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Java’s enduring popularity as a programming language makes it a coveted skill for aspiring developers. As you embark on your Java development journey, acing technical interviews becomes a critical step towards landing your dream job.

These interviews often involve assessments designed to gauge your understanding of Java’s core concepts and functionalities. While theoretical knowledge is essential, the ability to apply that knowledge in practical scenarios is paramount.

Here’s where Java quiz questions come into play. Practicing with Java quiz questions offers a multitude of benefits that prepare you to shine during technical interviews.

Quizzes typically present multiple-choice questions encompassing a wide range of Java topics, from fundamental syntax and data structures to object-oriented programming (OOP) principles and advanced libraries.

Once this quiz is completed, do attempt other java quizzes as well from the series of 7 java quizzes:

So, let’s start exploring Java Quiz Questions.


Regularly incorporating Java quiz questions into your learning routine offers a multitude of benefits that empower you to excel in your Java development journey. Quizzes act as a diagnostic tool, revealing areas where your understanding might be shaky. By pinpointing these knowledge gaps, you can effectively target your learning efforts.

Encountering challenges with specific questions highlights topics requiring further study and revision. This targeted approach ensures you build a well-rounded foundation in Java, solidifying your grasp of core concepts and preparing you for more advanced topics.

Furthermore, the experience gained from tackling Java quiz questions translates directly to technical interviews. As you practice and refine your problem-solving skills, you’ll approach interviews with increased confidence.

Quizzes often present real-world programming scenarios or challenges, mimicking the situations you might encounter in a professional setting. By actively engaging with these scenarios and selecting the most accurate response, you strengthen your ability to analyze problems and identify potential solutions.

This translates into approaching technical interviews with the confidence of knowing you possess the ability to apply your Java knowledge effectively. This confidence will shine through during your interview, making a positive impression on potential employers.

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7 Responses

  1. Saravanan K says:

    For question number 10 the answer and options are not valid.

    • DataFlair Team says:

      Hey Saravanan,
      Thanks for connecting to DataFlair, the que.10 and its answer is verified by our experts, which is absolutely correct. You can run the code in Java and get the answer {a=ferrari}.
      Hope, it helps!

  2. Lovely says:


    Question 3( answer: neither enumerator nor iterator can remove an element from collection) and 10 (answer: iterator can remove elements from collection) answer contradict each other.

  3. Oleg says:

    DataFlair Team {a=ferrari} its Q.9 and Saravanan K had said about Q.10 almost same was asked by Lovely

  4. JoinTable says:

    Q.5 What will be the output of the following code . do you test this code ? it throws an exception.

  5. Raushan Kumar says:



    yeas iterator is right answer in both questions

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