Apache Kafka Tutorials

Kafka Hadoop Integration | Integrating Hadoop with Kafka

1. Kafka Integration With Hadoop Today, in this Kafka Hadoop Tutorial, we will discuss Kafka Hadoop Integration. Moreover, we will start this tutorial with Hadoop Introduction. Also, we will see Hadoop Producer and Hadoop Consumer in Kafka Integration with Hadoop. Basically, we can integrate Kafka with the Hadoop technology in order to address different use cases, such as batch processing using Hadoop. So, in this article, “Kafka Hadoop integration” we will learn the procedure to integrate Hadoop with Kafka in […]

Kafka Hadoop Integration | Integrating Hadoop with Kafka

Kafka vs Storm

Kafka vs Storm: Feature Wise Comparison of Kafka & Storm

1. Difference Between Kafka and Storm Today, in this article, “Apache Kafka vs Storm: Difference Between Storm and Kafka” we will see the complete comparison for both Kafka and Storm. So, let’s start with the brief introduction of Kafka and Storm to understand the comparison well. 2. Comparison of Kafka Vs Storm i. What is Kafka In order to enable communication between Kafka Producers and Kafka Consumers using message-based topics, we use Apache Kafka. It is very fast, scalable and […]

Apache Kafka Topic – Architecture & Partitions

1. Kafka Topic In this Kafka article, we will learn the whole concept of a Kafka Topic along with Kafka Architecture. Where architecture in Kafka includes replication, Failover as well as Parallel Processing. In addition, we will also see the way to create a Kafka topic and example of Apache Kafka Topic to understand Kafka well. Moreover, we will see Kafka partitioning and Kafka log partitioning. So, let’s begin with the Kafka Topic. 2. What is Kafka Topic? Simply put, […]

Kafka Topic

Kafka Cluster

Way to Setup Kafka Cluster: Apache Kafka

1. Objective Today, in this Kafka article, we will see Kafka Cluster Setup. This Kafka Cluster tutorial provide us some simple steps to setup Kafka Cluster. In simple words, for high availability of the Kafka service, we need to setup Kafka in cluster mode. So, in this Kafka Cluster document, we will learn Kafka multi-node cluster setup and Kafka multi-broker cluster setup. Also, we will see Kafka Zookeeper cluster setup. So, let’s start Kafka Cluster Setup. 2. Kafka Cluster Setup In order […]

Top 10 Kafka Features | Why Apache Kafka Is So Popular

1. Objective Today, in this Kafka tutorial, we will learn all Kafka Features like scalability, reliability, durability, that shows why Kafka is so popular. We will discuss each features of Kafka in detail. But before that let’s understand what is Kafka. While we learn about Apache Kafka and reads about this huge developer interest in this technology, a question occurs, that what makes this Kafka technology so popular among all. So, let’s start with Kafka Features. 2. What is Apache Kafka? […]

Apache Kafka Features

Kafka Clients

How to Create Kafka Clients: Avro Producer & Consumer Client

1. Objective In this article “How to create Kafka clients”, we will learn to create Apache Kafka clients by using Kafka API. There are several ways of creating Kafka clients such as at-most-once, at-least-once, and exactly-once message processing needs. So, in this Kafka Clients tutorial, we’ll learn the detailed description of all three ways. Moreover, we will see how to use the Avro client in detail. 2. Kafka Clients Prerequisites to create Kafka clients Initially, for creating Kafka Clients, we have to […]

Kafka Queuing: Kafka as a Messaging System

1. Objective In this Apache Kafka tutorial, we will learn the concept of Apache Kafka Queuing. Basically, Queuing in Kafka is one of the models for messaging traditionally. So, let’s begin with the brief introduction to Kafka as a Messaging System, that will help us to understand the Kafka Queuing well. Moreover, we will see some of the applications of Kafka Queue to clear the concept better. So, let’s start with Kafka Queuing. 2. Kafka as a Messaging System There are two […]

Kafka Queuing

Kafka Terminologies

Apache Kafka Terminologies and Concepts

1. Kafka Terminologies Basically, Kafka architecture contains few key terms, like topics, producers, consumers, brokers and many more. To understand Apache Kafka in detail, we must understand these key terms first. So, in this article, “Kafka Terminologies” we will learn all these Kafka Terminologies which will help us to build the strong foundation of Kafka Knowledge. So, let’s begin with Apache Kafka Terminology. 2. List of Kafka Terminologies In this Apache Kafka Tutorial, below is the list of most prominent Kafka […]

Apache Kafka- Serialization and Deserialization With Example

1. Kafka Serialization and Deserialization Today, in this Kafka SerDe article, we will learn the concept to create a custom serializer and deserializer with Kafka. Moreover, we will look at how serialization works in Kafka and why serialization is required. Along with this, we will see Kafka serializer example and Kafka deserializer example. In addition, this Kafka Serialization and Deserialization tutorial provide us with the knowledge of Kafka string serializer and Kafka object serializer.  Basically, Apache Kafka offers the ability that we can easily publish as well as subscribe to […]

Serialization and Deserialization

Kafka Interview Questions

Top 50 Apache Kafka Interview Questions and Answers 2018

1. Kafka Interview Questions and Answers The popularity of Apache Kafka is going high with ample of job opportunities and career prospects in Kafka. Moreover, having Kafka knowledge in this era is a fast track to growth. So, in this article, “Most Popular Kafka Interview Questions and Answers” we have collected the frequently asked Apache Kafka Interview Questions with Answers for both experienced as well as freshers in Kafka Technology. Hence, if you are looking to attend an Apache Kafka interview, this […]