka authentication and authorization. Also, we will look at ZooKeeper Authentication. So, let’s begin Apache Kafka Security. 2. Apache Kafka Security There are a number of features added in Kafka […]

Kafka Performance Tuning – Ways for Kafka Optimization

1. Objective While planning to have Apache Kafka in production, the only question arises that how we can achieve maximum throughput. However, there are many organizations running Kafka in their production and also they have provided default configuration to maximize Kafka performance. So, in this article “Kafka Performance tuning”, we will describe the configuration we need to take care in setting up the cluster configuration. Also, we will discuss Tuning Kafka Producers, Tuning Kafka Consumers and Tuning Kafka Brokers. So, […]

Kafka Performance tuning

Apache Kafka Workflow

Apache Kafka Workflow | Kafka Pub-Sub Messaging

1. Apache Kafka Workflow After the core concepts of Apache Kafka, in this article, we will learn the whole concept of Apache Kafka Workflow. Also, we will cover Workflow of Pub-Sub Messaging along with Workflow of Queue Messaging / Consumer Group in detail. 2. Introduction to Apache Kafka Workflow Basically, in Apache Kafka Workflow, Kafka is the collection of topics which are separated into one or more partitions and partition is a sequence of messages, where index identifies each message […]

Kafka Streams | Stream & Real-Time Processing   Recently updated !

1. Objective A client library for building applications and microservices, especially, where the input and output data are stored in Apache Kafka clusters is what we call Kafka Streams. Basically, with the benefits of Kafka’s server-side cluster technology, Kafka Streams combines the simplicity of writing and deploying standard Java and Scala applications on the client side. However, there is much more to know about Apache Kafka Streams. So, in this article, we will learn the whole concept of Kafka Streams. […]

Kafka Stream tutorial

Apache Kafka Opertaions

Apache Kafka Operations with commands

1. Objective: Apache Kafka Operations There are several Apache Kafka Operations we can perform on our Kafka cluster. So, in this article, we will discuss all Apache Kafka Operations in detail. It also includes such commands that will help to implement these operations. So, let’s discuss all the Kafka Operations in detail. Have a look at Top 5 Apache Kafka Books 2. Apache Kafka Operations a. Addition and Deletion of Kafka Topics Both automatically and manually we can add and delete […]

Apache Kafka Career Scope with Salary Trends 2018   Recently updated !

1. Objective In this article “Apache Kafka Career Scope with Salary trends”, we will learn about the popularity of Apache Kafka along with its Salary Trends. As we know, the need to gather data and analyze them in real-time has become almost mandatory, in this digital age. Apache projects like Apache Kafka, Storm, and Spark continue to be popular when it comes to Kafka stream processing. Over the years, engineers have also started integrating Kafka with Storm and Spark. Many […]

Kafka Carrer

Spark Streaming Integration

Apache Kafka + Spark Streaming Integration   Recently updated !

1. Objective In order to build real-time applications, Apache Kafka– Spark Streaming Integration are the best combinations. So, in this article, we will learn the whole concept of Spark Streaming Integration in Kafka in detail. Moreover, we will look at Spark Streaming-Kafka example. After this, we will discuss a receiver-based approach and a direct approach in Kafka with Spark Streaming Integration. Also, we will look advantages of direct approach to receiver-based approach.  So, let’s discuss Spark Streaming integration with Apache Kafka. 2. Kafka-Spark […]

Apache Kafka Consumer | Kafka Consumer Group

1. Objective After creating a Kafka Producer to send messages to Apache Kafka cluster. Now, we are creating a consumer to consume messages from the Kafka cluster. Firstly, we will discuss the introduction of Apache Kafka Consumer. Afterwards, we will see an example of it. Also, we are going learn Kafka Consumer Group Example in this article. So, let’s discuss Kafka Consumer in detail. 2. Kafka Consumer An application that reads data from Kafka Topics is what we call a […]

Apache Kafka Consumer

Apache Kafka Producer

Apache Kafka Producer For Beginners 2018

1. Apache Kafka Producer In order to publish messages to an Apache Kafka topic, we use Kafka Producer. However, there is more to learn about Kafka. So, in this Kafka Tutorial, we will learn about Apache Kafka Producer and Kafka Producer Example. Also, we will discuss Configuration Setting for Producer API. So, let’s explore Apache Kafka Producer in detail. 2. What is Kafka Producer? Basically, an application that is the source of the data stream is what we call a […]