Java Career Opportunities | Career for Java Developers

1. Objective

In our last Java tutorial, we discussed pros and cons of Java. Today, we will see different Java career Opportunities. Moreover, this guide to Java Career Opportunities will provide us the information of various Java Career Options, as well as salary in Java Career. Along with this, we will discuss various Java Job roles and the skills require for Java Developer. 

So, let’s start Java Career Opportunity.

Java Career Opportunities

Java Career Opportunities | Career for Java Developers

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2. Java Career Opportunities

According to Oracle Corporation, by 2006 over 30,000 organizations had become Fusion Middleware customers, together with over thirty five of the world’s 5th largest firms. The other huge player is IBM additionally using Java. The remainder of the market is taken by Microsoft.
So still there’s huge demand for Java Programmers all told over the globe. You can take Oracle Java Certification to boost your profile for higher choice.
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3. Various Java Career Options

In this guide to career opportunities in Java, below we are discussing different Java Career Options:

  • Junior programmer/ coder/ software engineer/ engineer/ applied scientist/ technologist/ computer user— You’ll begin as a junior programmer and stay during this position the primary 3-4 years of your career. You duties can primarily carries with it coding, debugging, taking part in code reviews, and technical documentation. At this stage, you must additionally concentrate your energies on gaining additional data of the Java scheme and obtaining certified in one or additional areas.
  • Senior computer programmer — As you gain additional expertise, data and probably certifications, you transition into a senior computer programmer role. Here you’ll have increasing responsibilities, mentoring junior programmers yet as obtaining concerned within the overall style and implementation of the computer code. Whereas you must still expect to be concerned in coding, you’ll even have an additional customer-facing role wherever you may have to be compelled to train the users (internal or external) of your computer code. At now, your focus ought to get on transitioning to an additional social control track, with additional education and certifications resulting in a similar.
  • Architect — At this stage, with 10+ years of expertise within the trenches, you’ll have an architect-level role that embrace duties of interfacing with the purchasers and shoppers of your computer code, collection and analyzing necessities, and responsibility for the general design of the system. You’ll additionally battle a progressively managerial role, together with interfacing with upper management.

Java is presently leading the pack within the enterprise back-end market and also the android mobile application development market. the long run appearance bright for Java after you think about the mixing of recent language options admire lambda expressions and streams in JDK 8. according to Oracle, there area unit 9 million Java developers within the world who still work with Java for several reasons admire usefulness, compatibility, reliableness and easy use. With plans already afoot to introduce new language options, like worth varieties, in JDK 10, Java would possibly furthermore emerge because the programming language of the Year even 10 years down the line!
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4. Java Programming Salary

According to, the common earnings for a Java Developer within the USA is $102,000 with salaries for job postings nationwide being seventy seven beyond average salaries. The graphic below shows the earnings growth trend for Java programming within us.

Java career opportunities

Java career opportunities – Java Programming Salary

In India the story is not any completely different. In keeping with, the median total get hold of a Java programmer/developer in India is Rs. 436,104 with total money increasing with expertise level.
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5. Java Job Roles

Here are a number of the work roles that area unit obtainable for a professional with Java skills, These Java Career Opportunities are:

  • Java Developer
  • Java architect
  • Web Developer
  • Database Administrator

The average salaries (USA) for corresponding Java job roles are given below:

Java career opportunities

Java career opportunities – Java Job Roles

i. Java Programmer Skills

A top-notch Java programmer, are going to be skillful within the following skills:
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  • Enterprise Java Beans
  • Oracle info SQL and JDBC
  • XML, X query, XSL
  • J2EE framework
  • JSP
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Java based web services
  • Java Servlet Technology
Java career opportunities

Career opportunities – National Salary Trend

Area unit aplenty everywhere the world. a fast search on reveals that acknowledged corporations admire Amazon net Services, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Akamai Technologies, JPMorgan Chase and Hewlett Packard Enterprise among others area unit searching for Java developers. The time is ripe to up-skill and make the most of the Java career opportunities that come back your method.

Java career opportunities

Career Opportunities in Java – Java Jobs

So, this was all in Java Career Opportunity. Hope you like our explanation.
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6. Conclusion

In this Java tutorial, we learned about the various career opportunities in Java. Moreover, we discussed Java Job roles, skills for Java Developer, and salary in java Programming language. Still, if any doubt regarding Java Career Opportunities, ask in the comment tab.
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