Salesforce Lightning Tutorial – Benefits & Components

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1. Salesforce Lightning Platform

In this Salesforce Lightning tutorial, we will see the introduction to Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Lightning Experience. Moreover, we will discuss the benefits, components, and designs in Salesforce Lightning experience.
So, let’s start the Salesforce Lightning Tutorial.

Salesforce Lightning Tutorial - Benefits & Components

Salesforce Lightning Tutorial – Benefits & Components

2. What is Lightning in Salesforce?

Lightning incorporates the Lightning Component Framework and some energizing devices for engineers. It makes the lightning less demanding to construct responsive applications for any gadget.
Lightning incorporates these advancements:

  • Lightning segments give you a customer server structure that quickens improvement, and additionally application execution, and is perfect for use with the Salesforce portable application and Salesforce Lightning Experience.

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  • The Lightning App Builder engages you to assemble applications outwardly, without code, snappier than at any other time utilizing off-the-rack and custom-fabricated Lightning segments. You can make your Lightning parts accessible in the Lightning App Builder so executives can manufacture custom UIs without code.

3. Salesforce Lightning Benefits

Below, discussed are some benefits of Lightning in Salesforce, let’s see them one by one:

Salesforce Lightning Tutorial - Benefits & Components

Salesforce Lightning Benefits

a. Built Apps Faster

The Lightning Platform conveys out-of-the-container instruments and administrations to computerize your business forms, incorporate with outside applications, give responsive designs and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. From no-code developers to ace code devices, the Lightning Platform’s endeavor administrations and metadata-driven, multi-occupant cloud engineering imply that you can center around what improves your business from the opposition.
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b. Make Custom Business Logic

The Lightning Platform gives simple approaches to make and modify business rationale. We make it simple to construct whole applications utilizing only snaps with instruments including App Builder, Community Builder, and the sky is the limit from there. Also, you can turbocharge your business rationale and take care of difficult issues with code devices and systems like Apex. Like Java, Apex is a protest arranged dialect that works in the cloud and has APIs for making, ordering and investigating code.

c. Modify Your User Interface

The Lightning Component Framework — an advanced structure for creating computerized segments — utilizes Apex on the server side and JavaScript on the customer side. Intuitive your parts in Lightning App Builder to plan your work area and portable applications easily. What you find in Lightning App Builder is the thing that you get, so there won’t be inquiries regarding you’re making and what your clients are taking a gander at.
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d. Effectively Coordinate With Outsider Applications and Frameworks

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The intensity of the Lightning Platform in Salesforce implies you can outline and assemble your applications utilizing an assortment of systems. You can utilize no-code mix abilities like Salesforce Connect and the new External Services Wizard to promptly interface numerous frameworks. Or on the other hand, you can utilize an exhaustive suite of REST and SOAP APIs for specific coordination requests.

e. Construct Together With Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX empowers your group to construct applications together utilizing the apparatuses you adore while moving quickly and conveying esteem. Utilize expansions we accommodate VS Code, however in the event that you cherish IntelliJ or Sublime you can utilize those as well. We’ve made it less demanding for you to ceaselessly create and convey your applications with an emphasis on testing administrations and devices with enhanced conveyance using bundling and change sets.
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So, this was all in the Salesforce Lightning Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation.

4. Conclusion

Hence, in this Salesforce Lightning Tutorial, what is lightning and saw Salesforce Lightning Benefits. Moreover, we discussed Salesforce Lightning Experience and design of Salesforce Lightning. Still, if any doubt, you can freely ask in the comment tab. We will definitely get back to you.
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