Java Mock Test | Test your Java Knowledge In Just 5 Minutes

1. Java Mock Test

Earler we have discussed few parts of Java Mock Test. Today, we will see the last and the bset part of Java Quiz that is Java Mock Test part 7. This quiz contains a variety of Java questions which will help to move ahead in Java. Also, with this Java Mock test you can prepare your self for the basic and technical Java interview. After completing this Java Mock test you will get a free guide for your Java interview.

So, let’s start the Java Mock Test.

Java Mock Test | Test your Java Knowledge In Just 5 Minutes

Java Mock Test | Test your Java Knowledge In Just 5 Minutes

All the best for the quiz! - Java Quiz Part 7

Q.1 Which of those isn't an interface within the Collections Framework?
Q.2 Which interface restricts duplicate elements?
Q.3 Which of those assortment categories has the flexibility to grow dynamically?
Q.4 The efficiency and accuracy of a HashMap are often warranted with:
Override equals method
Override hashCode method

Q.5 A HashMap permits the existence of:
null values
one null key
Q.6 In an Iterator what implementation will traverse a collection in each direction?
Q.7 The Comparable interface contains that called?
Q.8 Which is quicker and uses less memory?
Q.9 What Iterator will throw a ConcurrentModificationException?
Fail-fast Iterators
Fail-safe Iterators
Q.10 State the number of default number of segments in Concurrent HashMap.
Q.11 Which is best suited to a multi-threaded environment?
Q.12 The default capacity of a Vector is:
Q.13 Which doesn't implement the collection interface?
Q.14 The default capacity of an ArrayList is:
Q.15 Which of the following provides higher performance for the insertion and removal from the center of the list?
Q.16 An unordered array has a search time complexity of:
Q.17 The add and take away methods of TreeSet have a time complexity of:
Q.18 After resizing, size of ArrayList is increased by :
Q.19 After resizing, size of Vector is accumulated by:
Q.20 Deque and Queue are derived from:
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Hope you enjoyed this Java Mock Test. Now, as we said here is the guide for Java Interview.

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