Big Data Vs Cloud Computing – 8 Reasons to Learn for 2021

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Big data and Cloud Computing are one of the most used technologies in today’s Information Technology world. With these two technologies, business, education, healthcare, research & development, etc are growing rapidly and will provide various advantages to expand their areas with tricks and techniques.

So, in this Big Data Vs Cloud Computing tutorial, we will study the major difference between Big data and Cloud computing and gather important information.

So, are you excited to explore Big data Vs Cloud Computing?

Difference Between Cloud computing and Big Data

What is Big Data?

Big data means, a large sets of data (structured or unstructured) which process to gather information from it. There is a huge amount of data generated by the companies every second which needs to be processed.

So, big data will gather, store, and organize the data which will be further analyzed by the data analysts.

In other words, we say that the Big Data is a large quantity of data, which can process for valuable information.

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing provides a virtual environment in which the data/ information can be gathered over the internet.

This eliminates the use of a physical server as most of the data can be stored in cloud separately with the help of virtualizations. Cloud also provides the platform which is used to share a computer facility to run the programs.

Cloud Computing has various benefits as it is flexible so that the business can move the workload to and from the cloud to ensure keen business insights.

Big Data Vs Cloud Computing  (Major Differences)

Let’s see 8 major differences between Big Data and Cloud Computing:

i. Concept

In cloud computing, we can store and retrieve the data from anywhere at any time. Whereas, big data is the large set of data which will process to extract the necessary information.

ii. Characteristics

Cloud Computing provides the service over the internet which can be:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Whereas, there are some important characteristics of Big data which can lead to strategic business moves and they are Velocity, Variety, and Volume.

iii. Accessibility

Cloud Computing provides universal access to the services. Whereas, Big data solves technical problems and provides better results.

iv. When to use

A customer can shift to Cloud Computing when they need rapid deployment and scaling of the applications. The application deals with highly sensitive data and requires strict compliance one should keep things on the cloud.

Whereas, we can use Big Data for traditional methods and here frameworks are ineffective. Big data is not replacement for relational database system and big data solve specific problem statement related to large data sets and most of the large data sets do not deal with small data.

v. Cost

Cloud Computing is economical as it has low maintenance costs centralized platform no upfront cost and disaster safe implementation. Whereas, Big data is highly scalable, robust ecosystem, and cost-effective.

vi. Job roles and responsibility

The user of the cloud is the developers or office worker in an organization. Whereas, there is big data analyst in big data which are responsible for analyzing the date of filing interesting and sites and possible future trends.

vii. Types and trends

Cloud Computing includes three types which are:

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Community Cloud

Whereas, some important trends in Big Data Technology is Hadoop, MapReduce, and HDFS.

viii. Vendors

Some of the vendors and solution providers of Cloud Computing are

  • Google
  • Amazon Web Service
  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • Apple
  • IBM

Whereas, some of the vendors and solution providers of big data are

  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks
  • Apache
  • MapR

Additional Differences Between Big Data and Cloud Computing

After Big Data vs Cloud Computing, here are some additional points must be refer for the better understanding:

1. The main focus of cloud computing is to provide computer resources and services with the help of network connection. While big data is about solving problems when a huge amount of data generating and processing.

2. In cloud computing, the data is stored in the servers which are maintained by different service providers. We can access the this data with the help of internet.

However, big data break a large amount of data and distribute it across different computer systems, where the data will analyze and process.

3. The big data solutions can be deployed with the help of platform as a service or software as a service in software as a service various components or applications which are running on Hadoop are accessible. In the platform as a service the platform is Hadoop which is provided to the customers.

4. Big data utilizes the data which we can use to generate before buy an organization and provides the insights which can benefit the business in the future.

On the other hand, Cloud computing is flexible and quick service with respect to it deployments, so that the steam line operations of an organization go successfully.

So, this was all about Big Data vs Cloud Computing. Hope, you liked the differences.

Summary for Big Data vs Cloud Computing

Hence, we can say that Big Data and Cloud computing both are the leading technologies and plays an important role in IT companies. Moreover, it benefits non-IT companies too.

It has seen that with the help of technologies like Big data and Cloud Computing there has been a gradual growth of the company. So, both plays an important role for an organization.

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  1. Chandra says:

    Over 7+ years of experience in PLSQL, which one is good to learn? Is it good to learn Big data and it’s implementation in cloud or we need to learn Cloud technologies?

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