Operating System Virtualization – Types, Working, Benefits

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Operating System Virtualization (OS Virtualization) is the last types of Virtualization in Cloud Computing. Operating system virtualization is a part of virtualization technology and is a type of server virtualization.

In this OS Virtualization tutorial, we are going to cover uses, working, types, types of disks, advantages of Operating System Virtualization.

What is Operating System Virtualization?

Operating system virtualizations includes a modified form than a normal operating system so that different users can operate its end use different applications. This whole process shall perform on a single computer at a time.

In OS virtualizations, the virtual eyes environment accepts command from any of the user operating it and performs different task on the same machine by running different applications.

In operating system virtualizations when the application does not interfere with another one even though they are functioning in the same computer.

The kernel of an operating system allows more than one isolated user-space instance to exist. These instances call as software containers, which are virtualizations engines.

Uses of Operating System Virtualization

These are reasons, which are telling why we have to use Operating System Virtualization in Cloud Computing.

  • Operating System Virtualization uses to integrate server hardware by moving services on separate servers.
  • It providing security to the hardware resources which harm by distrusting users.
  • OS Virtualization uses for virtual hosting environment.
  • It can separate several applications into containers.

How Operating System Virtualization Works?

The operating system of the computer manages all the software and hardware of the computer. With the help of the operating system, several different computer programs can run at the same time.

This is done by using the CPU of the computer. With the combination of few components of the computer which is coordinated by the operating system, every program runs successfully.

Types of OS Virtualization

  • Linux OS Virtualization
  • Windows OS virtualizations

i. Linux Operating System virtualization

VMware Workstation software is used to virtualize Linux systems. In addition, to install any software by the means of virtualization the user will need VMware software to install first.

ii. Windows Operating System virtualizations

This type of virtualization is also similar to the above to install any software there is a need to install VMware software firstly.

Types of Disks in OS Virtualization

There are two types of virtual disk present in operating system virtualization so that the client can connect via the network to the virtual disk.

i. Private Disk

The private disk utilizes by a single client or single organization. In this disk, the company can store the information based on the capability assigned.

ii. Shared Disk

Shared disk uses by multiple clients at the same time. The changes done by the clients are applicable individually and won’t affect the settings of another client hear that caches get cleaned when the system is restarted. It will set to default after the system gets a restart.

Advantages of OS Virtualization

Following are the benefits of Operating system virtualizations, let’s discuss them one by one:

  • Operating system virtualizations eliminates the use of physical space which utilizes by the IT system. As everything is virtual it will require less space and hence it will save money.
  • As there is no hardware required the maintenance will be less and therefore it will save both time and money.
  • The number of Machines will be late so there will be lower power consumption, lower cooling requirement, low maintenance, and more electricity savings.
  • It also allows the companies to make enhancement in terms of efficiency to use the server hardware and thus there is a greater return on investment (ROI) on the purchase and greater operational works.
  • Operating system virtualizations has quick deployment capability and the traditional environment in the traditional deployment every machine needs to load individually which is not a problem in operating system virtualization.

Facts about OS Virtualization

Operating system virtualization allows security and locates final IT hardware resources among a large number of mutually distrusting users.

Moreover, the system administrator uses it for consolidating server hardware. This is done by shifting services on the separate host in two containers which are on the server.

In operating system virtualization, the OS may hide the resources so that when the computer program reads it they do not appear in the enumeration results. Here it is also possible to run the program within the containers to which only parts of these resources are allocated.

Some containers can introduce on each operating system of which a subset of the resource of the computer has been allocated.

These containers contain a number of computer programs, this program can even interact with each other. The patches and updates to the underlying operating system are completed within the duration of time. Moreover, they have very little or no impact on the availability of application services.

So, this was all about Operating System Virtualizations tutorial. Hope you liked our explanation.


Operating system virtualizations uses the software which allows system hardware to run multiple operating systems concurrently. Most of the companies use OS Virtualization because it is economical, reliable, and flexible.

In Operating system virtualization the OS kernel runs a single operating system and provides that operating system with the ability to replicate on each of the isolated platforms.

Operating system virtualization can provide various benefits to the companies as well as the customers who are using the date as it is compatible with both the small scale and large scale organizations.

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