11 Smart Ways to Use Big Data and Cloud Computing For Business

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Big data and Cloud computing play an important role in business. They are the center of concern in business as this technology helps to enhance the growth and provide more productivity. Today, we will see how we can use Big data and Cloud Computing for business growth, decision making, etc

Cloud Computing is a technology which provides virtual services. These services are safe, reliable, and we can access with the help of the internet. It provides a major advantage to small businesses as it provides storage facility at affordable costs and uses their data efficiently for analysis.

Big data and Cloud Computing is a perfect way to grow your business.

So, are you ready to explore the 11 unique & smart ways to use Big data and Cloud Computing for your business?

Smartly use Big Data and Cloud Computing For Busines

How to Use Big Data and Cloud Computing For Business

Use Big Data and Cloud Computing For Business

This session is divided into two part, let’s discuss it

a. How can we use Cloud Computing in business?

i. Development and Test

Cloud computing use for development and testing. Which can offer a secure financial plan via physical assets. This can set up the manpower, time and environment.

Cloud computing technology provide an accessibility to the environment for specific needs when required. It uses provisioning of physical and virtual resources to provide better services.

ii. Data Backup

There is a large amount of data generated by the company or an organization which needs to be stored somewhere safe and secure. So with the help of cloud computing, this data is stored by providing security as per the demand.

The cloud simplifies the process by allowing the data to automatically update as you work and it creates copies of the data so that it can be retrieved even if technical error, theft, or disaster takes place.

ii. Mobile

To expand a business, the company should provide remote access to the customer so that they can access the data whenever they are in need of it.

Due to this reason the company provides cloud access in mobile as the cloud fits in perfectly and with the help of mobile the user can access and synchronizes the data from anywhere.

iii. Sharing the Information

Data generation needs to transfer, but to transfer this data, we should have a data house to store and transfer it. When the data is backed up, a user can share the file with the help of a mobile phone or a personal computer. It saves time and eliminates the burdensome process.

iv. Services

Cloud computing can provide services in three forms which are:

  • Software as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Platform as a Service

These services are implemented in business and provide a large amount of growth. For business, if a company provides software as a services, the software’s can be provided to the customer with the help of the Internet and the business can grow rapidly.

In the same way, the infrastructure and platform as a services can be provided which will help to expand the business.

b. How Big Data is used in a Business?

i. Helps in recruitment

Big Data helps the recruiters for accessing the tools to place the candidates as early as possible to compete. With the help of big data, the recruiters are now able to speed up and automate the placement process.

Big data recruitment platform can provide an internal database in 360-degree view of a candidate, which can be education skills certification or anything else which a person possesses.

ii. Log analysis

It is one of the important aspects in business as log management and analysis tools have been around a long time ago. The log data can become a hindrance, when we need to store, process and present in an economical and efficient manner.

There are many tools which are available in the market and can provide facilities to process and analyze large log data without dumping it into the relational database. This lost data can be retrieved with the help of SQL queries.

iii. Benefits of online publishing

Big data expand the subscriber base and boost the bottom line and invest great SEO effort to make the publishing site searchable. Big data come up with new ideas for processing and analyzing both content data and user data.

With the help of a powerful search engine, the documents remain clean. And with the help of machine learning predictive analysis, the publisher provides better content to its uses.

iv. E-Commerce

With the help of powerful search and Big Data Analytics, the E-Commerce companies are getting numerous benefits.

It provides a better search experience which is applicable to both mobile devices and laptops moreover; it uses predictive analysis and machine learning to predict the preferences of the user through log data.

v. Search engines

Big data is scalable and powerful, which can process a large amount of data. With the help of this feature, companies enable to analyze the data.

We can retrieve this data from customers and offers better recommendations With the help of machine learning and predictive analysis, these recommendations are getting better day by day.

vi. Reduction in fraud

Today, data is generating in big number and for a transaction, we require more innovative and effective idea for eliminating the frauds. Considering traditional fraud detection models the investigators investigating on fraud worked with be analysis to run complex SQL queries.

Many times this process caused believe in cases and along with it there was a huge loss for the business. So big data provide capabilities forefront detection and provide automatic alerts which recognize the problem and eliminate it soon.

So, this was all about the usage of Big Data and Cloud Computing in business. Hope, you liked our explanation.


The combination of both the technology big data and Cloud Computing provides multiple benefits to the organization.

Both technologies are evolving continuously and providing scalable and cost-effective solutions to businesses. We can say that both big data and cloud computing can be a perfect combination for a business to grow.

If you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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