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Today, we have come with Java multiple choice questions. These Java multiple choice questions will help you to test yourself in Java Programming Language.

Answers all these java multiple choice questions and follow the link to get a better understanding.

So, let’s start Java Multiple Choice Questions. Do not miss to attempt other java quizzes as well from the series of 7 quiz on java:

This was all about the Java Multiple Choice Questions Quiz. Hope the quiz was useful to you.

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4 Responses

  1. Aniket Bhute says:

    Answer of below question is showing wrongly.

    Iterator returned by Hashtable on key, value and entry are?
    –> It should be Fail-safe because it doesn’t throw concurrentmodificationexception.

  2. Sanish says:

    Answer given is correct
    You can go through the documentation

  3. hrx says:

    q-11 is wrong anser it should be 4(3 null)

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