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In our last Kafka tutorial, we discussed Kafka vs RabbitMQ. Today, we will see Kafka Career Opportunities. Moreover, we will see Kafka Salary trends with different job roles.

Also, we will see the popularity of Apache Kafka and discuss why one should learn Kafka. With this, we will get to know how Kafka is going to be a better career option for you.

As we know, the need to gather data and analyze them in real-time has become almost mandatory, in this digital age. Apache projects like Apache Kafka, Storm, and Spark continue to be popular when it comes to Kafka stream processing.

Over the years, engineers have also started integrating Kafka with Storm and Spark. Many companies are adopting Apache Kafka very rapidly. That is, career in Kafka and Kafka jobs are increasing day by day.

So, let’s discuss the Apache Kafka Career Scope in detail.

Why Kafka is so Popular?

One of the biggest Clusters of Kafka has been deployed by LinkedIn. Also, has reported saying “Back in 2011, it was ingesting more than 1 billion events a day. Recently, it has reported ingestion rates of 1 trillion messages a day.”

In addition, Redmonk’s analysis reveals a surprising fact saying “Kafka is increasingly in demand for use in servicing workloads like IoT, among others.”

Since, its emergence due to the special features that distinguish it from other similar tools, this powerful technology has created a lot of buzzes. Moreover, its unique design makes it suitable for several software architectural challenges.

Tech leaders who have implemented it:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Netflix
  • MozillaOracle

Apache Kafka Career

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In Kafka career, let’s have a look at the job trend for Kafka from a global or sort-of global standpoint. However, the census only belongs to U.K. still it gives us a very good idea of how Kafka is doing.

Career in Kafka- Increasing Growth of Apache Kafka

Career in Kafka- Increasing Growth of Apache Kafka

The above image shows that Kafka has been doing pretty good. Also, you can see Kafka has moved up the rank and has more than double the number of jobs than in 2012. (Source: itjobswatch.co )

Apache Kafka Salary Trends

For making a career in Kafka, you must be aware of Kafka salaries. When it comes to real-time processing, Kafka has been the buzzword lately. As per the high demand, the pay package for professionals with Kafka skill is on par with industry standards.

Similarly, here also the census only belongs to U.K. but you can get a good idea about Kafka Salary trends.

Now, Kafka salary according to payscale.com-

Kafka Career - Salary Statistics

Kafka Career – Salary Statistics

The below image also indicates a steady and zooming growth from early 2012 that is still on the rise. (Source: itjobswatch.co )

Kafka Career

Kafka Career- Kafka Growth

Job Roles in Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is highly recommended for the following professionals:

a. Kafka Developers

People who want to accelerate their career as a ‘Kafka Big Data Developer’.

b. Kafka Testing Professionals

Those who are currently working on Queuing and Messaging Systems must learn Apache Kafka.

c. Big Data Architects in Kafka

People who would like to include Kafka in their ecosystem.

d. Kafka Project Managers

Those who are involved in projects related to messaging systems.

So, this was all about Apache Kafka Career Scope with Salary Trends. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, in Kafka career tutorial, we have seen that how Apache Kafka has become the de-facto standard for real-time data analytics. Also, one can be assured to excel in their Big Data Analytics career, with Kafka.

Moreover, we discussed the popularity of Apache Kafka, Kafka salary with the help of graph. Also, we discussed Kafka growth and understand that who should learn Kafka. Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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