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This Java online quiz will help you to clear your java concepts and also check your java knowledge. It will increase your confidence while appearing for Java interview.

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So, All The Best for this Java Online Quiz.


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8 Responses

  1. Oleg says:

    Q4. Iterable ! Why Set/List ?

  2. Greg says:

    Q3. Map does not implement Collection

  3. Greg says:

    Q18. ConcurrentSkipListMap

  4. Stephen says:

    Java QUizz part 2, question 4 : Collection Interface is the root interface – the corret answer ; wheras List extends Collection.
    There are other mistakes – but generally the level is good and I had pleasure to review

  5. Nicholas Trunfio says:


  6. Bongani Mguni says:

    quiz 2
    question 4 its Collection Interface

  7. Bongani Mguni says:

    quiz 2
    Q7 its a list a set doesn’t permit storage of multiple null values. Since it doesn’t duplicate values

  8. Anushya S says:

    Q8. nextIndex() and previousIndex() are methods of which interface?

    The previous index and next index in an ArrayList can be obtained using the methods previousIndex() and nextIndex() respectively of the ListIterator interface.

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