Community Cloud Tutorial – 4 Major Advanced Advantages & Example

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This is the last Cloud Computing Deployment Model, after the Private Cloud. In this Community Cloud Model, we are going to learn the important advantages of Community Cloud with an example.

What is a Community Cloud?

The cloud service shares among various organizations and companies which belong to the same community with the common concerns. This can manage either by the third party or internally.

Organizations having similar computing concern and have shared interest can share it. This type of cloud computing is best compatible with ventures, business organizations, research organizations, and tenders.

This benefits the user of community cloud to know and analyze the business demand first. The presence of the community cloud can be either onsite or offsite.

Community cloud diminishes the cost pressure, security concerns, technical complexities, and lack of specific services.

Community Cloud is Adaptive in Nature-

The Community Cloud is very adaptive in nature such that there is a very gradual migration process. Moreover, there are more and more resources available in the data centre and migrations can be done at many levels.

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Example of Community Cloud

Community cloud can explain with the help of an example. There are organizations which require the application, which is available at one set of cloud servers. So, the company which are allowing multiple servers will not provide a particular server in the cloud.

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But they will allow multiple customers to connect to the cloud and segment their sessions. In this, the customer will use the same hardware the other customers are using. It simply means that servers are using the same application which makes it a community cloud.

Benefits of Community Cloud

Community Cloud Tutorial - 4 Major Advantages (Advanced)

Community Cloud Advantages

i. Flexibility and Scalability

The community cloud is very scalable and flexible as it is mostly compatible with every user and they can modify as per their use. The cloud will support ways like acquisitions, reductions in branches or employees, or rapid climb.

It also permits credit unions to support remote users, permitting employees to figure regardless of where they are. The cloud additionally supports smartphones, tablets, and different devices. The cloud permits credit unions to secure these devices and the data on them.

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ii.  Available and Reliable

The replication of data is done in the cloud to protect it against the disaster. It is replicated to various places which are safe and secure. The cloud replicates your system, applications, and data to an alternate facility, and might build it offered to you at your primary location just in case of uncertainty.

As a result of the servers, applications, and data are no longer physically at the base, a disaster at a branch or in your region won’t stop you from serving members.

The cloud includes redundant property, networking, storage, hardware, uninterruptible power provide, generators, replicated knowledge stores, onsite fuel, and more. Moreover, the data replicates to an alternate web site to make sure your systems offer once you want them.

iii. Secure and Compliance

The data of the clients should be secure and manage properly. When applications and knowledge offer anytime and anyplace from any device, the info ought not to move. In fact, with the cloud, you’ll be able to block users from downloading.

Sensitive data should be kept securely and on the servers. These data should not be kept elsewhere an intensive security audit revealed that the sensitive data is present on desktops, laptops, backup units, USB drives, smartphones, tablets, and even employees’ personal computers.

Data gets unfold all over as a result of staff copy files to form them offered once and wherever they have them.

iv. Improved Services

Community Cloud includes all systems, applications, and data within the cloud which removes the requirement to own valuable IT employees to take care of and support those systems.

Plus, the community cloud supplier handles computer code updates for you. This will raise a fact that the customers will target the rising companies and services.


The cloud-based technology is gradually expanding and will continue in future. It also provides real-time transfers even if there is a failure of physical hardware. Moreover, if a customer plans to migrate there is no downtime for the virtual machine and the step executes easily.

There are many cloud providers which have shown their interest in community cloud and created community cloud offering the basic principle behind this is that with the help of cloud computing the companies gather the pieces which benefit them towards their business.

Hope you like our explanation, if you have any query or doubt, feel free to ask in the comment tab.

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