Learn Salesforce CPQ Tutorial (Configure Price Quote)

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1. Salesforce CPQ

Today, in this Salesforce Tutorial, we will see Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price Quote). Moreover, CPQ Salesforce Tutorial contains the meaning of CPQ Salesforce and its working.

So, let’s start the CPQ Salesforce Tutorial.

Learn Salesforce CPQ Tutorial (Configure Price Quote)

Learn Salesforce CPQ Tutorial (Configure Price Quote)

2. What is CPQ Salesforce?

With Salesforce CPQ, you and your sales team can produce quotes quickly, with the lowest effort and lowest error. Here’s a bit rhyme to introduce you to the wonders of CPQ:

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  • The C is for Configure. You decide out what they’ll buy.
  • The P is for Price. We have a tendency to add it up, simple as pie.
  • The Q is for Quote: A pleasant PDF for you.

And that’s what you get with Salesforce CPQ.
Now let’s spell it get into detail.

a. C is for Configure

You start by answering a couple of straightforward questions about your client and what they’re looking for. For instance, is your client a commercial, government, or academic institution? Based on your answer to the current and alternative questions specific to your sales process at time solutions, you see a tailored list of products. Salesforce CPQ uses some of the reliable rules to create sure you and your reps sell connected product together and to forestall incompatible product from ending up on an equivalent quote.

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b. P is for Price

You just have to search for a proper price for the product that you’re marketing, and Salesforce CPQ is the pricing supply of truth. You and your representatives will apply and will be able to use discounts, whereas Salesforce CPQ handles the remainder, together with the maths. Yes, Salesforce CPQ will do all the maths, automatically. You specialize in your customers, not your calculator.

c. Q is for Quote

In no time, you’re able to generate a PDF with all quote details and send it to your client with only 1 click. As a result of you’ll be able to customize the look of your company’s quotes, they seem professional, and once the entire team uses Salesforce CPQ, each quote looks in line with the remainder. The quote is also dynamic, so in case your quote needs special terms, they seem automatically. Add e-signature integration, and you’ll be closing deals faster than ever.

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3. Why CPQ Salesforce?

Well perhaps not sticky notes, there’s been a lot of manual change happening.
Bottom line: you know you would like a replacement solution as a result of your current system isn’t operating.
You and the alternative eternity Solutions sales representatives assemble quotes by hand and hope you’ve got the correct product and prices.
Your customers look forward to a quote that will not be accurate once it finally arrives.

Let’s revise the Salesforce List Controller

At the end of the day, with enough effort, you do shut your deals. Eventually, you’ve thought of building a native answer to assist the method to move a bit quicker. However, you recognize that these solutions are usually troublesome to keep up. At your last job, only one person knew how to maintain the tool, which person single-handed kept the ship afloat.
You also try to understand that if infinity Solutions builds its own CPQ tools, you’ll be lucky if the tools play nicely with Salesforce and different systems and give you complete integration. If you’re not lucky, your team will have to be compelled to hire somebody to manually transfer data across all of your systems.
Finally, simply because infinity Solutions has an established sales method doesn’t mean that every one your sales reps follow that method. Some on your team want to facilitate to follow the rules, and rule enforcement takes time. you recognize you’ve got better ways that to pay that point.

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4. Make Customers VIPs Faster With CPQ

You and your remaining sales team at eternity solutions need to shut deals, fast. It’s one amongst the reasons you utilize Salesforce. It’s in total is a good reason to dedicate some time to this module, wherever you’ll learn about Salesforce CPQ, a native Salesforce app that helps you and your team close deals even quicker.
So, this was all in Salesforce CPQ. Hope you like our explanation.

5. Conclusion – Salesforce CPQ

In this Salesforce CPQ tutorial, we learned what is CPQ Salesforce, its terminologies along with its working. Also, we discussed why CPQ salesforce. Still, if you have any doubt regarding Salesforce CPQ, ask in the comment tab. 

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