SOQL vs SOSL Salesforce | Comparison of SOSL and SOQL

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1. Objective

In this Salesforce tutorial, we will see SOQL vs SOSL. Firstly, we will start with the definition of SOSL Salesforce and SOQL Salesforce. Then, we will see a feature wise difference between SOQL vs SOSL.
So, let’s start the comparison of SOQL vs SOSL.


SOQL vs SOSL Salesforce | Comparison of SOSL and SOQL

2. Comparison of SOSL and SOQL

a. What is SOQL?

SOQL stands for Salesforce Object Query LanguageIt utilizes the Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to develop basic yet intense inquiry strings in the queryString parameter in the question() call, in Apex explanations, in Visualforce controllers and getter techniques, or in the Schema Explorer of the IDE.
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Like the SELECT summon in Structured Query Language (SQL), SOQL enables you to indicate the source protest, (for example, Account), a rundown of fields to recover, and conditions for choosing columns in the source question. SOQL utilizes the SELECT explanation joined with sifting articulations to return sets of information, which may alternatively be requested.

b. What is SOSL?

SOSL stands for Salesforce Object Search Language. It Utilizes the Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL) to build content inquiries in the inquiry() call, in Apex proclamations, in Visualforce controllers and getter techniques, or the Schema Explorer of the Eclipse Toolkit.
Not at all like SOQL, which can just inquiry one question at any given moment, SOSL empowers you to seek content, email, and telephone fields for various protests at the same time.

3. SOQL vs SOSL – Speed

SOQL and SOSL have distinctive files. A record makes it significantly quicker to channel questions.
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SOQL files are:

  • Primary keys (Id, Name and Owner fields)
  • Foreign keys (query or ace detail relationship fields)
  • Audit dates, (for example, LastModifiedDate)
  • Custom fields set apart as External ID or Unique.

Fields that can’t be ordered in SOQL are:

  • Multi-select picklists
  • Cash fields in a multicurrency association
  • Long content fields
  • Some equation fields
  • Binary (fields of sort blob, record, or encoded content.)

Note that new information writes, regularly complex ones, might be added to Salesforce and fields of these sorts may not permit custom order.
SOSL files are:
This is the one point where my discourse is frail. I just can’t discover Salesforce documentation on the SOSL records. I know there are standard fields like Name that are recorded, yet I can’t discover the documentation for every last bit of it. On the off chance that anybody can post a remark or potentially alter the post here to incorporate that information, I would truly value it.
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4. SOQL vs SOSL – Limitations

Basically, on the ground rule, SOSL and SOQL bath have the same amount of limitations. As per the government rules its stated below:

Total number of SOQL queries issued100
Total number of SOQL queries issued for Batch Apex and future methods200
Total number of records retrieved by SOQL queries50,000
Total number of records retrieved by Database.getQueryLocator10,000
Total number of SOSL queries issued20
Total number of records retrieved by a single SOSL query200

5. SOQL vs SOSL – Syntax

SOQL syntax and SOSL syntax both differ a lot when it comes to syntax. Best could be understood by an example:
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SELECT Id, Name FROM Account WHERE Name = 'Acme'

Return all Accounts where the Name is exactly Acme.

FIND {Joe Smith} IN Name Fields RETURNING lead(name, phone)

The difference could be seen in the name of Joe Smith in the name field of lead and return the name as well as the phone number.
So, this was all in SOQL vs SOSL Salesforce. Hope you like our explanation.

6. Conclusion

Hence, in this Salesforce tutorial, we learned what are the various difference between the two terms in Salesforce, that is SOSL and SOQL on the basis of definition, speed, limitations, and syntax. Still, if any doubt regarding SOQL vs SOSL, ask in the comment tab.
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