Top 10 Kafka Features | Why Apache Kafka Is So Popular

1. Objective

Today, in this Kafka tutorial, we will learn all Kafka Features like scalability, reliability, durability, that shows why Kafka is so popular. We will discuss each feature of Kafka in detail. But before that let’s understand what is Kafka. While we learn about Apache Kafka and reads about this huge developer interest in this technology, a question occurs, that what makes this Kafka technology so popular among all.
So, let’s start with Kafka Features.

Apache Kafka Features

Top 10 Kafka Features | Why Kafka Is So Popular

2. What is Apache Kafka?

To handle a high volume of data and enables us to pass messages from one end-point to another, Apache Kafka is a distributed publish-subscribe messaging system. It is suitable for both offline and online message consumption. Moreover, in order to prevent data loss, Kafka messages are persisted on the disk and replicated within the cluster. In addition, it is built on top of the ZooKeeper synchronization service. While it comes to real-time streaming data analysis, it can also integrate very well with Apache Storm and Spark. There are many more features of Apache Kafka. Let’s discuss them in detail.

3. Top 10 Apache Kafka Features

Here, is the list of most important Apache Kafka features:

a. Scalability

Apache Kafka can handle scalability in all the four dimensions, i.e. event producers, event processors, event consumers and event connectors. In other words, Kafka scales easily without downtime.
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b. High-Volume

Kafka can work with the huge volume of data streams, easily.

c. Data Transformations

Kafka offers provision for deriving new data streams using the data streams from producers.
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d. Fault Tolerance

The Kafka cluster can handle failures with the masters and databases.

e. Reliability

Since Kafka is distributed, partitioned, replicated and fault tolerant, it is very Reliable.

f. Durability

It is durable because Kafka uses Distributed commit log, that means messages persists on disk as fast as possible.
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g. Performance

For both publishing and subscribing messages, Kafka has high throughput. Even if many TB of messages is stored, it maintains stable performance.

h. Zero Downtime

Kafka is very fast and guarantees zero downtime and zero data loss.

i. Extensibility

There are as many ways by which applications can plug in and make use of  Kafka. In addition, offers ways by which to write new connectors as needed.
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j. Replication

By using ingest pipelines, it can replicate the events.
So, this was all about Apache Kafka Features. Hope you like our explanation.

4. Conclusion – Kafka Features

Hence, we have seen the best Apache Kafka features, that makes it very popular among all. However, if you want to ask any query regarding these features of Kafka, feel free to ask through the comment tab. Hope it helps!
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