Salesforce Chatter | Salesforce Case and Case Management

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1. Objective – Salesforce Chatter & Case

In this Salesforce tutorial, we will discuss two different terms i.e. Salesforce Chatter and Salesforce Case. Moreover, Chatter in Salesforce, the first portion of the tutorial, includes features and exact meaning of Salesforce Chatter. In the 2nd portion, we will see Case in Salesforce. Also, we discuss Salesforce Case Management which contains benefits and the ways of creating Salesforce Case. Along with this, we will learn Closing Case and Delete Salesforce Case.

So, let’s start the tutorial with Salesforce Chatter.

Salesforce Chatter | Salesforce Case and Case Management

Salesforce Chatter | Salesforce Case and Case Management

2. What is Salesforce Chatter?

Salesforce Chatter gives clients a chance to work together on deals openings, benefit cases, battles, and activities with installed applications and custom activities. Salesforce associations made after June 22, 2010, have Chatter as of now empowered for all clients as a matter of course. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you just need certain parts of your association to utilize Chatter in Salesforce. You can complete a profile-based rollout of Chatter. With a profile-based rollout, just the clients that have been relegated the required client profile or authorization sets approach Chatter in Salesforce. The profile-based rollout of Chatter is valuable for bigger organizations and government offices with administrative limitations. It enables them to design a controlled rollout and send Chatter on a division by-office premise.

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We suggest taking off Salesforce Chatter for all clients in your association, except if your organization doesn’t need all clients to have full access to Chatter. Chatter in Salesforce is secure and works as per all the security and consent settings in your association.

3. Salesforce Chatter Features

Below, we are discussing the main features of Salesforce Chatter:

Salesforce Chatter

Features of Salesforce Chatter

a. Profile-Based Chatter Rollout Overview

The profile-based rollout of Chatter empowers Salesforce Chatter for a subset of clients rather than all clients in the association.

b. Encryption for Chatter in Salesforce

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Encryption for Salesforce Chatter empowers you to encode touchy information when it’s put away, and not exactly when it’s transmitted over a system. As of the Winter ’18 discharge, mass encryption and decoding of Chatter information are for the most part accessible.

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c. Chatter Settings

Chatter is empowered as a matter of course in Salesforce and the Salesforce application. Design different Chatter includes and tweaks the Chatter understanding for your clients on the Salesforce Chatter Settings page in setup.

d. Publisher Actions and Layouts

Activities add usefulness to the Salesforce Chatter distributer, let your clients accomplish more in Salesforce over all gadgets.

e. Enables and Assign Permissions to Use Code Snippets

Utilize code bits to enter language structure featured code tests through the distributor in Lightning Experience and self-benefit networks in view of the Customer Service format. To make code pieces accessible, empower them and allot the authorization to utilize them. There are two different ways to empower and allocate code scrap consent: through a client profile (stage 1) or through an authorization set (stage 2).

f. Feed Tracking

Feed following tracks changes to items and fields and posts them as updates in the What I Follow Feed. Clients who take after a record, see those updates in their perspective of What I Follow, with one special case. Updates clients make themselves aren’t presented on What I Follow. Clients can see those updates in their profile nourishes.

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4. What is Salesforce Case?

A Case in Salesforce is a client’s inquiry, feedback or issue. Review specialists can survey cases to perceive how they can convey better administration. Sales reps can utilize cases to perceive how they influence the business procedure. Reacting to cases keeps your clients happy and enhances your breands image.
Correspondence channels assemble cases from clients’ favored types of contact. Channels incorporate Communities for online discussions, Email-to-Case for messages, Web-to-Case for sites, Salesforce Call Center for telephone calls, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
On the Salesforce Case landing page, you can make, find, and alter cases and furthermore sort and channel cases and lines utilizing standard and custom rundown sees.

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5. Salesforce Case Management

A Case in Salesforce is a clarification of appraisal, an inquiry or a complexity of a customer. To record and resolve client issues, you can utilize cases. You can rapidly and effectively make, alter, find and view cases utilizing the case tab. Your clients can likewise make cases on your Customer Portal, Self-Service entryway, or Chatter Answers.

Salesforce Chatter

Salesforce Case Management

a. Key Benefits of Salesforce Case Management

Below, discussed are some benefits of Salesforce Case Management:

  • Centralize: We can follow customer support cooperations from here.
  • Integrate: Deal with cases all more rapidly by incorporating case data with existing learning bases or Salesforce Knowledge, an information base intended to help comprehend cases.
  • Streamline: Your business procedures can be upgraded by setting up programmed case heightening and workflow tasks.

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b. Ways to Create Salesforce Case

  • Your administrator can design Web-to-Case and Email-to-case or On-Demand Email-to-case to consequently catch the case of your site and messages clients.
  • Your clients can log their own particular cases from a network, Customer Portal, Self-Service entry, or Chatter Answers.
  • You can make cases physically from the Cases tab, the Cases related rundown, or, contingent upon how your manager has set up your association, in the feed on record detail pages.
  • You can bring up an unanswered or unverifiable inquiry into another case on the off chance that you have an answers network.

6. Closing Case in Salesforce

Case in Salesforce can be shut from a few areas relying upon the settings for the association. An overseer or client with the “Manage Cases” consent can close various cases at one time utilizing the Close catch on the cases list page. For cases that are comparable and have a similar arrangement can be shut together at one time.

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  • Click Close Case working on the case detail page, Cls on the Cases related rundown, or Save and Close while altering the case. In the event that empowered by your overseer, you can choose ‘Shut’ from the Status field on case alter pages and snap Save without following alternate advances.
  • Select the Status, Case Reason, and some other fields as required. Uncheck ‘Submit to open arrangements’ whether you would prefer not to submit for the survey by your answer supervisors. Leaving this field checked naturally connects the case to the arrangement.
  • On the off chance that there is a contact related with this case, select the Notify contact on case close checkbox to send an email in light of the Case Close Template to the contact when the case is shut.
  • Snap Save or Save and Create Article. The article choice accessible if your association utilizes Salesforce Knowledge and article accommodation empowers amid Salesforce Case Close.

7. Deleting Salesforce Case

  • To delete a Case in Salesforce, click Del alongside the case on the cases list page, or click Delete looking into the issue detail page.
  • Clients who don’t have the “Delete” authorization on cases, Del connection and Delete catch don’t show for them.

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  • At the point when we delete a case, every single related occasion and errands, case remarks, and connections additionally erase.
  • Related contacts, records, and arrangements don’t delete with the Salesforce Case.
  • The deleted case move to the recycle bin. In the event that you undelete the case, all the related things additionally get reestablish.

So, this was all in Salesforce Case. Hope you like our explanation of Chatter in Salesforce

8. Conclusion – Case & Chatter in Salesforce

Hence, in this Salesforce tutorial, we discussed two terms that are, Chatter in Salesforce and Case in Salesforce. Moreover, we saw Salesforce Case Management and its benefits. Also, we covered creating a Salesforce Case. Along with this, we discussed the features of Salesforce Chatter. At last, we discussed the closing case and deleting case in Salesforce. Furthermore, if you have any query regarding Chatter and Case in Salesforce, you can freely ask in the comment tab.

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