About Apache Kafka Course

Apache Kafka online training course from DataFlair helps you in learning Kafka concepts from basics to advance level. It encompasses concepts such as Kafka architecture and data flow, Kafka components like broker, producer, consumer, topic, etc. The instructor led online Kafka course also covers installation of Kafka on single and multi node cluster, monitoring Kafka using different administration tools, handling of real time data and different best practices of distributed messaging queue along with real time live Kafka project to make you Kafka expert.


Objectives of Apache Kafka online Training

  • 1. Understand Kafka architecture and Kafka configuration on cluster

  • 2. Master various Kafka components - consumer, producer and brokers

  • 3. Perform different operations on topic

  • 4. Integrate Kafka with various consumers

  • 5. Play with Kafka partitions and distribute data between them

  • 6. Understand insights of high & low level Kafka APIs

  • 7. Learn the concepts of latest version of Kafka

  • 8. Develop Real Time Kafka Applications

  • 9. Learn Zookeeper and its installation

  • 10. Learn Kafka Best Practices

  • 11. Master balancing of Kafka Cluster

  • 12. Understand Replication and its importance in kafka

  • 13. Develop Live Kafka Project

Pre-requisites to attend Apache Kafka Training

Knowledge of core Java will be helpful. In case you feel any need to revise your Java concepts, Java course will be added in your LMS as complimentary course with this Kafka online course.

Why you should learn Apache Kafka

apache kafka salary Average salary of Apache Kafka Developers is $135k

shortage of kafka talent McKinsey There will be a shortage of 1.5M kafka experts by 2018

apache kafka market trends Kafka market will reach $99B by 2022 at the CAGR of 42%

apache kafka company priority More than 77% of organizations consider Kafka a top priority
-Peer Research

What will you get from this Kafka training

live online instructor-led sessions 18+ hrs of live online instructor-led sessions by industry veterans

practicals, workshops, labs 50+ hrs of Kafka practicals, workshops, labs and assignments

Kafka case studies Real life Kafka case studies and live Kafka project to solve real problem

Lifetime access Lifetime access to Kafka course, recorded sessions and study material

discussion forum Coach supported discussion forum for query resolution

Industry renowned Kafka certification to give boost to your resume

Personalized one to one career discussion directly with the trainer

Mock interviews & resume preparation to excel in the interviews

Premium job assistance and support to step ahead in your career

course auto upgradation Auto Upgradation of the course and study material in the LMS to latest versions

Who should go for this Kafka Course

Professionals who are willing to learn distributed messaging queue Kafka techniques and future proof their career in queuing and messaging systems. This course will be useful for:

  • 1. Software engineers, leads and architects

  • 2. Project Managers, BI and analytics professionals

  • 3. Big Data professionals willing to accelerate their career as Kafka developer

Apache Kafka Course curriculum

1. Demystify Apache Kafka

1. Introduction to Big data
2. Importance for messaging queue
3. Need for distributed messaging queue
4. Conventional solutions and associated problems
5. Why we need Apache Kafka

2. Kafka introduction

1. What is Apache Kafka
2. Kafka Features and terminologies
3. High level kafka architecture
4. Real life Kafka Case Studies

3. Deep Dive into Kafka Architecture

1. Internals of architecture and core concepts
2. Kafka components - Broker, Producer, Consumer, Topics, Partitions
3. Different versions of Kafka

4. Understanding Broker

1. Working of Broker
2. Broker Deployment
3. Multiple brokers on single machine
4. Decommisioning Brokers

5. Understanding Producer

1. Basics of producer
2. Producer Architecture
3. Producer partition- Custom, Round Robin, Field Based Partition
4. Producer Java API
5. Types of Producer - sync,async
6. Different Producer Configurations
7. Sync and async producer hands on

6. Understanding Consumer

1. Basics of Consumer
2. Consumer Queuing, Consumer Group and Consumer Broadcast
3. Consumer Java API
4. Producer and Consumer Hands On

7. Mirroring Kafka

1. What is mirroring
2. How mirroring works
3. Mirror Maker and its role
4. Kafka Mirroring Hands on
5. Mirror Maker producer and consumer

8. Topics and Partitions

1. Working with topics and updating them
2. Performance optimization and configurations
3. Using Partitions and distribution of partitions
4. Partition reassignment - Automatically migrating
5. Partition reassignment - Manual migrating

9. Replication in Kafka

1. High availability and reliability using Replication
2. ISR - In Sync Replication
3. Primary Replication and Quorum Replication
4. Partition reassignment - Increasing Replication
5. Topic, Partition and Replication Hands on

10. Introduction to Zookeeper

1. What is Zookeeper
2. Leader Election by Zookeeper
3. Applications using Zookeeper
4. Zookeeper Architecture
5. Zookeeper configuration and installation
6. Zookeeper Troubleshooting

11. Installation of Kafka

1. Setup environment and pre-requisites
2. Configuration of different components
3. Deploy Apache Kafka on single node cluster
4. Deploy Apache Kafka on multi-node cluster
5. Balancing Leadership
6. Scaling Kafka cluster and troubleshooting

12. Kafka Advanced Operations

1. Work with multiple topics for different type of data
2. Develop applications using high and low level APIs
3. Buffer data in Apache Kafka
4. Best practices of data distribution
5. Different types of consumers high level & low level
6. Multiple consumers grouping
7. Multiple partitions and multi-threaded consumers
8. Best practices for consumers
9. Configuring multiple producers & consumers together
10. Log Segment and Data Retention
11. Monitoring and management of Kafka Cluster
12. JMX Monitor and Kafka administration tools

13. Introduction to Apache Storm

1. What is Apache Storm
2. Kafka with Storm

14. Real life Kafka project

Live Kafka project based on industry use-case to solve real world problems

Course Plans


 Course mode

 Extensive hands on practicals

Access Duration

Real-life project

Discussion Forum Access

Doubt clearance Session

Complementary Java Course


Job assistance

Resume & Interview Preparation

Interaction in Live class

Personalized career guidance 

Course Objective

Self-Paced Pro Course

Rs. 9990 | $181

Rs. 5990 | $109

Video Based

Yes, in recordings & in LMS


Yes, with support


Through Discussion Forum

Yes, with lifetime access

Yes, post course completion

Express Learning

Live Instructor-Led Course

Rs. 16990 | $309

Rs. 11990 | $218

Live Online With Trainer

Yes, live with instructor & in LMS


Yes, with support


Yes, regular sessions

Yes, with lifetime access

Yes, post course completion

100% interactive classes

Yes, from instructor

Job readiness

Customer Reviews

Mussie Kesete
Mussie KeseteQuality Engineer at Abbott
I feel full confidence about Big Data and Hadoop now and I know that I am Hadoop expert now. Trainer is a very knowledgeable and well organized, he answered all my questions and my class mates questions at the right ...

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Deepak Shivamurthy
Deepak ShivamurthyFreelancer , Technology and Management Consultant
Absolutely confident about Hadoop, which i can further reinforce by rerunning through the class recordings and text reading. You presented the topics in such simplistic manner to grasp smoothly. Trainer has amazing energy and enthusiasm. Ensured every single query of ...

View More

Gaurav Lagad
Gaurav LagadSoftware Engineer, Amazon India
I was a bit afraid when I was about to enroll my name for Big data Hadoop online training. But all my expectations were fulfilled, in fact I am finishing off this course with great satisfaction and I definitely think ...

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Shubham Kedia
Shubham KediaData Scientist at FICO
Analytical Science trainee at FICO, Brazil.After attending the training, it feels really good now. I can confidently now say that I know hadoop.The course contents and material provided were really helpful. The trainer got a lot of talent. He did ...

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Abhilash Reddy Kantareddy
Abhilash Reddy KantareddyBI Data Analytics Developer at Beacon Health Options, Greater Boston
The Big Data Hadoop course from Data Flair is really good. The introduction really grabbed my attention to attend this course and Now I am having a clear flow about Hadoop, which really helped me. Thank you..Good thing about Data ...

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Gautam Goswami
Gautam Goswami Technical Architect at Amplifi Commerce, India
Excellent Training Experience. You have covered from basic to customization of various components in Hadoop. I feel for experience professional, providing a solid foundation. Excellent Course Contents and material. Course content and materials provided a transparent window to the world ...

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Paresh Gandhi
Paresh GandhiSenior Oracle Dba at Wilkinson Nottingham, United Kingdom
I have learnt a lot from the Big Data training course. It is exactly what I was looking for, couldn’t have been better.The course material is of highest quality and was very useful to go through the recorded sessions to ...

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Anish Gupta
Anish GuptaStudent at Nit Calicut
Got job in Morgan Stanley as fresher just after completion of trainingThe training session was very informative. When I started the training I had no clue about the situation that I’ll be the only college student in the batch. But ...

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Apache Kafka Training FAQs

How will you help me if I miss any session?

If you miss any session, you can go through the recorded session that will be uploaded in LMS immediately as the session gets over. You can then get your queries cleared from the instructor in next session. Alternatively you can attend the missed session in any other batch running parallely.

How will I do practicals at home?

Instructor will help you in setting virtual machine on your own system at which you can do practicals anytime from anywhere. Manual to set virtual machine will be available in your LMS in case you want to go through the steps again. Virtual machine can be set on MAC or Windows machine also.

How long will the course recording available with me?

You will have lifetime access to the recordings along with the complete study material, POCs, project etc.

What things do I need to attend online classes?

To attend online training, you just need a laptop or PC with a good internet connection of around 1 MBPS (But lesser speed of 512 KBPS will also work). Broadband connection or data card will work fine.

How can I get my doubts cleared post class gets over?

If you have doubts during session, you can get it cleared from the instructor immediately. If you get queries after the session, you can get it cleared from the instructor in the next session. Post training, you can post your query over discussion forum and our support team will assist you.

When will I get access to Learning Management System?

As soon as you enroll for the course, you will get access to LMS and then it will be there for lifetime. Complimentary course will also be added immediately for you to start learning.

How this training will help me in getting job?

Our training consists of multiple workshops, POCs, project etc. to ake you ready to work in industry. You will be assisted in resume preparation and Mock interview to help you in facing interviews. We will also guide you with the job openings matching your resume. All this will help you in landing your dream job in Big Data industry.

What will be the end result of doing this course?

You will gain all the practical and theoretical knowledge that industry is looking for and will become Apache Kafka expert who is ready to take Kafka Projects.

How will I be able to interact with the instructor during training?

You can talk with the instructor as you do on telephone or can also interact via chatting as both voice nd chat will be enabled for interaction.

Is this classroom training or online?

This is completely online training with a batch size of 8-10 students only. You can interact with trainer through voice or chat and individual attention will be provided to all. The trainer ensures that every student gets all the concepts taught before proceeding ahead. So there will be complete environment of classroom learning.

Can I enroll now and join the classes in a later batch?

Yes you can register whenever you feel to do so and can join any upcoming future batches at any point of time.

What are the payment options?

You can do the payment via credit card, debit card or net banking through any of the banks. You can use our payment gateway Payu for payment in INR. For payments in USD, you can do via Paypal. We also have part payment option.

What are the system requirements to learn Kafka?

Recommended is minimum of i3 processor, 20 GB disk and 4 GB RAM in order to learn Kafka although students have learnt Kafka on 2 GB RAM as well

What if I have any further queries or doubts about the course?

For further queries, you can contact us on +91-8451097879 or drop mail at info@data-flair.com