Java Online Quiz – Test Your Knowledge in 7 Min. Only

1. Java Online Quiz

Earlier we saw Java Quiz Part 1. This Java online quiz will help you to clear your java concepts and also check your java knowledge. It will increase your confidence while appearing for Java interview. Answer all these Java online quiz questions and follow the relevant link for better Java understanding.

Java Online Quiz

Java Online Quiz 2018 – Test Your Knowledge

So, ALL THE BEST!! for this Java Online Quiz.

All the best for the quiz! - Java Quiz part 2

Q.1 What guarantees type-safety in a collection?
Q.2 HashSet internally uses?
Q.3 The most used interfaces from the collection framework are?
Q.4 The root interface of Java collection framework hierarchy is -
Q.5 Which of those is synchronized?
Q.6 ArrayList implements that of the following?
Q.7 Which of those permits the storage of the many null values?
Q.8 nextIndex() and previousIndex() are methods of that interface?
Q.9 Vector extends that of these?
Q.10 LinkedList implements?
Q.11 In Iterator, nextElement() method of Enumeration has been changed to:
Q.12 Enumeration returned by Vector is?
Q.13 From Java five onwards, that one among these is suggested to replace Hashtable?
Q.14 Which doesn't permit to store a null value?
Q.15 Iterator returned by Vector is?
Q.16 What describes however well an algorithm performs in best, average or worse case scenarios?
Q.17 State the search time complexity of an ordered array.
Q.18 Name the map that should be kept in multi-threading environment to keep up the natural order of keys?
Q.19 TreeMap implements?
Q.20 Which list class should be most popular in a multi-threading environment, considering performance constraint?
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